Fall at Home Decorating Favorites: Places In The Home at Fall

Summer heat and humidity has finally relented and it’s time to break out the fall at home decorating favorites.


Dave the Builder’s mancave looks like the distribution center for Hobby Lobby.

Don’t you love that look?

Several “hello, do you have any gourds (cause I’ve got friends in low country places), ornamental cabbages (it’s the deep South lady, wait a few more weeks), cotton stalks (score!) and the ever great, ever regionally challenged do you have white pumpkins phone calls have been made over the last few days.


Decorating for this year’s Places In The Home at fall home tour focuses on a natural theme with a family overtone to it.


My brother has the cotton connection.

Forty-six (46+) acres of it to be exact.


His home is located out in the country surrounded by cotton fields ready for fall harvest.


My parent’s recent trip to East Tennessee resulted in my Ball Mason jar collection growing by one.

My paternal grandmother was known for her famous pinto beans, and this somehow seemed naturally appropriate.


Can’t forget the traditional pop of pumpkin color.






Dark tones, warm colors and the lack of natural lighting worked to my fall photo shoot advantage.


Nature continues to amaze and reward me with an abundance of accents.

Heirloom pieces, vintage favorites and simple accents and accessories place the emphasis on less is more.


Fall home tours are so much fun to share with others.


Welcome home fall.

You’ve been greatly missed.


Love your style!

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3 thoughts on “Fall at Home Decorating Favorites: Places In The Home at Fall”

  1. You have such beautiful fall decor, Darleen! We just got back from Charleston last night; and with all of the pretty flowers still in bloom, it was hard to believe that Fall had arrived. Ironically, I saw an entire crate of white pumpkins at Walmart this year! I guess the trend is catching on!

  2. Thank you, dear friend! I will have to call our local Walmart stores (3 to be exact, you would think at least 1 would have a white pumpkin!) Charleston, oh, how lovely! Late summer/early fall is the perfect time for traveling. We are planning a fall getaway for later in the season when the weather is cooler and crisper. Maybe, just maybe, I can locate a white pumpkin in my travels. Will you be doing more decorating for fall or are you blending with Thanksgiving? I called my brother again this morning to ask him for more cotton stalks and magnolia leaves. I will add, edit and retouch through to Thanksgiving, and that’s the beauty of this decorating season- you get so much mileage out of it, decoratively speaking.

  3. Such pretty naturals! That cotton is fabulous. It is so fun to have the change of seasons just to freshen things up and yours is already to go!

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