Royal Rethink of Elvis The King’s Jungle Room

Channel surfing through the digital guide, I noticed Turner Classic Movies is once again featuring a day of Elvis Presley movies.

Our son’s girlfriend recently visited Graceland, and her review of the interiors, especially The King’s Jungle Room, was one of mixed reactions.

Time stood still for the decor of Graceland decades ago, but giving a bit of thought to a just for decorative fun update poses the question, how difficult would it be to untacky the tacky?

Immediately I put on my redo, remodel, rearrange, remove, repaint, rethink thinking cap on.

Seldom is over the top flamboyant chic the style aimed for when designing and decorating commercial and residential spaces, but not all commercial and residential spaces are created equal.

There are spaces and places where understated just won’t do.

Hall of Mirrors

Ostentatious decorating and design has a standing relationship with grand scale museums, historical homes, architectural marvels, Las Vegas and hooray for Hollywood interiors.

Some tacky, some tasteful, some unforgettable, and some better forgotten.

What is it they say about beauty being in the eye of the beholder?

Celebrities love to dial up extravagance in a manner befitting a true Hollywood style story.

You live what you know as some would say, and if flamboyant is just another day at the office, it becomes the rule versus the exception.

Paging Liberace, Elvis and Michael Jackson.

Talk about extravagance on and off the stage.


From the articles, books and interviews I’ve read referencing the interior spaces of Elvis Presley’s Graceland, his flamboyant personal taste and style on stage followed through to his home as well.

I often find myself deep in if this was my house, hotel, or shop thought – a first cousin to window shopping for the decorating minded.

Deep contemplation of exactly how I would redo, remodel, rearrange, remove, repaint, rethink the entire design takes over, and suddenly I’m looking for pen and paper to jot down ideas and sketches.

I do the same thing when watching a television show or movie.

Drives Dave the Builder crazy!

My redesign and redecorating services have not been engaged by famous architects, heads of Hollywood studios, hoteliers or the fine folks at Graceland, but a girl can ponder can’t she?

GracelandJungleRoomThe Jungle Room via Wikimedia Commons

In an article on How Stuff Works,  it is revealed Elvis purchased the furniture for the jungle room on a spur of the moment whim to stir up his father.

The article states Elvis’ father thought the furniture was the ugliest he had ever seen.

I must admit I agree, which brings us to today’s let’s redo, remodel, rearrange, remove, repaint, rethink the entire design: The King’s Jungle Room edition.

"Sinclair" Leather Chair

Grassland Stool, Khaki Zebra/GoldGrassland Stool, Khaki Zebra/Gold

monkey-lighting-sconcesMonkey Figure Wall Light Sconces


Thompson Custom Homes

Ashford Balloon Settee

Ashford Balloon Settee

M and M Interior DesignM and M Interior Design

animal-print-fabricsInside Fabric




climbing-leopard-rug-diane-von-furstenbergClimbing Leopard Rug by Diane Von Furstenberg

Vintage Brunschwig & Fils Lion Ottoman

Vintage Brunschwig & Fils Lion Ottoman

This is how a bold, chic and sexy space is done.  I believe they call it animal magnetism.

Love your style!

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