Collections are an extension of memories in tangible form.

When something piques interest, evokes special and sentimental memories, connects thoughts to tangible objects, and brings immense joy to a collector a collection is born. 

Extraordinary Collections : French Interiors · Flea Markets · Ateliers (Hardcover)

Extraordinary Collections : French Interiors · Flea Markets · Ateliers (Hardcover)

Summer is right around the corner, and if treasure hunting did in fact have a season I honestly believe we are entering said season.

Tucked away antique shops, flea markets, estate sales, fairs and festivals, and the 127 Yard Sale immediately spring to mind as treasure troves to visit.


Country Living Magazine – Photography by Becky Luigart-Stayner

From great works of fiction to classic novels to great poetry works to cookbook special editions and all reads in between, bibliophiles (those who collects books) recognize the volumes of worth found in a prized collection.

Set of 5 Vintage Books

Mixed Set of 4 Vintage Antique Books

Numismatists get their money’s worth in the find and fulfillment of collecting coins.



Vintage tools create a workable collection.

In our auction days we often purchased box lots brimming with vintage and antique tools. There was always some level of demand for them, and the wonder of provenance and purpose made for an excellent history lesson.


Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

Collections featuring pottery pieces from such companies as McCoy and Hull have long been in high demand among collectors.

Unique shapes, distinct designs, and matte pastel finishes make these pieces instantly recognizable as well as increase the desire factor of these collectibles that remain both affordable and sought after treasures.


Martha Stewart – Photography by Noe Dewitt

Intrigue fuels fascination when it comes to a  stamp collection.


Photography by Kevs 

Geography, art, culture, and history are just a few points of interest that prompt collectors into amassing an impressive stamp collection.


Photography by Amin Hasani 

Beautiful craftsmanship together with timeless style often is the foundation of a timepiece collection.


Country Living Magazine – Photography by Brian Woodcock

Halloween collectibles continue to be highly sought after by collectors.

Charles Kirchhof founded his Kirchhof Patent Co. in 1852.  Making and developing patents, Kirchhof Patent Co. specialized in toys and Christmas candleholders eventually trademarking tin ratchet Halloween noisemakers.

Kirchhof Patent Co. added rattlers, whistles, clangers, and tambourine noisemakers to the market much to the joy of kids and collectors alike.


New England Home Magazine

‘Tis the season of seashells by the seashore souvenirs turning into collections.

blue-white-crock-collection (1)


Hesitation on buying this appealing jug when I first saw it resulted in me missing out on acquiring it for my collection.

As it goes more often than not in the treasure hunting game you will learn the best time to buy antiques is when you first see them.


Distinctive architectural aspects of hotels and motels, for that matter, often play host to the moments and mementoes responsible for making a lasting impression of a memorable stay.


One of my favorite historical landmark hotels, Hotel Bentley, is a hometown legend.



Built by timber baron Joseph Bentley at a cost of $700,000, Hotel Bentley is a stunning hometown testament to classic Renaissance-style with its opulent grand foyers, crystal chandeliers, and marble staircases.


Designed by architect George R. Mann, Hotel Bentley is arguably the architectural gem of DeSoto Street.

bentley-lobbyBe still my heart!

I marvel at the history, architecture, design, interiors of grand hotels.


Notable guests in its 116 year old history include Major General George Patton, Lieutenant Colonel Omar Bradley, Colonel Dwight David Eisenhower, and Henry Kissinger.


When the last owner decided to shutter Hotel Bentley I was able to acquire a few of the items to add to my collection of hotel silver and dinnerware. 

Welcome additions to my collection include an etched seltzer bottle,  lithograph from the hotel art collection, and a dinnerware charger from the Venetian Room. 


The Mirror Room


A collector of matchboxes or matchbooks



Even with non-smoking laws and policies in place, matchbooks remain a highly collectible item.


This very small collection of matchbooks collected from Las Vegas hotels and restaurants we frequented over the years remains a well guarded matchbook collection.

Power outages, fire pits, birthday candles, or barbecue grills need not apply- these vintage matchbooks are for admiring purposes only.

CLX100116_083Country Living

“I like for rooms to feel collected—not decorated.
I always say that perfect is not perfect.”

— Mark D. Sikes

Collections become an integral part of our overall decor aesthetic, introducing a sense of you to the personality of the space.

Our homes should reflect our personalities, and collections touch upon that.