Who’s Ready For Summer?

Who’s ready for summer?


Dave the Builder snapped the pic of my brother’s freshly cleaned swimming pool right before he dove in.

A cool summer splash revives the mind and refreshes the body on a hot summer afternoon.

All winter long we wished for summer, and believe me, the great genie of hot with a huge dose of humidity granted our wish.

Do be careful what you ask for.


If summer means I get to color my summer world with tropical brights, fresh and green right off the farm to table seasonal vegetables and fruits, and accents in the so summer appropriate classic color combination of pink and green then I say bring it on.



farmers-market-summerEd Lester Farms – Coushatta, Louisiana 

pink-and-green-breakfast-areaTraditional Home

Under serious consideration is my effort to develop a signature paint color in a stunning shade of pink to pay homage to my first true color love. I even have the name of my paint color selected-  I pink therefore I am.

Long is my history with the color pink. My first design and decorating endeavor dates back to the late 1960s, when my very brave and trusting Mother allowed me carte blanche with the paint color and wallpaper selections for my bedroom.

Texture was the standout feature of this wallpaper.

Capturing the essence of the flower child chic groovy sign of the times depended on the colors, pattern, and texture.

sweetie“Sweetie” by Inaltéra

With Six You Get Eggroll starring Doris Day and Brian Keith features a blast from my past in the form of the master bedroom wallpaper.

vintage retro wallpaper daisies

Retro Wallpaper

Inspiration is everywhere.

with six you get eggroll master bedroom

Perhaps it sheer and 60s style coincidence that my bedroom design and decorating choices closely mirrored the master bedroom of the McClure residence as shown below.

benjamin-moore-sweet-16Benjamin Moore sweet 16 pink

Summer is a three month fest of vacations, outdoor living it up entertaining, interior updates and refreshes with summer colors, patterns and textures and relaxing on the patio, porch or deck with a cool beverage embracing the lazy days of summer.

Who’s ready for summer?



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