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The first day of any highly anticipated event can generate a ton of inspiration, enthusiasm, and general fancy.  Notice I say highly anticipated.

The first day of summer vacation generates a ton of excitement.

The first day of school generates a ton of anxiety.

What a difference an activity makes.

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In a wave of let’s hit the beach-shore-coast good times, the first day of summer kicks off the hot fun in the summertime season.


Better Homes & Gardens

Picnics, cookouts, boils, bakes, and barbecues are tailor-made for summer days and evenings.

picnic basket blanket red white


These rituals of keep it summer simple fun celebrate what summer is all about- relaxing times based around good food and drink shared with family and friends.

Summer bursts onto the scene in bright and bold glory.


 Air Force Thunderbirds

Red, white, and blue especially takes command of the color palette spotlight in July.

Anthony Cochran Design

Anthony Cochran Design

Nature dips a fine brush into a pastel canvas to paint across sea and sky.

pastel beach sky waves surfing


The first day of summer just wouldn’t be the first day of summer without a slew of fresh vegetables ready for the picking.

tomato server

The History of the Tomato Server

Home grown tomatoes sliced not too thick and not too thin served with a generous dollop of Duke’s mayonnaise and finely peppered is the summer simple treat we’ve waited for all year long.

That first bite is the stuff summer farm to table dreams are made of.

Duke's Real Mayonnaise

Duke’s Mayonnaise – James Reed

The first day of summer is here, and I for one and ready for it.  And how about the extra added bonus of it landing on a Friday!

Dave the Builder has put his order in for a summer soiree for this evening.  The grill is ready, the playlist is loaded, and the lanterns ready to light the summer night.

Let the summer fun begin.

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