Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween decorating ideas tricked out in Halloween spooktacular fashion will illuminate the evening and catch the eye of the costumed faithful.


Halloween decorating has taken on a life all its own in recent years. Decoristas leave no moss covered stone unturned, no craft store unshopped, and no Halloween Pinterest board or Instagram account unseen in search and shop for the ultimate Halloween decor ideas.

flying-monkey“Fly, Fly, Fly.”  

We keep the scarefest very G-rated as not to spook the little ones. The most frightening thing at our house is the amount of calories in the bowls and bowls of candy.


In the vein of delight over freight, this Halloween decoration DIY is share worthy.

tissue paper bells ghoulsCountry Living

Construction-paper eyes and mouths glued onto white tissue-paper bells and then draped with cheesecloth brings forth a ghostly ghoul gang.


Black and orange rules the color palette, Monster Mash is the first tune on the Halloween playlist, and I’ve been known to break out an old pair of men’s cowboy boots, jeans, flannel shirt and stacks of yesterday’s news (0ld newspapers) creating a wicked good cowboy to help me pass out candy.


The Graphics Fairy



The Graphics Fairy

Glitter stickers, acrylic paint and a decorative furniture or curtain finial lend a designer touch and signature style to a Halloween pumpkin.


Stylish decorations don’t have to expensive to be impressive.


Create fab-BOO-lous Halloween centerpiece magic with a couple of dollar store feather boas, a witches hat, and a rhinestone pin.

Cinderella-pumpkins-local (1)

Get more bang for your harvest and Thanksgiving decorating buck by not carving the pumpkin and simply surrounding it with wow factor embellishments.


Spray painted leaves, a free Halloween themed printable, and/or old photos make great options to decorate a no carve pumpkin with.

Stretch Panne Velvet Velour Red Fabric

Velvet and lace add an elegant, creepy edge to the festivities.

Telio Amelia Lace Black Fabric

Mix and mingle fairy lights in and around the feather boas for an inexpensive option to light the Halloween night.


Stock up on pillar candles and dollar store glass containers and cylinder vases.

clear glass cylinder vase

Glitter, black beans, candy corn or water dyed with food coloring make great filler choices.


Fly on over to your local dollar store for Spanish moss, red apples and glow-in-the-dark insects, and you’re set.


These are just a few Halloween decorating ideas I have in my trick-or-treat bag. I hope one or more offers inspiration for your Halloween haunted or not so haunted house soiree.


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