Who’s Ready For Summer?

Who’s ready for summer?  The first day of summer officially arrived yesterday. No calendar needed.  It was hot, it was outdoor living at its finest, it was an excellent party guest!  Summer is on tap.


Dave the Builder snapped the pic of my brother’s freshly cleaned swimming pool right before he dove in.  A cool summer splash revives the mind and refreshes the body on a hot summer afternoon.  All winter long we wished for summer, and believe me, the great genie of hot with a huge dose of humidity granted our wish. Do be careful what you ask for.


If summer means I get to color my summer world with tropical brights,



fresh and green right off the farm to table seasonal vegetables and fruits,

farmers-market-summerEd Lester Farms ~ Coushatta, Louisiana via Janohn’s (Official FB Page)

and accents in the so summer appropriate classic color combination of pink and green then I say bring it on

pink-and-green-breakfast-areaTraditional Home

I am seriously considering developing a signature paint color in a stunning shade of pink to pay homage to my first true color love.  The name of my paint color?  I pink therefore I am.  I have a long history with the color pink. My first design and decorating endeavor dates back to the late 1960s, when my very brave and trusting Mother allowed me carte blanche with the paint color and wallpaper selections for my bedroom. The standout feature of this wallpaper was the texture. The colors and pattern design captured the flower child chic groovy sign of the times, but it was the the texture of this wallpaper that made an impression on me.

sweetie“Sweetie” by Inaltéra

I love the summer of 1968 movie With Six You Get Eggroll, starring Doris Day and Brian Keith.  Inspiration is everywhere, and evidently it was at the movies for me.  I don’t believe it a mere coincidence that my bedroom design and decorating choices closely mirrored the master bedroom of the McClure residence as shown below.


benjamin-moore-sweet-16Benjamin Moore sweet 16 pink

Summer is a three month fest of vacations, outdoor living it up entertaining, interior updates and refreshes with summer colors, patterns and textures and relaxing on the patio, porch or deck with a cool beverage embracing the lazy days of summer.  Who’s ready for summer?

Love your style!


Lilly In April For May

Everything is right on Target for graduation and Mother’s Day gifts fresh in Lilly Pulitzer colors bright and pattern right.  The limited edition Lilly Pulitzer collection for Target will be available April 19th.  Can you tell I’m excited about this collection?   I read this fabulous remark the other day and found it to hit the bullseye.  The cure for spring fever is spring shopping.


I have several selections from the Lilly look book in mind for our son’s girlfriend who is graduating from university next month and a special Mother’s Day gift recipient on my the gift is in the giving list.  Allow me to share with you my favorites from the collection.





For chic summer evenings ~


Lilly-Pulitzer-target-women_embroidered-clutch---goldEmbroidered Clutch ~ Gold




For a touch of Pulitzer Pattern on the Patio ~

Lilly-Pulitzer-target-home_drinking-glasses---set-of-4Drinking Glasses ~ set of 4

Lilly-Pulitzer-target-glass-hurricane-candle-holder---nosie-posey-10Nosie Posey Glass Hurricane Candle Holder  




For the after graduation getaway or summer beach vacation~


Lilly-Pulitzer-target-home_beach-towel---giraffing-me-crazyGiraffing Me Crazy Beach Towel




For the home~

Lilly-Pulitzer-target-home_napkins-with-pom-pom-trim---set-of-4Set of 4 Napkins with Pom Pom Trim


Ceramic Mugs with Gold Caddy


Nosie Posey Floor Cushion




Mark you calendars for the arrival of the Lilly Pulitzer Collection for Target gift ideas.

Love your style!

From Sample to Swatch to Style: Fabric

I received an email last week inquiring about two fabric samples featured in a recent blog post.  In the endless world of inbox inspiration, these are the kind of emails that rate open immediately status.   It’s great to connect my readers with lovely things, so keep them coming.  Fabric, a self-admitted passion, remained on my mind for the rest of the day.  I thought it may be time for an all fabric post.

poolsideArchitectural Digest

Outdoor living spaces is a hot and trending topic, so I’ll go with it and offer up my current favorite outdoor fabrics selections.  The durability of outdoor fabrics is reason enough to consider bringing the outdoor chic indoors.

banquetteBetter Homes & Gardens

Why fabric?  Texture rules, patterns reflect classic designs and seasonal themes, the resistant twins- stain (pet owners, are you listening?) and fade upholstery options for chairs, sofas, banquette cushions and accent pillows.  A collection of examples to further prove the point follow.  Click on the images to enlarge.


Dinner and drinks on the veranda anyone?


Color, texture and pattern are essential to a home decor portfolio.  One of the quickest ways to take indoor or outdoor drapes, accent pillows, furniture, ottomans, cushions, vintage revivals, ceilings and walls from bland to brilliant is with fabric.  Fabric has got fabulous covered!

Love your style!

In Real Life Appointments, Keyboard Diversions And French Themed Home Decor

We now pause our regularly scheduled posting  for a couple of real life interruptions.  In real life priorities fought for and won top billing over my blog life on last week’s schedule.  One of the main considerations in interior design and decorating mirrors one of the main considerations in life- balance.  Stuff happens in real life that takes me away from the keyboard, and stuff happens in real life that draws me to the keyboard.

File:Alphanumeric keyboard.jpg


My September to do list includes the yearly appointment I always keep- the mammogram.   As you may already know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Why is an  interior decorating, home decor, and design show and tell blog addressing breast cancer awareness?  It is doing so because what better interior design is there than our own? October will be here soon enough, but why not be fashionably early by scheduling an appointment for a mammogram now.  Design the day to celebrate responsibility, health, wellness, awareness, support, bravery and healing.  I took it a step further with a bit of shopping thrown in  for stylish measure.

breast cancer pink ribbons

Early (very early) mornings give me the chance to focus on my email inbox.  An insufficient amount of caffeine and misplaced readers resulted in me opening an email that under this morning’s hurried circumstances I may have purged. Turns out opening the email from Kirkland’s was a mighty fine way to start the day.  Call it home decor happenstance.  As I’ve mentioned before, I live in an area of the world that is retail deficient.  I’m thankful for the retailers that are located in our area, but man do I envy those of you who live in or close to a town with many retail options to shop and choose from.

major retailers

Online shopping is the only option in most cases of retail pursuits.  Dave the Builder and I have been discussing projected plans for a getaway.  Do you know one of my considerations?   The shopping.  I do love me some LasVegas, but I’m retail restricted because of the “how am I going to get all of this home?” limitations.  Have you shopped airline fees and shipping charges lately?  Thank goodness for online shopping and retailers who offer free or heavily discounted shipping charges.

French themed home decor

Retail luck struck during my post mammogram brick and mortar shopping spree in the form of a 65% off sale.  I’m a sucker for French themed home decor…  and a cow.


My fascination with cattle scenes began years ago all under this oil painting that graced the dining room at our local Piccadilly Cafeteria.  If you’re interest in the story take a look at

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

cow oil painting

Pair a cow with the word Bonjour in a white and French blue palette, offer it up as a home decor accent at a great price, and my interested is piqued.  Now the only thing left to do is add it to the shopping cart.  The Bonjour salad plates from Kirkland’s kept my mind beautifully occupied during my morning of mammography. Reasoning out and concluding a mix of pattern and color would broaden the range of use, I was thrilled to find the Sorrento serving platter and rectangular trays and Noble Excellence Ikat bowls at Dillard’s.  The border of the platter and tray is reminiscent of a Louisiana French hallmark- the fleur de lis.  What is this I see on yet another markdown display?  My eyes can scan and spot a sale table three departments deep.  I couldn’t resist the Rosanna Farmhouse Pantry covered cheese plate with the look and charm of a vintage hobnail pattern.

farmhouse home decor

Pressing engagements, responsibilities, and retail therapy occupied the latter part of last week.  The schedule may have kept me away from the keyboard, but it renewed what’s important in real life- health, awareness, and the joie de vivre.


New Year, New Trends: Projected Design and Home Decor Trends of 2013

My decorative and design energy is fired up for the New Year.  I’ve spent the last few days checking things out fresh and new for 2013 aka the design and home decor trends of 2013.  As we all know, fresh and new is not always fresh and new. You may spot more than one renewed, refreshed, repurposed, and/or reinvented idea from decor trends pasts. That’s the great thing about good trends- they possess the quality, look, and decorative chops  to become even better the second, third or hundredth time around when done very well.  Like, love or hate them- the decor trends and forecasts for 2013 are in.  Color is color once again, a romantic renaissance is coming back around and look what blast from the past is set to lead the way- the big brass band of beauty.

Layering for warmth also applies to inside warmth, comfort, and coziness. Layers of color on color, texture on texture, pattern on pattern- pile it on! What could be easier than spot updates?


Adding lux linens and throws in seasonal fabrics, patterns and colors will infuse the look, the feel of comfort, and softened impressions to the space. 


You’ll hit a trending trifecta with this wood, metallic, and gold gilded drift wood sconce from Clayton Gray Home.


Wood accents, meticulous metals including going for the bold and gold, texture, pattern, and shades of green will make an impact on the interior design and decor radar for 2013.


Antiques as pieces of art will serve as focal points and conversation pieces.


I’m thrilled to see the encouraged use of antiques as art coming around.  Last week as I was viewing Million Dollar Decorators I was cheering on Jeffrey Alan Marks. His comments regarding the use of antiques as the final touch of personality in decor made me an instant follower of his train of thought. Unique, one-of-a-kind, unusual, whimsy, conversation pieces- yes, yes and YES! If only one piece brings this to the space then I say bring it! Can you tell I’m a huge fan of antiques as art?

It’s a new year full of new trends. I’m definitely inspired!  Are you?

When A Classic Becomes The Trend: Houndstooth Home Decor

Houndstooth is trending now!  Fashion and home decor are so closely associated, and the two are keeping close company with the current houndstooth home decor trend.

Traditional Home

Houndstooth is a classic textile originally made from Scottish woven wool.  The most recognizable duotone example of  the houndstooth pattern is the traditional black and white.  Beautiful and traditional are two of my favorite words in the world of decor however, color ranks at the top of the descriptive heap.

Several gorgeous combinations of color currently abound in the world of houndstooth broadening the color choices.  It has proven to be a formidable pattern and a timeless classic.  The Robert Allen houndstooth fabric lines the statement wall of this Tobi Fairley designed bedroom featured in At Home in Arkansas.

At Home Arkansas

Throw pillows make a decorative statement sitting pretty in any space.


Tailored to suit with a stunning houndstooth rug anchoring the space is this residential office designed by the  Jeffers Design Group.

A classic design knows no bounds.


Alexander McQueen Houndstooth Dress

Ferragamo fantastic from the pages of Vogue

Double the look, double the houndstooth style for a touch of trend and function.

houndstooth-ottomansAt Home Arkansas

This example from a past Talbots holiday catalog continues to capture the essence of  two classic beauties, the hostess skirt and Julianne Moore.  The hostess skirt is classic holiday attire, and although not everyone’s style choice, I like the idea of it.  Cocktails anyone?

Trends come and go, but a classic remains a classic.

Love your style!