From Prefab to Post Fab: Styling Bookcases Part 3

Color, texture, pattern, and styling bookcases join us front and center in the final touches portion of the prefab to post fab bookcase series.

Tim Clarke

Traditional Home

Stuff, storage, and style go well together with a little help from their friends paint, wallpaper, collectibles, and perfectly placed accents.

Let’s look at how to create polished style in the stacks.


Hanging  framed art, mirrors, and architectural pieces on the front of a bookcase creates a departure from the expected.


What reads as a stroke of styling genius by combining  art and literature catches my eye ( what it is supposed to do), but if not implemented correctly can be more pain than gain.


The “these shoes are killing my feet, but they look so good” logic may grow old after the hundredth time of moving or reaching behind “the shoe” to retrieve a book.

I would suggest taking into consideration practical placement by hanging a piece in a spot on the bookcase that fronts an empty space or your least favorite book.


High style in high hues of color is always a colorful option in any decorative and design situation, especially when transforming a piece to custom heights.

Pappas Miron

Pappas Miron – Dering Hall

Painting constructed prefab bookcases introduces affordable chic to affordable home decor.


Balance and fabric backing is the best friend of the bookcase shelf.

A cut to fit piece of cardboard or particle board form covered with the fabric of your choice instantly transforms a sterile white background to a color your world designer look.

bookcase Eddie RossEddie Ross

More is more when wallpaper is in the mix.

Enter texture, pattern, color, and the wow factor possibilities are infinite.

Better Homes & Gardens

When styling the shelves, consider featuring items from personal collections, memorable mementos, and unique objets d′art- expressions and decorative extensions of you.


Domino – Design by Melissa Colgan – Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg 


I display my collective oddities in odd numbers striking a balance between flow and height.

Arranging books in color contrasting groups in vertical and horizontal stacks keeps the eye aesthetically interested.


Swing arm lamps and picture lights “top” off the look.


Plug-in 1-Light Wall Mounted Picture Light

Hancock 1-Light Swing Arm Lamp

Emerson 1-Light Swing Arm Lamp

Vignettes excel in showcasing blended combinations of our treasures in layered form and controlled theme.

Tim Clarke Interior Design

If an antique pair of folding eyeglasses (great accent for bookshelves), a modern picture frame,  a contemporary decorative box, and a vintage tole lamp grouped together speaks to you then by all means stack ’em if you got ’em!

Styling is the best part, don’t you think?

Love your style!

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