The Decorating Way, Way Back: Decorating With What You Love

I have titled this blog post the decorating way, way back.  For the hip and happening hashtag crowd, let’s go with #WaybackWednesday on this #ThrowbackThursday eve.

Decorating with what you love is the natural instinct of the decorista.

However, lost, destroyed and misplaced is not the words we want associated with the items we love.

A couple of weeks ago I received in an email these blast from the past photos.

Tears of thankfulness rolled down my cheeks as I’m thrilled to have these back in my photo file once again, grainy finish and all.


These photos are of our old old house.

Originally we purchased this house as an investment property, but it made financial and logistical sense (and cents) to just move into the property while we were in all out renovation mode of our present home.

These photos were taken early 2000 when family and close friends gathered back at our home after the funeral of my maternal grandmother.

My grandmother, a self-made woman and antiques dealer extraordinaire, taught me the world of antiques.

I see her everyday when I glance at the many items given to us by her and proudly displayed throughout our home.

Dave the Builder and I have always been big on including family mementos into our decor.

Decorating with what you love makes a house a home.

Bob-Dylan-quoteThe decorative anchors of the fireplace mantel consist of two of my most treasured treasures.


The vintage rose bowl was an anniversary gift from Dave the Builder.

I spotted it in a friend’s antiques store and commented to Dave how I wished I could find one similar to it in our treasure hunting rounds.

As soon as I opened the anniversary gift and saw the rose bowl I knew its new home would be on the fireplace mantel.

Of course, this was before my graceful handling resulted in its chip and crack demise.


The Hull Magnolia ewer on the other end of the mantel was Dave the Builder’s paternal grandmother’s.

When Dave and I first started dating he was using the ewer as a doorstop.

A doorstop!

Dave, this is an exquisite, mint condition piece of American pottery.  Please visit your local home improvement store for all your doorstop needs.

It is a sheer miracle the ewer didn’t end up in the same condition as the rose bowl.

hull-magnolia-matte-ewerLive Auctioneers

The design of the house was a natural fit for our American antique pieces.


The dining room color was Sherwin Williams Mint Condition.




The den color was Sherwin Williams Fired Brick.

The photos cast an altogether different color.


This is the first draft of the dining room in our present home which was also painted in Sherwin-Williams Fired Brick.

Lighting is key to true color reads.



Addresses, hair colors, waistlines and fashions have changed over the last fifteen years.

Trends have ushered us toward painted furniture, neutrals as color, and new traditional modern.

If I had to do the interior of this particular style home all over again, I don’t believe I would change too much of the original interior selections.

They say you can’t go back, but you can remain true to your personal interior design and decor style without apology or comparison.

It’s called decorating with what you love.

Love your style!