Naturally Striking Fall Arrangements

Naturally striking fall arrangements featuring the best of the season’s natural elements epitomize the true beauty and color of the season.


Better Homes & Gardens – Photography by Edmund Barr

Visit your lawn and garden, local produce market, hobby store or better yet, drive out to areas of the local countryside flush with the season’s natural elements for fresh and/or faux items needed to create a foliage focal point or spot arrangement.



Foraging for seasonal leaves and branches serves a dual purpose – autumn treasure hunt and picnic opportunity.


Photo by Stephanie Klepacki


Southern Living Magazine – Photography by Robbie Caponetto

Certain decorating circumstances and seasonal flower arrangements reflect  the more the merrier approach.


New England Home

Green Waffle Daisy Pattern Butter Crock


Photo by Bart Heird 

Still a favorite example of a simple yet elegant fall/autumn arrangement made possible by nature, a vintage waffle weave daisy pattern crock, small ears of Indian corn, branches of berries, and decor pieces most befitting theme and time of year.


Better Homes and Gardens – Photography by Marty Baldwin

Holiday gatherings.


Corporate events.

There’s so much to be said for this lovely season, this fall of autumn spectacular where nature’s wonder beautifully serves as the principal decor accent and accessory.

vegetable fall arrangement

Midwest Living – Photography by Michael Partenio

In season veggies, fruits, and berries mixed and mingled among flowers of varied colors and types prove a fanciful focal point arrangement.


S. B. Long Interiors


Country Living Magazine – Photography by Ali Harper

Vintage pewter, silver, porcelain pitchers, sugar bowls, creamers, tole trays, and transferware bowls complement and add warmth to naturally striking fall arrangements.


Good Housekeeping

Various shades green, red, amber, and brown set fall’s color wheel into decorating motion.



Beauty abounds in simplicity, and practice and patience teaches me to never shy from taking the less is more route.


Better Homes and Gardens

Some of the most striking seasonal arrangements are born out of simplicity “peared” with balance and placement.

Asian Pear Arrangement

Country Living

Clear cylinder vases filled with branch bouquets in their natural state or painted in tones of gold, silver, bronze, or copper become a simple yet elegant addition to your fall decor.


Autumnal Berry Branches

Seasonal fruits, vegetables, foliage and nuts make wonderful ingredients for fall recipes, but boy, do they shine in fall arrangements and centerpieces.

fall fruit centerpiece

Country Living


Southern Living Magazine – Photography by Robbie Caponetto


Robyn’s French Nest

pumpkin centerpiece

Stunning sums up this DIY pumpkin centerpiece with roses, mums, and broom cob from Jenny Steffens.


Victoria Magazine

naturally striking fall arrangements

Martha Stewart

Pumpkins and apples make their debut in the beginning of fall, and these seasonal decorating essentials become quite the exquisite floral accompaniment to fresh seasonal flowers and cuttings.

autumn-centerpieces-apple-candleholdersCountry Living

Naturally striking fall arrangements rich in seasonal color(s) and texture(s) make an impressive addition to your fall decor.



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