Snow Storms Issues

Snow storms issues are not this homeowner’s idea of fun.

snow scene

Granted, we don’t see snow, sleet, and ice in the Deep South very often, and I’m beginning to be thankful we don’t.

snow on ground

When you get all three X 2 for several days in a row dread and worry sets in.

snow gate

It’s hard to see the beauty in winter’s calling card when power outages, water shortages, boil advisories, leaking roofs, and bursting pipes come with it.

Snow Storms Issues

Our crepe myrtles took a beating, and the Sago palm is currently a super funky shade of wheat brown.


Dripping water to prevent the pipes from bursting (they did) and then being under a water conservation and boil advisory for five days is a physically and mentally draining experience.

dripping faucets


Shrubs, bushes, and trees green and doing their seasonal bloom thing now are brown, weathered, and damaged.

snow storm damage

On the good news front, the water conservation and boil advisory lifted this morning.

Oh, and we were able to get the second dose of the Covid 19 vaccine that had to be postponed due to the storms.

Light at the end of a very dark and troubling tunnel.

Snow storms issues dominate my time this week, but I’ll be back with you next week discussing design and decorating this and that.

Have a lovely rest of the week, and I’ll talk to you soon.


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