Three for All: Planning A Fall, Harvest and Thanksgiving Tablescape

Planning a fall tablescape is both a labor of love and one of the best parts of the fall home decorating season.

Blending the best of the season can carry the theme through to a harvest and a Thanksgiving tablescape.


Natural elements provide a canvas easy to work with, color that only nature can produce, and the opportunity to treasure hunt close to home outdoors as well as indoors.

tablescape2012That which nature doesn’t provide, Hobby Lobby, Tractor Supply, eBay, and my brother the avid goose hunter does!

A savvy tablescaper keeps an eye out for future holiday table setting ideas and clearance sales from holidays past.

Patience and an additional 40% off clearance sale at Dillard’s secured the six new dinner plates, dinner napkins, and hammered copper napkin rings for my fall tablescape.


Burlap sandbags from Tractor Supply make casually chic, virtually indestructible and very affordable placemats.


To know me is to know I love the opportunity to show and display items from my antique plate and creamer collection.

The Prussia Royal Rudolstadt bread and butter plate is a find from our last antiques inventory shopping trip.


It’s odd how decorative accessories that normally would not be paired together do, in fact, create the perfect look.


When Dave the Builder brought the Wedgwood candlesticks home from the antique shop I was not feeling it.

But wait.

After careful reconsideration it dawned on me that the steel gray goose feathers in the centerpiece cast an elegant shade of Wedgwood blue all their own.

“A September to remember.  An October full of splendor.  

A November to treasure.”   

-La Prevenchere

My thoughts exactly!

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8 thoughts on “Three for All: Planning A Fall, Harvest and Thanksgiving Tablescape”

  1. What a stunning table, I would have loved to have been a guest on that evening! It really is a great reflection of the fall season

  2. What a beautiful tablescape! I love all of the elements that you brought together!! This is just wonderful!

  3. I was hoping you would see it and I’m thrilled you like it! I worked on the finishing touches and will be joining in on a few fall tablescape link parties. How about you? I’m looking forward to seeing all your ideas this holiday season.

  4. A beautiful table, those candlesticks really are beautiful with the feathers. Fall is a great season for decorating everything is so warm and cozy. Thanks for visiting me and leaving such a lovely comment. I hope you come again.

  5. Our first fall temperatures arrived early this morning here in Louisiana and I could not be happier. It is perfect weather for a Goodwill visit-your project inspired me! I will be back for a “visit”, and the welcome mat is always out here at Places In The Home!

  6. Thank you! I used the burlap sandbags last year for both my fall and Thanksgiving tablescapes. They are a big hit, the look is so versatile, and the price is right!

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