Styling the Table Between Two Sofas: How To Style a Coffee Table

Attention grabbing titles stump me at times.  The backspace on this keyboard should start up its own CrossFit class because this baby gets in an impressive and exhaustive daily workout erasing first drafts, not so PG-13 wording and the like.

Title considerations for this post ranged from Not Another Boring How To Style a Coffee Table Post, Putting Stuff on the Coffee Table and Why It Matters and the winner, Styling The Table Between Two Sofas.

Anyway you title it, how to style a coffee table is a hot topic of decorating interest.


I like to incorporate individual style and objects that capture the soul of the life lived within your home.

The only hard-and-fast rule I follow in regards to how to style a coffee table is no sight obstruction.

I don’t know about you, but I hate to sit down to gab, read or watch television only to get right back up to move a decorative accent out of my sight line.

High, medium and low is a working concept with considerations to factor in.

When I’m styling a coffee table I sit down on sofa, chair, etc…  and choose the primary sight line.

X marks the center spot- the prime location for a medium or low height object placement.

The “outer” areas balance the method with graduated heights to continue the flow, theme and visual engagement.

how to style a coffee table

The rule of you effectively applies to decorating and should be beautifully evident throughout your home.

Styling a coffee table with a sense of individual style is easy.

A treasured keepsake, great read, conversation piece, a decorative box to house remotes (a necessary evil), framed picture of something, somewhere or someone that when you look at it a smile instantly touches your heart- the essentials!

Here’s the background on the pieces presently calling the top of my coffee table home.


The shells were found on the beach in Corpus Christi, Texas by my mother when she was eight years old.


My great-grandparents owned tourist courts in the beach area, and on one of the many trips to Corpus my mother picked up these shells.

Treasures of time and travel for sure.


The rose bowl was an anniversary gift from Dave the Builder.

A  fellow antiques dealer brought it into the shop, and my heart skipped a beat.

Dave surprised me with it, I bawled like a baby, and up this keepsake went.

Fast forward to moving day when Miss Grace Kelly (me) dropped it, shattering it into several pieces.

The water works began, but I sucked it up and let it go.

No use crying over chipped and cracked porcelain- the thought behind the gift was still in one piece.

I picked up the pieces as best I could, placed them in a box, and set it out in the garage.


Dave saw the box when he came in and asked me what had happened.

I filled him in, letting him know I had made peace with the pieces.

Dave wouldn’t hear of it.

He grabbed the glue and went to work.

When he finished gluing the pieces back in place he offered up a rather profound explanation.

He told me to look at it in a new light.

Things that are perfect one minute may not be so perfect the next.  That doesn’t mean you throw it away- you dig in with determination and fix it.

The cracked and glued back together rose bowl is even more beautiful to me now.


Louisiana is known for unique characters, creatures, homes, food and culture.

House Proud: Unique Home Design, Louisiana by Valorie Hart and Edwin Edwards Governor of Louisiana by Leo Honeycutt are both interesting reads and wonderful conversation pieces.

Two birds, one stone.

The dried bouquet in the image below is a memento from my nephew’s wedding.


What do you consider essential decorative elements in the pursuit of how to style a coffee table?

Love your style!

In The Spirit Of Striking Color Combinations: Orange and Black

Is this your idea of Halloween decorating?

In the spirit of striking color combinations, does the striking color combination of orange and black in interior design, interior decorating and home decor accessories scare you?

Fear not, my little decoristas.

orange-and-black-deck-orange-outdoor-trellis-rug-black-lattice-railingMegan Winters 

Sara StoryPinterest

Gramercy & Co.

orange-and-black-hallway-hermes-box-black-stools-arched-windows Megan Winters


Orange and black is the new black.

With a stylish presence and stunning color combination execution, the decorative implementation of this traditional Halloween color palette translates into stunning interior design and decorating choices with nary a sign of ghosts, ghouls or witches on brooms.

orange-black-bathroom1 Lonny

Ryan KorbanLonny

orange and black kitchenAt Home in Arkansas  


The vibrant sass of Farrow & Ball Charlotte’s Locks.T

The warmth of California Paints Pumpkin.

The depth of Sherwin Williams Daredevil.

The stately elegance of Benjamin Moore Twilight Zone.

Orange and black conjures up a visual treat.

orange and black living roomDecorPad

orange and black interiorsLonny

orange and black living roomTaylor Howes 

The trick to practical palette magic lies in the balance of space and tone.

The quickest way to cast a new light on traditional colors is to influence the eye with complementing color through accents and accessories.

eddie-ross-black-deskEddie Ross

Don’t be afraid to bedeck your world in the colors orange and black.

Happy decorating!

Unique Interior Design And Home Decor Styles

Unique interior design and home decor styles breathe originality into the life of the home- an indisputable reflection of individuality.

unique interior design and home decor styles

Nowhere is this more true than in home design and decor.


Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Interiors that break with tradition can be remarkably distinctive.



As cliché as it may sound, designing and decorating with accessories that define your personality and remind you of fond memories and good times makes your house your home.


alsoCAN Architects




Ian Stallings

Daring to be visually different from the expected celebrates the homeowner’s unique perspective, and keeps a finger on the pulse of inspiration.



Malvina Reynold’s “Little Boxes” makes an excellent and relevant point today as much as it did when she wrote it in 1962.

We can all be alike, but where’s the fun and individuality in that?

Put a unique spin on function and decorate a little left of center. 


diy network

I have seen my fair share of decorative accents and pieces that aren’t for me and would never be ones I would choose.

I am always interested in their origins, the why and where did you come up with that idea answers, the creative process running at full tilt, the art of individuality, and the qualities they possess for the client or homeowner.


The Design House

Unique interior design and home decor styles lead the focal point and conversation pieces charge and put personal style on display.

O Christmas Tree! Unique Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Exceptional and inspiring Christmas tree decoration ideas are wonderful by-products of holiday decorating.

House & Home

These unique interpretations of the season speak magnificently for themselves, and hopefully offer unique and inspiring Christmas tree decoration ideas.

Christmas Tree decoration ideasBallard Designs

On the first day of Christmas…

Ornaments inspired by nature adorn the branches of a pear tree uniquely positioned in this formal living room.


All wrapped up in gray silk and delicate delight.

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles 

Dressed to impress for the season.

dress form Christmas tree

An artificial bonsai tree spray-painted in shades of gold and accented with glitter coated birds of beauty is as spectacularly unique as it is beautiful.

bonsai Christmas tree

Martha Stewart 

dowel Christmas tree

Better Homes & Gardens

Victorian inspired in winter white and pretty pastels.


Charlie Brown, your grown-up Christmas tree is beautifully displayed in Traditional Home.

Traditional Home


Hunted Interior

 All I want for Christmas is a pop of color.

House to Home

Vintage collections upon the tree and shelves.

Traditional Home

Lemons with gold cast a pristine presence and natural beauty.

lemon-christmas-treeMidwest Living

Pencil trees in pairs and pattern.


Traditional Home

Puttin’ on the Ritz.


Ritz Carlton 

A glowing review for this circa 1946 photograph of Charles Eames, designer extraordinaire, with a Christmas tree made of molded plywood chair legs.


All that glitters is gorgeous, grapevine and gold gilt.


Nell Hill’s

 Festively flocked and perfectly perched.


House and Home

In all its traditional regal red and gorgeous gold glory.


Traditional Home

Fresh greens, candlelight, and a skirt of apples eloquently convey the message step into Christmas!

Traditional Home

O Christmas Tree!

Your designer, luscious, unique, vintage, fun, classic and bare branches beautifully delight us.

love your style

Home Decor Gotta Have It List

Good Friday everyone!

I thought I would round out the master suite remodel posts with my home decor gotta have it list.  The home decor and home furnishings accessories treasure hunt is as fun as the finds, and I have had a blast searching and discovering  home decor wonders.  The gorgeous Thibaut fabric is a pop of color dream.

Better Homes & Gardens

A frog anything is always in order, and Butch the Bulldog has a face I can get a chuckle from.  I want to mount the andirons to the wall as easels for a piece of art.  I’m contemplating using the corbels as bookends. What do you think of the wallcovering choice for the master closet?  An alligator and/or croc wallpaper is fittingly appropriate for Louisiana. Please don’t assume I’m a swamp person, but I would be remiss if I did not add a “Choot ‘Em” to the alligator reference.

gotta have it list

Next week I will be featuring a guest post that I’m very excited about.  Be looking for it early in the week.  I hope you enjoy looking at  the items featured on the home decor gotta have it list.  Have a great weekend!