Digging The Pig Kitchen Decor

I’m really digging the pig kitchen decor of late.  As time is on my side in today’s world of thinking twice about venturing out if it’s not necessarily a necessity, it leaves me unhurried time to explore new things out there in internet land.

Pig Head Wall Mount

Pig Head Wall Mount

Last week I shared with the Places In The Home Facebook page followers a new page I’ve started to follow, Cooking with Brenda Gantt.

Miss Brenda cooks up Southern favorites with her own unique flavor of the South.

Homemade buttermilk biscuits.

Chicken and dumplings.

Boston butts.

Marinated vegetable salad.

Hot water cornbread.

Orange pineapple ice cream.

Candied sweet potatoes.

sliced-sweet-potatoes-in-sugar-and-butter (1)

To quote Brenda, “It’s gonna be good y’all!”

candied-sweet-potatoes (1)

And it was!

Brenda shops the local farmers market, Wingard’s Produce, and a Southern staple of grocery store traditions, Piggly Wiggly aka The Pig for fresh fruits, vegetables and meats.

The Pig Logo

I get the biggest kick out watching Brenda’s farm to table videos complete with antique and vintage wares, no nonsense tips and tidbits, and a cooking show and tell of people seen and items purchased on her trips to The Pig.

Transpac Resin 9 in. Bronze Spring Flying Pig Figurine

This particular pig post has taken on a life of its own.

Dave the Builder asked me what I sourced today.

Suffice it to say I’ve pigged out, decoratively speaking, on pig kitchen home decor for the better part of two weeks now.

Polished Copper Hanging 3D Flying Pig SculpturePolished Copper Hanging 3D Flying Pig Sculpture

Winged Old Style Copper PIG Trade Sign Figure Angel Barbeque Pork Flying

Winged Old Style Copper PIG Trade Sign Figure Angel Barbeque Pork Flying

Time flies like a pig with wings when you’re having all things house that make a home fun.


Sharing home decor accents and accessories with you all is a labor of love, and my personal taste guides the selections.

Anne at Home Curiosities KnobAnne at Home Curiosities Knob

Pig Lover Wall Decor, Hanging Light

Pig Lover Wall Decor, Hanging Light

My pig kitchen decor choices lean toward the classic, the vintage, the whimsical, the unusual, and the traditional with a touch of farmhouse flair thrown in for good and stylish measure.

Pig+Novelty+KnobPig Novelty Knob

pig outlet cover

Outlet Plate Covers

Maison Maison, Suzanne Duin OwnerMaison Maison, Suzanne Duin Owner

Perky Pig StatuePerky Pig Statue

The Hamlet Pig

The Hamlet

Resin Pig W Planter Basket 12.5"

Resin Pig W Planter Basket 12.5″

Design DCA

Design DCA

French carved wood pig sculpture 19 centuryFrench Carved Wood Pig Sculpture, 19th Century

Butcher-Rack_Pigs-(front)Urban Archaeology

Sheila Bridges Landmark Harlem Residence

Sheila Bridges Design

Faux Resin Pig Head Wall Mount, Powder

Hogbadi IIi, Set Of 2Hogbadi IIi, Set Of 2

pig head wall mountGershwin & Gertie

Pig Hog Plaster Wall Hanging

Pig Hog Plaster Wall Hanging

Wilber the Pig Handmade Planter, TurquoiseWilber the Pig Handmade Planter, Turquoise

Otagiri Anthropomorphic Pig Jam Jar with SpoonOtagiri Anthropomorphic Pig Jam Jar with Spoon

If you follow me, you’re already aware of my affinity for using decorative items for something different other than the intended use of said object.

pig-winged-bird-feederWinged Pig Bird Feeder

This Winged Pig Bird Feeder is my idea of a breakfast table or kitchen island centerpiece focal point fruit bowl.

pig kitchen decor

This Cape Craftsmen Pig Planter will easily fill the bill as a planter, but it’s also decoratively capable of becoming a stylish desk accessory for the kitchen home.

Cape Craftsmen Pig PlanterCape Craftsmen Pig Planter

Large Sitting Sow Pig Metal Garden Statue Bronze Color Recycled Aluminum ArtLarge Sitting Sow Pig Metal Garden Statue 



Staying on the subject of breaking with convention and the art of focal point pieces for kitchen island placement, this Nichols Bros. Stoneworks Cast Stone Brother Pig Garden Statue in Dark Walnut makes a grand showing and perfect best in show pig presentation.

Meet Sooie the sous chef


Elle Decor – Photo by Björn Wallander

Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces need pig kitchen decor love, too!



pig shaped iron andirons


Primitive Antique Stone Pig Shaped Cooker Wrought Iron Base Smoke Grill RoastPig Shaped Cooker with Wrought Iron Base

Maxwell the Geico pig goes weee weee weee all the way home.

Pierre the Pig chef statue

Pierre the Pig goes oui oui oui as a très magnifique addition to your pig kitchen decor collection.

Vintage Fleur De Lis French Chef Pig

It seems that every other commercial on iHeartRadio is for Mercari, an e-commerce marketplace loaded with treasures.

I spied this Vintage Fleur de Lis French Chef Pig under the home decor accents category.

I’ve not listed on nor purchased from the site, but I do have my eye on several items of home decor interest.

Decmode 38288 Black Resin Pig Chalkboard Sign Sculpture, 17" X 6.5"Decmode 38288 Black Resin Pig Chalkboard Sign Sculpture, 17″ X 6.5″

Chalk this little black resin chalkboard piggy up to pig kitchen decor delightful.

pig kitchen decor


1980s Vintage Aluminum Pig Tray1980s Vintage Aluminum Pig Tray


Martha Stewart 6in Stoneware Sculpted Pig Covered Oval Baker in Brown

Vintage French Farm Sign Pig Serving TrayVintage French Farm Sign Pig Serving Tray

Hand Carved Pig Shaped Decorative Wooden Serving Tray 15 Inch

With thoughts of the fall into autumn season beginning to pique my interest, I’m thinking how great these pig shaped serving pieces will look filled with seasonal fruits, cheeses, and delicious dishes.

3R Studios 12.5in Ceramic Bowl - White

Cookbooks stack up well when placed between a set of stylish bookends.

Sterling Pair Chef Pig Bookends

Sterling Pair Chef Pig Bookends


Distressed White Pig Shaped Terracotta Bookends (Set of 2 Pieces)


Click on the link to get the recipe for Marranitos (Mexican Gingerbread Pigs) from Isabel Eats.

Pig cookie jar porcelain

Solid White Ceramic Pig Shaped Cookie JarSolid White Ceramic Pig Shaped Cookie Jar

American Bisque Cookie/Biscuit Jar Happy Smiling PigAmerican Bisque Cookie/Biscuit Jar Happy Smiling Pig

Terracotta Design Build

Terracotta Design Build

Reality Bank Form Pig Piggy Bank

Coming to a DIY pig kitchen decor project near you is the subject line of the email sent to Dave the Builder last night when inspiration struck.

24 carat gold or platinum 'lucky pig' table light with black

24 carat Gold or Platinum “Lucky Pig” Table Light with Black Shade

Gorgeous best describes the stunning 24 carat gold “lucky pig” table lamp with a gold lined black lamp shade, however, the price is not so right for my lighting budget.

gold pig lamp on black base1

Rustic Copper Pig Sculpture

Rustic Copper Pig Sculpture


Vintage Terra Cotta Pate PotVintage Terra Cotta Pate Pot

3.5 Antique Whiteware Creamer Tom the Pipers Son, Gold Trim (c. 1900)1

'Witch with Groceries and a Pig' Gallery-wrapped Canvas Art

‘Witch with Groceries and a Pig’ Gallery-wrapped Canvas Art

NE Home kitchen cast iron pig moldNew England Home

In a box buried deep in the Places In The Home climate controlled storage unit is my cast iron pig mold purchased eons ago at an antiques store in Forney, Texas.

When the dust settles in these crazy times it’s going to be like Christmas rediscovering packed away treasures.

cast iron pig face mold

Pair this polka dot pig with pink Himalayan salt and you’ve got yourself a super cute salt pig.

Mackenize Childs Polka Dot PigMacKenzie-Childs Polka Dot Pig


Still trending strong, farmhouse style and its design derivatives continue to resonate with decoristas.

Campagna Porco (Pig) DinnerwareCampagna Porco (Pig) Dinnerware

The elements of inviting, simple yet elegant, and comfortable chic work well together in creating a visually pleasing balance.

Cuts of Pork Canvas Print

Cuts of Pork Canvas Print

JK Adams Slate Cheese Server PigJK Adams Slate Cheese Server Pig

"Get in My Pork Belly" Plates, Set of 4“Get in My Pork Belly” Plates, Set of 4


Arthur Court Extra Large Pig Ham Serving Carving Tray Cast Aluminum

Arthur Court Extra Large Pig Carving Tray 


Covered Copper Pig Dish

Arthur Court Designs Pig Aluminum Butter Dish

Pig Cafeteria Print Pig Cafeteria Print


Vagabond House Garden Friends Happy Pewter Pigs Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Garden Friends Sugar & Creamer Set

HIC Pig Creamer with Handle, Fine White Porcelain, 6-OuncesHIC Pig Creamer with Handle, Fine White Porcelain, 6-Ounces

For the home bar set up in the kitchen or kitchen adjacent, the Pleasant Pig Card Holder is mix and mingle marvelous as a pig kitchen decor bar accent.

Pleasant Pig Card HolderPleasant Pig Card Holder

Pig Shaped Liquor Decanter

Visions of fall decorating have begun to dance in my head.


While the dough bowl pulls fall in the kitchen duty, this new addition to my fall decorating decor accessories lineup will house gourds, mini pumpkins, and regional fall foliage.

hand carved wood serving platter1


Pig kitchen decor comes in variety of styles ranging from I ♥ country French to vintage whimsy to farmhouse chic.

Avoiding decor items that tend to be too trendy by opting for those that have staying power such as classic form, good bones, and clean lines promotes a stylish result and keeps the what in the world was I thinking when I bought this regret at bay.

Love your style!

Copper Cookware and Decorative Accents

Copper cookware and decorative accents continue to be a favored choice of kitchen ware.

Exquisite in composition and artistic in execution, culinary preparation is performance art at its delicious best.

Celebrated chefs and accomplished cooks know the advantages of using copper cookware in food preparation.

Denis-Pierre_Bergeret_Geschäftiges_Treiben_in_der_KücheDenis-Pierre Bergeret Geschäftiges Treiben in der Küche  {{PD-US}}

The stove to table taste of home ritual most of us engage in on a daily basis far better serves the sizzle, sauté, sauce, and simmer when the cookware used results in superior performance and quality taste.

Temperature uniformity is essential in the cooking process.

Too much heat scorches and burns while too little heat deters the notes of taste and flavor.

Copper is an excellent heat conductor- the maestro of materials.


Copper cookware distributes a precise and even heat which is the essential element for proper temperature control.

Gorgeous is as gorgeous works, and copper cookware plates a gorgeous taste.

It’s Super Copper Tastic Excellent à la Decorocious!


Cooking and decorating share similar attributes.




Visual appeal.

It is said that we eat with your eyes.

williams-sonoma-mini-copper-cocottes-set-of-4-oWilliams Sonoma

Decorative accents and embellishments should enhance the design rather than overpower it.

Less proves to be so much more in many design and decorating instances, visually speaking.


Keystone Millworks, Inc.

Take this white French kitchen hood accented with copper trim as an example.

The copper trim really pops against the white, and draws the eye to the contrast between the exposed brick backsplash/back wall and rustic wood truss with focal point precision.

hh-aldred-kitchen-final3_sup_hh_oc11House & Home

Copper lends a distinctive presence to accents and home decor accessories for unique, sumptuous, whimsical and eclectic kitchen decorating consideration.

copper brutalist pendant-style chandelierExquisite Spiraling Copper Brutalist Pendant-Style Chandelier

I have kept this style spotted copper milk can or creamer or whatever it is from the 2011 Kitchen of the Year created by chef Tyler Florence in my thoughts over the years.


2011 Kitchen of the Year created by celebrity chef Tyler Florence

It made that big of an impression on me.

In the presence of dark cabinetry, high-tech appliances and farm to modern rustic, yet refined kitchen design and accessories stands this most impressive copper accent piece.


The look created when mixing and mingling traditional and modern design and decorating styles with an antique or vintage piece is thinking outside of the box of standard décor rules focal point perfection.

antique creamer jug with chained lid

Argentine Copper Creamer Jug with Chained Lid ~ Eron Johnson Antiques

Lighting fixtures, artwork, architectural pieces, decorative objects- copper has got you covered.

arts & crafts antique copper fire screen

Harp Gallery

This fabulous 1900s antique copper fireplace screen would make a fantastic decorative backsplash piece à la fireback.

19th century french architectural flame finial in copper

Patina and pit marks come with age.

I consider these perfect imperfections.

Patina is the greenish brown film that covers the surface of bronze, copper and similar metals brought on by the natural process of oxidation.

copper at auctionGallery Auctions, Inc.

I purchase vintage copper cookware with an extremely careful eye.

Buying vintage copper cookware pieces for decorating purposes differs from buying copper cookware pieces to actually prepare food in.

Vintage copper cookware pieces tend to be made of unlined copper.

Unlined copper is categorized as a reactive metal, and may interact with foods.

Safety in cooking is of the utmost importance.


Vintage Lidded Copper Milk Jug

Consider opting for copper pots and pans lined in tin or stainless steel which creates a nonreactive lining.

When cleaning copper cookware and decorative accents, avoid using an abrasive cleaner to eliminate the risk of scratching the copper.


Allow your copper cookware to cool down after use.

The sudden temperature change from stove burner to dishwater can promote warping.

copper cookware

De Buyer Copper Sauce Pans

Be it copper, copper over tin, or copper over stainless steel- the point is the look, performance and decorative effect.

The availability of copper cookware and interior and exterior décor items with a wide range of price points is in our favor.

Copper cookware and decorative accents remain an elegant element and traditional choice of material to complement taste, space, and of course to compliment the chef.