Seasonal Updating and Holiday Decorating: When Is Early Too Early?

Seasonal updating and holiday decorating season came on like gang busters this year.  From weather to color, fall is hands down my favorite time of year.  Fall is the one holiday you can get a lot of traction out of, decoratively speaking.  Seasonal statement pieces as well as fun pops of color become investment pieces, and nature is the ultimate and most affordable arts and crafts store there is.

A high-end luxury throw can be as important to seasonal updating as a bowl of acorns, nuts,  leaves or pine cones is to holiday decorating.


Planning and playing with design boards is part of my daily routine. Getting ideas down on a board puts collected inspiration in front of you and answers the “now, where did I see that _______?” question in the click of the mouse. Spending the weekend planning and playing with design boards gave way to observations colliding with inspiration, or the lack thereof.  I was satisfied with the interior decorating seasonal updates I came up with, but felt rushed to push the pieces of the fall decorating puzzle together like I was on a hurry up-everyone else is already through-and you haven’t even begun hard and fast deadline.


The blogsophere is in full-on fall decorating mode.  For those of us who love to seasonally update and decorate our humble abodes inside and out, searching and sourcing ideas for inspiration begins many weeks out from the official start of the season.  Getting the jump on seasonal updating and decorating in order to get the most out of the beauty of a season is hard to resist,  but when is early too early?


Holiday season at Hopefully Classic came earrrrrrrrly on the calendar.  Retail is a whole other beast when it comes to holiday decorating, merchandising and sales. I was Easter hopping in February and decking the halls decked out in shorts and flip flops in August.  By the time the actual holiday rolled around if I wasn’t careful I would be completely over it.  Staying one step out in front made me feel I was chasing my tail, and frankly, it took a huge hunk out of the holiday fun and celebration.

David Nettovia

I totally agree with David Netto’s observation.  Hate the chop, but that’s not the point.  In both my professional and personal experience I’ve learned to proceed with caution on the road of everybody else is doing it. Don’t let that be the driving force of your updating and decorating decisions.

Love your style!

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