Halloween Party Decorating Suggestions

Let’s talk Halloween party decorating suggestions sure to bedeck and bedazzle a frighteningly festive spooktacular, shall we?


Photo by Frames For Your Heart

Tricks and treats in classic themes and tastes, traditional colors, vintage finds, and striking textures and patterns lend the Halloween hostess a helping hand.


Welcome the famished to partake in party sips, dips, tastes and treats but first, partyware.



Ghost  ||  Witches’ Hat  ||  Black Cat  ||  Jack-O-Lantern

Vintage Halloween Paper Plates - 8ct

Vintage Halloween 9″ Paper Plates – 8ct

Clear Glass Pumpkin Beverage Dispenser

Clear Glass Pumpkin Beverage Dispenser


Dry Ice Cauldron Punch Bowl Recipe

What you’ll need:

Pair of work gloves

Plastic or metal tongs

Dish towel


5 pounds dry ice

1 large plastic or metal punch bowl (or cauldron)

1 smaller plastic or metal punch bowl


Put on the gloves. In a well-ventilated area, wrap the dry ice in a towel and break it into chunks using a hammer.

Using tongs, transfer chunks of dry ice into the larger of your 2 bowls, creating a flat space in the center. Place the second, smaller bowl inside the larger one.

Pour punch into the small center bowl, making sure no dry ice gets in.

Fill a pitcher with warm water, then pour it on top of the dry ice. Add more dry ice chunks and water to the larger, outer bowl, being careful not to get any dry ice into the smaller punch bowl, throughout the night to keep the fog going.

Tips & Tricks:

Wear thick work gloves when opening the package of dry ice (latex/kitchen gloves are too thin.)

Place the block of dry ice on a towel. Use a wooden or plastic work surface, as dry ice can crack tiles.

Wrap a towel around the block, then break it into chunks using a hammer.

Be sure both of the bowls you use are plastic or metal since dry ice can crack glass. Put any unused dry ice in an open plastic container and store it in a cooler filled with ice. Never store it in the refrigerator or freezer.

Five pounds of dry ice will last about an hour. Keeping a nearby fan on low will intensify the effect.

-She Knows

Metal Snake Glassware

Metal Snake Glassware


Think outside of the traditional by converting a plastic outdoor urn into a candy bowl, candle(s) holder or beverage tub.

Further zhuzh up this creation by wrapping the bottom and sides of the urn with a feather boa or leaf garland in choice of color.

White Bleeding Thorax Halloween Candle

White Bleeding Thorax Halloween Candle

Drop in LED votive or pillar candle(s), drape floral moss from the sides, finish with a hairy black spider, and you are good to glow.

White Bleeding Heart Halloween Candle

White Bleeding Heart Halloween Candle

Candles dripping in Halloween haunt cast a wicked chic spell, but do beware of their flame and their fright.

Beware! vintage ad

Serving bowls suggestions from copper pumpkin planters to plastic black cauldrons run the ghost and goblin gamut.

Copper Colored Pumpkin Shaped Planter

Copper Colored Pumpkin Shaped Planter



Midwest Living Magazine

Pumpkin luminaries of the terracotta Jack-o-Lantern variety light the night and the party path.

 Smiling Jack-O-Lantern Terracotta Accent by Make Market

Smiling Jack-O-Lantern Terracotta Accent

Cinderella pumpkin luminaries

Southern Living Magazine – Photography by Van Chaplin

Cinderella pumpkins turn into a Halloween hurricane for path and porch. Simply and carefully cut out space in the center of the pumpkin placing a glass cylinder vase into the space.  Add pillar candle to shine a light on spellbinding style.

clownCurious Portraits on Etsy 

Hauntingly amazing how something intended to be delightful can be so utterly frightful.

Renaissance Elizabethan Collar Neck Ruffle

Creepy perhaps, but I do love this vintage ventriloquist’s silent clown puppet mounted print paired with a French clown hat and Renaissance Elizabethan collar neck ruffle for an elegantly creepy centerpiece.

Pierrot-Clown-Vintage-ImagePierrot Vintage Image – The Graphics Fairy

We’ll call this Creepy the Clown.


Photography by Nong 

If sending in the clowns is way too creepy for your Halloween party decorating taste, perhaps the throwback mystique of vintage Halloween decorations is right up your alley.

Cat & Moon Centerpiece


Halloween decorations have come a long way in both design and availability since the Halloweens of the late 60s and 70s, but I still love to decorate with at least two or three in the style of vintage Halloween decorations.



Vintage Style Moon Ornament

Vintage black and white photos lend a certain amount of eerie charm while creating a haunted presence and ambiance.

Old-Photo-Image-Unibrow-ManFree Printable of Old Photo Image of Unibrow Man 


Lady Riding Crop

With deals, a free printable, DIY ingenuity, buy more save more promos, and online clearance sales starting sooner and sooner in the season, your Halloween bogeyman boogie down get together can be an affordable affair.


Eyeball Print 

Many moons ago our house was Halloween central in part because of the gargantuan bodark tree in our backyard that produced a bumper crop of green horse apples (hedge apple or Osage orange).


Hedge/Horse Apples-Osage Orange

Horse apple-hedge apple-Osage orange is a choice decorative item vis-à-vis vase or bowl filler, and makes an excellent color, texture and pattern Halloween accent decoration.


Sweet Something Designs

Let’s play Halloween dress up in dressed to thrill and dressed to kill fashions.

Velvet Bats Mesh Tulle Midi Skirt in Pumpkin1


Fancy with Bowknot Knit Top in Black

Fancy with Bowknot Knit Top in Black

Velvet Bats Mesh Tulle Midi Skirt in Pumpkin

Velvet Bats Mesh Tulle Midi Skirt in Pumpkin

Halloween Crochet Witch Hat

Halloween Crochet Witch Hat


Black Bow Pump

Antique shops, vintage markets, and thrift stores become excellent haunts for fab-boo-lous decor finds.


Highland Yard Vintage


Fabric remnants in traditional or transitional Halloween colors and patterns make great party tablecloths, napkins, and treat bags.


Who doesn’t love an upside-down witch decoration?


DIY Instructions From Better Homes & Gardens

To make the witch legs decoration, dress bendable mannequin legs in striped stockings and buckled shoes. Then, place the legs upside down in a tall urn filled with moss.


Halloween Spider and Skull Bowl Filler

Embroidered Velvet Spiders Pillow

Embroidered Velvet Spiders Pillow

Note to self: Add Jim Stafford’s “Spiders and Snakes” to the Let’s Halloween playlist.

Resin Pumpkin Wrapped With Snake

Resin Pumpkin Wrapped With Snake



gold-snake-decorative-bowlAluminum Halloween Snake Bowl Gold

Some would argue it’s just not Halloween without the creepy-crawly while for others there’s no need to conjure up the fear of things that crawl and hiss in the night.

vintage-Halloween-postcards (2)

Enter a kinder, gentler Halloween theme.

vintage-Halloween-postcards (1)

Free printables in a wide variety of Halloween spook, scare, and spirit for all your Halloween treats, potions, place cards, invitations, and tabletop decor needs are but a Pinterest search away.


Skeleton Print Victorian, Steampunk

King Skull Dinner Plates

King Skull Dinner Plates

Phantom Skull Decanter for Liquor

Glass Skull Decanter with Wood Ball Bottle Stopper

Glass Skull Decanter with Wood Ball Bottle Stopper

Halloween Skull Beer Mug

Halloween Skull Beer Mug

Bone Appetit dinner plate

Halloween Skeleton Dinner Plate

Better Homes & Gardens offers a free printable skull pattern to use for framing, window displays, DIY wreaths, gift bags, scatter decorations, etc…


red candy apple black

Kitchen Ghosts


Morton's Candy Corn Old Fashioned

Morton’s Candy Corn Old Fashioned Recipe


Pumpkin Margarita Recipe

Witch's Potion

Witch’s Potion Recipe

Spooky Goat Cheese FingersSpooky Goat Cheese Fingers Recipe

Mini Pumpkin Cheese Balls

Mini Pumpkin Cheese Balls Recipe

Wicked Witch Hats Recipe

Wicked Witch Hats Recipe

Snake Cheese Straws

Snake Cheese Straws Recipe

Graveyard Brownies

Graveyard Brownies Recipe

Jack-o'-Lantern Candy Apples

Jack-o’-Lantern Candy Apples Recipe


Halloween party decorating suggestions offer inspiration for tricking out your Halloween monster mash bash.


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