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Talk of and moodboard creations for entryway and foyer decor and design has got me Foyer Thinking.  You know what they say about first impressions.  A stylish and stunning  foyer is guaranteed to make a fabulous and lasting first impression.

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What is the shelf life of your home decor?  I’m talking accessories, furnishings, accents, lighting fixtures, wallcoverings, flooring- the whole home decor enchilada.

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Do you spot refresh, elegantly edit, or wipe the decor slate clean?  A foyer is a great space to do a little of all of it in. Taking flow and form into consideration lays the groundwork however,  I admire and appreciate a decorative curve ball- a step away from the expected.  It’s a visual treat to the most trained eye, and it keeps things interesting.

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As I worked on the Foyer Thinking  Olioboard moodboard for a client presentation this past week, I began to feel the pangs of home decor change.

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That’s me- a forward-thinking foyer thinking decorator who likes a good play on words.  Giving the client a myriad of options gave me my own myriad of ideas. Standard accessories usually include a mirror, well placed decorative table or floor lamp(s), and a place to hang your hat.  Artwork, architectural pieces, whimsical objects, accent seating, a rug or runner in pattern play- yes, please!   A foyer or entryway offers a welcoming glance -a preview of  your personal decorative and design show and tell.


As I find myself deep into seasonal updates, client moodboards, color and editing, decor refreshing seems to be hitting home… mine!  Thank goodness the major design and decor choices in this house continue to hold my attention.  Home decor “staples” are design and decor elements that anchor the space and reflect core tastes.   A sideboard in the kitchen one day may be the entertainment center in the den the next.  That’s the great attraction to great pieces.  I call them decorative chameleons. 

marble-top-sideboard (2)

Then & Now


The temptation to remodel, refresh and redo goes with the territory.  I have promised Dave we will start small (you know what they say about promises, they are made to be broken).


A trip to the Hopefully Classic climate controlled storage unit for a personal shopping afternoon will soon be taking place.  Foyer thinking will do that.  I feel the need to take inventory, treasure hunt, shake things up a bit, and do a tad of editing from within.  You know what they say about first impressions!

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