It’s Formica Laminate And It’s Spectacular!

Change is a wonderful thing when it is all about improvement, and Formica laminate is changing and improving with the times.

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Formica laminate introduces the 2020 Living Impressions™ Collection featuring 180fx® Laminate patterns covering the modern to the traditional to the sophisticated kitchen in artisan style.

2020 Living Impressions™ Collection

2020 Living Impressions™ Collection
White Painted Marble – Black Painted Marble
Watercolor Porcelain – Watercolor Steel

Gone is the basic get the job done approach to kitchen design of past decades and designs.

water-color-steel-brushed-bronze-toned-aluminum2020 Living Impressions™ Collection
Watercolor Steel

Stylish function and performance is paramount to today’s kitchen design. Into consideration  place high on the list of kitchen design and detail priority.

black-painted-marble-hotel2020 Living Impressions™ Collection
Black Painted Marble

Sourcing, showing, and telling you all about the latest product designs and news regarding kitchen design, home furnishings, and decor products is an exciting and enlightening process.

When a product grabs and holds my attention I label it share worthy. Formica laminate has done just that.

Formica light countertops

Calacatta Marble – Neapolitan Stone
Calacatta Cava – Antique Mascarello

Calacatta-Cava-Formica1Calacatta Cava

Brand leaders often become the verb of the product line.

Jim Parsons as Dr. Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory hilariously demonstrates my point as he explains not all hot tubs are a Jacuzzi® in the video clip below.

Dave the Builder and I are both guilty of “verbing” one product line in particular.

We refer to all laminate countertops as Formica.


With both of us coming from construction, remodeling and design backgrounds, I guess you could say we were raised on the Formica brand.

Dave the Builder and I cut our kitchen flipping-remodeling teeth on the Formica brand of laminate countertops.

The majority of the houses we bought in our flipping days were built circa 1940-1960, which meant the kitchens were lacking in suitable features and style details.

metal trim edge

Retro was not throwback chic at the time, and although Dave is a master at reworking and re-imagining existing features to update and visually please, the outdated metal edge trim was the first thing to go.

Design trends ebb and flow and personal style choices evolve, but one thing remains a home improvement constant.

Wide Planked Walnut

Black Walnut

Construction, design, remodeling and renovation budgets favorably respond to quality products that deliver on all design points, offer impressive decorative results, and accomplish the project with an affordable result.

Formica granite laminate

Formica 180fx® Laminate offers the luxurious look of a full granite slab.

Petrified Wood with Etchings Finish

Taking today’s kitchen decorative details into consideration, Formica has perfected the look of granite, offering chic pattern choices in colors, textures, and patterns reflecting preferences popular in today’s kitchen design market.

Yes, decoristas, it’s Formica laminate and it’s spectacular.

Formica=patternsI asked Dave the Builder if I could get his feedback on this post.

Very impressed.

How could you not be?

The striking pattern choices meet with the design guidelines and tastes of today’s homeowner.

Formica laminate remains a quality, time tested, affordable, durable, sustainable and decoratively impressive product choice.


Just so you know disclaimer:
This is not an official product review or paid advertisement post.  Safe to say Formica® Brand does not even know I exist.  I’m just following the original intent of this blog;  Places In The Home- A Design Show and Tell.