A Most Fetching Friday: Keeping Cool

Today’s A Most Fetching Friday serves as a friendly reminder of the importance of keeping cool in the intense summer heat. Our internet service failed to connect us to the world wide web this past Wednesday morning and as of this posting remains spotty.  Ugh!


Work crews from AT&T have graced the Places In The Home compound with their skilled and professional presence over the last two days. Knowing the importance of staying hydrated and keeping cool in the fight against heat exhaustion, I keep a steady supply and variety of bottle waters on hand for the postman, landscape crews, and utility workers.



The heat is on in these intense summer days making it necessary for those who work and play outdoors to do what it takes to reduce the risks of associated with the unforgiving combination of heat and humidity.





One does want a hint of style.


keeping cool



Keeping cool is key when working or playing outdoors in the summer. Stay cool, hydrated, sun protected and heat exhaustion educated in these fun in the summer sun months.



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1 thought on “A Most Fetching Friday: Keeping Cool”

  1. These are great tips, Darleen. We are battling heat INDOORS, right now. We had our roof replaced yesterday, due to damage from the recent hail storms. While putting the shingles down, the roofers nailed straight through the freon lines of both, the upstairs unit and downstairs unit. Needless to say, on these 90 degree days, it is HOT. They have supplied us with temporary cooling units until the system can be repaired. But, it is still HOT! Lol!

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