Autumn Accessorizing For Home and Hearth

It is amazing how quick my autumn accessorizing for home and hearth files  fills up with images.

The save image as option on my devices sees its share of action.

I utilize the weekends for blog housekeeping, deleting images, updating fonts and the like- too much to see, source and save during the week.

In my latest save or delete session, I ran across this picture Dave the Builder snapped last year of our local garden district bayou in full fall glory.

Gorgeous, n’estce pas?  

Funny how an image or a subject in that image alerts the senses and inspires ideas for autumn accessorizing for home and hearth.


This colors on parade color palette touches upon seasonal shades traditionally associated with autumn’s color wheel and nature’s neutrals.

Seasonal updating through tones, textures and palettes inspired by nature translate well to seasonal home decor accessories.

Decorative dining and entertaining pieces, throws, pillows, lamps, rugs, and spot furnishings are the mainstay of seasonal go-to accents.

Fall is the season for the senses, and throw pillows instantly introduce the all important cozy pop of color, warmth, tone and texture while keeping seasonal updating costs in check.

autumn accessorizing

A rule of thumb I follow when selecting seasonal accessories, especially throw pillows, is to go with a smart and stylish choice of color (go ahead, try a new-traditional color!), pattern. and texture that picks up the warm and cozy feeling associated with the season while blurring the hard line of strictly a fall or winter accessory.


Timpani Drum Solid Copper Chandelier Fixture, France, circa 1900

Copper crush meets federal meets farmhouse gotta have it.

Warm metals continue to be hot on the what’s on trend for the season radar.

Speaking of copper and warm metals…

apple-cakeApples, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, Louisiana pecans- oh yeah, they’re in there! 

Our son snapped this image over this past Labor Day weekend while visiting Riding Mountain National Park.

The pair of bison caught his eye, and the white birch trees caught mine.


I am a wee bit envious of those of you who are fortunate enough to live in the land of four seasons, white pumpkins and white birch trees.


White birch logs make a lovely decorative fall accent for home and hearth.

Round Two-Tone Wicker Storage Basket and Planter on Wheels By KOUBOO

The concept of seasonal updating is nothing new.

When the seasons change, decoristas naturally become inspired to add to and/or take away from the look of the last season and breathe a bit of fall fresh air into their decor with current home decor accessories of the new season.

I believe a space, like a good red wine, must be afforded the opportunity to breathe.

Uncork a more expressive look by releasing aged accessories, stale color(s) and settled for furnishings with selective seasonal edits.


Huldah Club Chair

I find that in most cases when a phenomenal investment home decor accessory or home furnishings piece appeals to the personal style and taste side of my brain in one season, it typically continues to hold my attention through to the next season(s).

Usher in a new season with a new look with this in mind- warmth, comfortable luxury and coziness remain the design features of the autumn accessorizing for home and hearth season.

Love your style!

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