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About the time I think it’s time for a blog vacation, I see something so gorgeous, so share worthy, my blog writing, sourcing and general gabfest battery is recharged and DIY project inspiration is born.
The summer months can be as hectic as they are relaxing, and with that in mind I am tailoring my blog posts to suit the on-the-go set.
Pretty is as pretty inspires.

Leopard prints are spot on style.

This timeless look falls into the category of classic in the interior design and decor fabric hall of fame.

Don’t share in the leopard love?

Here’s a suggestion:

Introduce leopard print in a small but statement making way like the upholstered chair bottom in the above image.

It will either make a bigger impression on you than you think, or it will only be a small bump in the decorative road to change.

Vintage chairs can be found for cheap or free at second-hand shops, thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets and curbside boutiques (one man’s trash is another man’s DIY project).


Pick a fabulous designer color in your favorite brand of paint or spray paint and chalk it up, distress it down or go glam.

Fabric remnants are a do it yourself upholsterers best friend and find.

Upholstering a chair bottom is about as easy as a DIY project comes.

Link love: how to reupholster a chair seat.

keep calm and diy on

Low cost DIY projects keep beginners anxiety and buyers remorse at bay and spells D-I-Why not?

Love your style!

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