Don’t Fear Using Color In Your Home Decor And Interior Design

Don’t fear using color in your home decor and interior design.

Color may possibly be the consummate element of design and decor.

The implementation of color develops and defines interior design devoid of monotony.

bold-hbx-benjamin-moore-split-pea-0215House Beautiful

bold traditional homeTraditional Home

With this title I feel as if I should have a cowbell, a drumstick and Christopher Walken asking for more cowbell.

In this case, cowbell is color, and current trends are asking for more of it.

Nuevo Estilo

Color enhances a space with a positive energy.

First it draws the eye, then effortlessly offers the vision of how to introduce color to the space.

bold style at home decorpad

Style at Home


Color flows from walls, furnishings and accessories to envelope the space in comfort, warmth and beauty.

bold-hbx-orange-skirted-table-0215House Beautiful

Nuevo Estilo


House Beautiful

Traditional Home

Gorgeous, n’est–ce pas?

That’s the undeniable beauty and result of using color in your home decor and interior design.










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2 thoughts on “Don’t Fear Using Color In Your Home Decor And Interior Design”

  1. I absolutely LOVE this post!! I just had to have color in my home. I tried to go lighter and more neutral; and my family missed the color soooo much. So, I brought it all back; and we love the warmth that it brings!

  2. I am so glad the post “Colored Your World” Shenita! I totally agree~ color is a must in the home. Neutral has its place, and can compliment to beat the band, but where is the punch of personality? Cookie cutter design leaves me uninspired. Your family has great taste!

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