Thanksgiving Home for the Holidays Mode

Places In The Home is in full-on Thanksgiving Home for the Holidays mode.

Pre-planning broadens the window of time between Halloween and turkey day, and although I’ve pre-planned the stuffing out of my Thanksgiving decorating, time is tight.

Here is the extent of my Halloween decorating.

halloween-pumpkin-gifKitchen Ghosts on Tumblr

All things in full-on Thanksgiving Home for the Holidays mode slides right into the home for the holidays motif.

A play on words World Series style.

home for the holidays mode

I love planning the Thanksgiving tablescape, sideboard decor, scrumptious sides and delicious holiday desserts.

Searching for lovely tabletop finds that capture the essence of the holiday rivals that of decor and menu planning, designing and developing.


I’m seriously considering setting a place at our Thanksgiving table for the guys and gals of USPS, UPS and FedEx that serve our neighborhood route.

We see them more than some of the family members who will be breaking holiday bread with us, and they come bearing parcels and packages.

The Places In The Home Thanksgiving table is being set with a trio of china patterns.

Starring as the simple yet elegant dinner plate set is a simple white stoneware dinner plate with a gold rim from Dollar Tree.

White Stoneware Plates with Gold Rims, 8 in.

White Stoneware Dinner Plates with Gold Rims

Autumn by Lenox makes a first time appearance to the Places In the Home Thanksgiving table compliments of my brother.


The ex-wife left, the Lenox china did not.

Holiday desserts will be served on vintage ironstone dessert plates of unknown pattern.

Today’s Home for the Holidays inspiration gallery features Thanksgiving dishes of traditional and new-traditional pattern and color combinations for your holiday tablescape consideration.


Plymouth Gate ||  Ardencroft || Friendly Village
Harvest Acorn  ||  Alfred Meakin  ||  Friendly Village Pitcher
Painted Paisley || Plymouth Woodland  ||  Pumpkin Dish

As far as I’m concerned, the holidays have arrived.

Places In The Home is in full-on holiday mode, and with that the holiday show and tell begins.

love your style


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