Fall Has Made Its Presence Felt

Fall has made its presence felt!

I am thrilled to finally be able to welcome fall in with open arms, doors and windows!

fall wreathBetter Homes & Gardens

Although fall officially began yesterday, its long awaited arrival is perfectly timed for optimum enjoyment of the season’s first cold front, a hot cup of tea, and warm carrot apple muffins.

living room with fireplaceCountry Living

My eye was immediately drawn to the color palette in this bedroom featured in Traditional Home.

This palette choice hits a decorative high note with warm tones, a balance of traditional decor, and a tip of the hat to two orange and brown.

traditional decor

I snapped this colorful reminder of seasonal things to come from our backdoor Saturday morning.

The rain soaked patio is the remnant from the heavy rains that fell over the weekend.

I didn’t mind the rain at first, knowing full well it was the trade off for the cooler weather we would wake up to on Sunday morning and the first day of fall.

I had to keep reminding myself of that as I drove in the storm to pick up a stranded Dave the Builder.

Dave’s back tire chose to blowout right as he topped an overpass.

The rain was so heavy it was difficult to see three feet in front of you.

Believe me, it was not our idea of a fun Friday night.

We’re dry and safe, Dave’s truck is outfitted with two new tires, and fall has arrived.


fall is here

Have a great Monday and enjoy the fall of it all!