New Year’s Eve Celebration

What “they” say is proving more and more to be true.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it applies to my planned appetizer tray for our small at home New Year’s Eve celebration.  The crowd loved it at Thanksgiving so much it has been requested for our New Year’s Eve culinary celebration.

appetizer tray

Simple works, and thank the entertaining gods it does!  Seafood dip picked up from the deli, pita chips, white cheddar Melba toast, and port wine and pepper jack cheese balls will start the hors d’oeuvres ball drop.  I found the recipe for Fireside Cheese Spread over at Taste of Home and it looks like it will be a delicious addition to the lineup.

new year's eve celebration


We will be having a rather laid back celebration this year with good music and great company.


That’s our house blend.  My crystal ball tells me the combination will go well with a pepper jack cheese ball, spiced pecans, dates and a newly discovered treat, sweet potato tortilla chips.  What holiday cheers do we have here?

Pomegranate Fizz Cocktailvia


Pomegranate Fizz Cocktail


2 cups of pomegranate juice

¼ cup of grenadine

1 bottle of champagne

mint and pomegranate seeds for garnish



In cup, combine your juice with grenadine and set to the side. When you are ready to serve, pour mixture into a glass and top with champagne. Garnish with pomegranate seeds and fresh mint

recipe via Guest of a Guest

Here’s a celebration saver tip for when the bubbly isn’t so bubbly:

If the champagne goes flat it’s a raisin to the rescue!  Before pouring, drop a raisin into the champagne bottle. The carbon dioxide adheres to the raisin and it’s Don Ho time. Tiny bubbles, get it? 


What are your plans for ringing in the New Year?

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