Dining Room Chair Fabric Consideration

Today’s post finds us revisiting the dining room chair fabric consideration. Locating an image to show the look I’m going for is not as easy as you would think.

Fun, but not easy.


Providence Ltd. Design

Inspiration is everywhere, and there is plenty of color palette inspiration in the above image illustrating the colors I see in my mind’s eye for the latest dining chairs redo project.

This Ivy House

While not the color I am going for, the dining room chair style shown in the above mage gives a general idea of the paint application finished look I want to achieve.


Choosing paint color is a breeze for me.

Choosing fabric is not, and this is the reason I’ve been known to have a Carrie Bradshaw moment.


One of my favorite lines from Sex And The City is from the episode A “Vogue” Idea.

vogue-idea (1)

Upon entering the accessories closet at Vogue, Carrie sees before her several hundred items lining up to make her Vogue dreams come true.

Brunschwig & Fils Kininvie Cotton Print - Chicory On Robins Egg Fabric

Brunschwig & Fils Kininvie Cotton Print – Chicory On Robins Egg Fabric

Taking a moment to absorb the moment, couture sensory overload takes over.


With beating heart and fashionista eyes wide open she exclaims, “Oh, my God! It’s too good! I’m sorry, but it’s… it’s too good!  This is too much! How can this be?”

Believe me, I get it!


I’ve stared at so many lovely and wonderful fabric samples over the last week that I now find my interior design and home decor eyes  in fabulous overload.

May I just add that it is all so very good!







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