Fall Decorations And The Pumpkin Patch On A Tuesday Afternoon

Tuesday afternoon marked my annual trip around town for a seasonal show and tell of fall decorations and the pumpkin patch.

Dollar Tree, Walmart and Marshall’s got in their fair share of “counseling” on my fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving retail therapy session.

I decided to make an afternoon out of it, so with camera in tow I made a stop by a couple of my favorite October haunts.

fall decorations

You know when you have one favorite house that you love to ride by and admire?

This is mine.

This charming cottage is located one street over from our old house.

“Drive by the cottage” became a weekly request in our drive time routine.

We had the opportunity to purchase the house a few years ago, but it wasn’t meant to be.

We knew we would be purchasing my childhood home from my parents as soon as their new house was completed, but the minds of these two residential flippers stay in buy, renovate and sell mode.

The project would have been too much of an undertaking.

A lovely couple did purchase the house, gave it plenty of interior and exterior TLC, and have provided me countless afternoons and evenings of drive by enjoyment.

fall yard decorations

The pumpkin patch is also located in our old neighborhood.

I guess you could say I was walking (driving, in this case) down memory lane.

I like to revisit the neighborhoods we have lived in over the last twenty years and the memories we made there.

This particular Tuesday afternoon fall decorations and the pumpkin patch was on the agenda.

pumpkin patch

My afternoon outing took a retail turn at this point.

Halloween treats and tablescape accessories awaited me at Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, Marshalls and Walmart.

I found exactly what  I wanted for my Halloween tablescape and a few extra goodies I had to have!

I never know what I’m going to Marshalls for.

Inspiration doesn’t hit until I see the item in the store.

I am such a pushover for a turkey plate,  and this one caught my eye and my heart.

I saw.

I swooned.

I purchased.

Spode turkey plate

Goodwill was on my way home, or at least I reasoned it was.

I didn’t know at the time I would find and not be able to resist the set of six(6) Bareuther Waldsassen Bavaria dessert plates for $1.00 each.

Talk about a Halloween treat!

It was a lovely fall afternoon for a drive, some shopping, and an unexpected Goodwill deal.

Now comes the fun part, the Halloween decorating.

I’m starting on the tablescape tomorrow.

I can’t wait!

Love your style!




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