Keyboard Diversions And French Themed Home Decor

Keyboard diversions and French themed home decor considerations mirrors one of the main considerations in life; balance.

Stuff happens in real life that takes me away from the keyboard, and stuff happens in real life that draws me to the keyboard.

File:Alphanumeric keyboard.jpg


My to do list includes the yearly appointment I always keep- the mammogram.

As you may already know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

breast cancer pink ribbons

Why is an interior decorating, home decor, and design show and tell blog addressing breast cancer awareness?

It is doing so because what better interior design is there than our own?

October will be here soon enough, but why not be fashionably early by scheduling an appointment for a mammogram now.

Design the day to celebrate responsibility, health, wellness, awareness, support, bravery and healing.

I took it a step further with a bit of shopping thrown in  for stylish measure.

early morning keyboard and coffee time

Early (very early) mornings give me the chance to focus on my email inbox.

An insufficient amount of caffeine and misplaced readers resulted in me opening an email that under this morning’s hurried circumstances I may have purged.

Turns out opening the email from Kirkland’s was a mighty fine way to start the day.

Call it home decor happenstance.

As I’ve mentioned before, I live in an area of the world that is retail deficient.

I’m thankful for the retailers that are located in our area, but man do I envy those of you who live in or close to a town with many retail options to shop and choose from.


Online shopping is the only option in most cases of retail pursuits.

Dave the Builder and I have been discussing projected plans for a getaway. Do you know one of my travel considerations?

The shopping.

I do love me some LasVegas, but I’m retail restricted because of the “how am I going to get all of this home?” limitations.

Thank goodness for online shopping and retailers who offer free or heavily discounted shipping charges.

Retail luck struck during my post mammogram brick and mortar shopping spree in the form of a 65% off sale.

Joy-Tribout-interiors 1

Joy Tribout Interior Design

I’m a sucker for French themed home decor.

And cow art.

Cattle Graze I Hand Embellished Canvas Art PrintCattle Graze I Hand Embellished Canvas Art Print

Pair a cow with the word Bonjour in a white and French blue palette, offer it up as a home decor accent at a great price, and my interested is piqued.

Reasoning out and concluding a mix of pattern and color would broaden the range of use, I was thrilled to find the Sorrento serving platter and rectangular trays and Noble Excellence Ikat bowls at Dillard’s.

French farmhouse dishes

The border of the platter and tray is reminiscent of a Louisiana French hallmark– the fleur de lis.

What is this I see on yet another markdown display?

My eyes can scan and spot a sale table three departments deep.

I couldn’t resist the Rosanna Farmhouse Pantry cheese dish with the look and charm of a vintage hobnail pattern.

Rosanna Farmhouse Pantry cheese dish


Pressing engagements, responsibilities, and retail therapy may have kept me away from the keyboard, but it renewed what’s important in real life- health, awareness, and the joie de vivre.


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