Navy Blue: Timeless, Traditional, Always on Trend

Navy blue is a classic color that is timeless, traditional and always on trend.

Don’t you love the word trending?




It all trends.

Social media even loves the word trending.

Isn’t tweety the twitter bird blue?

Wait, wrong blue.


The original classic blue.

navy blue decor accentsTraditional Home

Popular and current styles or the who, what, or where currently in vogue dictates trending.

Navy blue is a true traditional classic color choice.

Its flavor of the month popularity may vary at times, but the unmistakable appeal and classic shades of navy blue never go out of style.

navy lacquer wallsluxe.

Classic touches cast a modern light on the traditional scale of the space, and a chic spotlight on the navy and white Moroccan trellis pattern wallpaper.

red-bamboo-pagoda-mirror-navy-blue-moroccan-trellis-wallpaper House & Home

The flow of blue creates design marvels from the deep blue sea.

under the sea dinner wareFrom the Deep Dinner Plate

Antique pond yachts in triplicate showcase both the rich color and grain of the traditional wood paneling and the classic touch of center point navy. 

navy-studyTraditional Home

Go bold or go home!

This kitchen island in blue takes drama in a modern and new trad direction befitting the space.

blue kitchen islandluxe.

Navy blue carries the space as the predominant decor influence.

When paired with white home decor accessories and furnishings the perfect effect is achieved. It is all the visual explanation needed as to why this color pairing remains a classic choice.


SEED Design

This spin on the popular nautical theme is elegant at first sight and practical in pairs.

Merzbau Design Collective

Stainless and white frame this vintage blue stove in a rustic gorgeous fashion.


The crisp white ceiling and molding emphasizes the navy blue walls painted in Benjamin Moore Admiral Blue 2065-10.

The look is thoroughly modern magnificent, and navy blue is the star of the color show.  Glam at work.

Fun House Furnishing & Design

Navy blue stands the test of time for a very good reason~every fashion, decor, and decorative accessory it graces is in line to become a classic.

navy blue couch curated interiorCurated Interior

Navy blue wins the color triple crown for timeless, traditional, and trending beauty.

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