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A wonderful opportunity and prospective client may be in my future. It is crazy busy, crazy beautiful at Places In The Home, and I’m loving every minute of it- multitasker extraordinaire that I am.

The world of interior design and home decor is a beautiful place to resource in.

With swatches, fan decks, caffeine  patience, eye drops, and Tylenol keeping me company,  the moodboards and mock-ups featuring dining room tables and chairs are under design and decor construction.

Dave the Builder knows it serious when I break out my readers.

Love the world wide web contacts and convenience, but  computer time wreaks havoc with my eyes!

Anywho, the original concept for this blog remains near and dear to my heart- a design show and tell.

dining room tables and chairs

Be steel my heart!

On trend for 2013 is the mix and match styles of dining room tables and chairs.

I discovered the decorative and design impact of this one afternoon at Hopefully Classic, details here.

This option may not fly with the client(s), but I’m considering  these metal dining chairs from Masins Furniture Classics Metal Collection.

Masins Furniture metal chair

I have a vintage china cabinet with double arch pediment in storage that is a candidate for an update in the style of this Thomas bookcase in dark grey with antique pearl grey inside from Blanc d’Ivoire.

gray bookcase

The beautiful thing about sourcing for potential projects is I never get bored with it,  regardless of the outcome.

Keep plugging, keep sourcing, keep stylish, and keep beautiful- the mix and match of life and design.

I’ll share more later of this design show and tell project.

Show & Tell

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