Blue, Brown and Aqua Color Palette

The color spotlight for this week shines on the palette perfection brought forth by the calm, serene and often understated elegance of a blue, brown and aqua color palette.

Traditional Home

A tried and true color palette choice, a blue, brown and aqua color palette is not your average lock you down to basic run-of-the-mill color palette option.

Selections of varying shades work together to serenely frame a space regardless of decorative style.

Cat-Mountain-ResidenceGlynis Wood Interiors

From the subtle shades of coastal blues and tranquil aquas to a bold turquoise paired with a warm Moroccan, the blue, brown and aqua color palette strikes a perfected balance of blended shade and tone culminating in flawless color palette execution.

blue-brown-paint-colorsBetter Homes & Garden

Working with classic color palette combinations as the decorating foundation and building from there allows for a fresh perspective in the grand color palette scheme of things.


Aqua, turquoise, Tiffany or Wedgwood- the many tones, colors and shades available in the current paint, fabric, upholstery and wallcovering marketplace reflects the popularity of this palette and how it fits in with the design and decorating styles and tastes of today’s decoristas.

Bold Statement

Saint-JamesHotel Saint James

High Impact


Reserved Elegance

blue-brown-beach-house-dining-roomTraditional Home


Adventures In Decorating Rental Property

During a recent all in the family design consultation the question how would mom approach decorating rental property was asked and answered.

arches at LSU campus


Our son is on the move once again in the pursuit of higher education and stylish digs, and thus begins our adventures in decorating rental property.

He has clear and concise idea of what he wants on the education front, but questions his decorative decisions on the latter.


I’m considering replacing my LSU Mom bumper sticker with a custom sticker stating “My son and my money and my furniture, home furnishings, and home decor accessories go to LSU.”

LSU mom

It’s important when decorating rental property to be fully aware of the rules and limitations regarding changes to the existing decor, but to also keep a personal stamp of style in mind.

Color does just that.

The color palette I’m suggesting consists of his all time favorite colors.

It’s been established the living area and kitchen colors will remain as is for the following two reasons:

A neutral color palette in a common area works to your advantage.

gray paint colors BHG photo by Marty Baldwin

Better Homes & Gardens – Photo by Marty Baldwin

Neutral colors are wildly popular because most everyone lives well with them.

With that in mind, it’s a safe assumption a neutral color palette in shared areas will reduce the risk of conflicting tastes with the roommate.

Your security deposit dollars and post graduation time schedule thank you in advance for your consideration.

Introduce color through accent pieces and home decor accessories.

It’s much easier to add and subtract on a smaller scale than to go big or repaint at this stage of the college housing game.

nautical color palette

The decorative emphasis is on the bedroom.

The floor plan offers enough space and full walls for better furniture placement.

Windows are great, but can wreak havoc with furniture placement.

Thankfully, this will not present a problem.

Storage and a sufficient work area remain big considerations in the overall plan.

bedroom floor plan

Let me share with you a renter/lessee tip.

Before painting the interior or exterior of a property, obtain written permission from the landlord or property management firm.

With written permission from the property management firm giving the okay to paint firmly in place, we’ve reached a color compromise of sorts.


We both agree the 14′ X 13′ bedroom is better equipped to do a core color decorative justice as a focal point color.

Enter the accent wall.


“I Heart NY” is one of my favorite Sex In The City episodes.

Moon River.

A red accent wall.

The charismatic Chris Noth as Mr. Big.

That one red wall is captivating!

Other than my gush, our son has no point of reference.

Unfortunately, Dave the Builder does due to the years of overexposure to my obsession.

Dave suggested the above image for visual reference.

The decision has been made and we have a winner.


Sherwin-Williams Hyper Blue SW 6965  is the one color he is set on.

Dave the Builder insists on making a custom upholstered headboard.

It’s a practical and affordable way to bring more color into the space and to create a striking look.

One sheet of plywood, a jigsaw, upholstery foam, batting, upholstery fabric, and a staple gun will get the DIY job done.

For the next two months one thing is for sure- college decorating days are here again.

This is a refresher course for me in the ABC’s of decorating rental property, an all in the family affair, and I’m loving every stylish minute of it!



Footstool Redo Status: Completed!

The soon to be footstool redo referenced in the post Decor Mistake Or Furniture Placement Brilliance? In An Unexpected Place is painted, upholstered, hot glued, messed up, re- hot glued, embellished, and sitting pretty in an unexpected place.

Quick backstory-

This footstool belonged to my maternal grandmother and I always had an affinity for it.

Sentimental value put the brakes on it becoming antique shop inventory, so keeping it in the family it is.

The pseudo early American look simply does not do justice to the little footstool that can and its decorative potential.

In a crystal clear moment of creative clarity I remembered the boatload of Sherwin-Williams Illusions Translucent Metallic Finish left over from a remodel.

The Illusion line is no longer in production. The new line is Faux Impressions Metallic, and comes in gold or pearl.

Sherwin-Williams Illusions Translucent Metallic Finish has a manufacturing formula that allows it to coat easier and capture the pigment of the pigment of metal.

I used two coats on each leg to achieve the depth of coverage I wanted. I tested a glaze application on one of the legs.

The glaze  muted the sheen too much for the intended effect.

After the legs dried overnight I removed them with a screwdriver, set them to the side, and prepared to get my upholstering on.

On our most recent antiques buying trip I made a quick dash into Hobby Lobby with 40% off coupon in hand.

The fabric below caught my eye only out of the “I’m here and I’m getting something” principal.

Standing and studying the fabric, two words rose to the top of my thoughts.

Bargain bin.

There in the back of the bargain bin was a bolt of fabric with the texture, color, and price point perfect for this project.

My upholstering formula is not rocket science.  Square up the fabric cut and center the footstool top.

Gently pull the fabric up over sides to desired tightness.

Staple fabric in place.

I staple all the way around continuing to pull up sections of fabric as I go.

Working in small sections makes the fabric easier to work with.

I do a neat fold every few staple applications to make a neater tuck.

Trim off  the excess fabric with scissors.

Screw the footstool legs back into place while the glue gun is heating up.

Sharp scissors are a must when working with trim.

Raveling is expected, but sharp scissors will guarantee a sharper, cleaner cut.

Use caution with all these tools of the upholstering and DIY trade.

upholstered-footstool (1)

Coming to a footstool near you soon…


Wrights Buillion Fringe black


This home decor DIY project saved an outdated keepsake from becoming just another tucked away item.

It perfectly suits the intended purpose, price point, and finished look.

Love your style!




When The Pear Begins To Rot: A Kitchen Repaint Project

Our  kitchen repaint is nearing the final stages however, my accessorizing vision is not quite at 20/20.

When we started the initial remodel of our house, the color choices I selected really made an impression on me.

My tastes change, lighting becomes unflattering, and I begin to question my past decor choices.

Do you do that?

I have the luxury of not being on a time clock when selecting  the color, design, and decor of my own home.

The process is slow, thorough, and one I try to make right the first go round.

Do I get it right the first time every time?

Of course not.

“Re” is a big part of my design and decor vocabulary.


The color selecting process has purposely been at a snail’s pace.

I wanted a rich color to complement the countertops and backsplash.

The space is blessed with natural light, white cabinets and molding, and tile flooring that is a decorative chameleon.

With all that going for the space one big issue went against it.

The previous kitchen paint color, Anjou Pear by Sherwin-Williams, was beginning to rot.

Anjou Pear is a beautiful color, but it was time for a change.

Dave the Builder was surprised to find out the kitchen was the redo target.

This all came about with me thinking I wanted to change the color of the dining room.

The more I studied the space, sketched out the ideas, and walked by the dining room 900 times a day, the more I realized I did not want to change the color.

The second I came to the realization it was in fact the kitchen in need of a change, the master plan decoratively began to come together.


Hello, Curio Gray by Sherwin-Williams.

Ours was not an instant attraction, but my how you have grown on me.


I fought the good fight against a television in the kitchen, but as you can see I lost.

The electrical and cable outlets are leftovers from my parent’s kitchen-office combo design.

Dave did not move them when he remodeled the kitchen because he wasn’t sure what we would do with the space.

Instead of moving the outlets he has suggested we simply buy a bigger television.

A master problem solver, that Dave the Builder.

The eyesores outlets will be relocated sooner than later.

The point of the image is to show the new home of the architectural pediment and the new lamp.

I have an antique iron fence piece in mind to complete the look.

baluster lamp

An Italian iron lantern in storage is the light fixture I’m leaning toward to replace the current alabaster chandelier in the breakfast area.

Paint colors choices for the perfect lantern patina are narrowed to three~


Better Homes & Gardens

Decorative decisions, decorative decisions.

Stay tuned.


The King Has Left The Building And All I Got Was This Walnut Table

This story comes from our bartering files.  A friend who happens to own one of our favorite sources for architectural and whimsical finds recently attended a festival in New Orleans.  In her buying rounds she found an original oil painting of a Mardi Gras King, purchased it to keep, but on second thought placed it in her shop for sale.

The painting caught my eye the minute I walked in the shop.  I kept going back to it knowing deep down it was coming home with me.   As I was paying for our other treasures I scooped it up and told her I had to have it.

I put it at Hopefully Classic, where it got rave reviews.



I have one very blurred picture of the King that shall remain unposted.  The overhead fluorescent lighting/ white walls motif  throughout the entire antique mall makes it virtually impossible to produce pleasing photos. See the proof of it in the image below.

Instead, I will post a picture of one funny and revered Mardi Gras King, Mr. Will Ferrell.


In the King’s debut week one of our regular customers fell in love with the painting.  He approached me about a trade, and I channeled my inner Renee Zellweger & Dr. Frasier Crane.

He had me at trade, and yes, I was listening!

Dr. Frasier Crane

We both agreed to the terms of the trade, and he did the happy, happy, Mardi Gras Mambo.

Keep the customers happy and the word of mouth positive!

My part of the trade resulted in a Walnut wall table.  It continued to grow on me, and I decided it would be better off finding its new home at my new home.

I get the thing home and it sits for a few months.  The next phase of creativity presented two questions.

The where to hang it one was a no brainer.  The do we try to improve it one I had to ponder.

Being no strangers to DIY projects of course we will try to improve it!

When our son was four years old, he fell in love with the painting Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh.  We jumped at the chance to purchase a copy of the painting for him.  While walking past the painting one afternoon inspiration struck.  Dave was in total agreement with the plan.

Starry Night

Out comes the Annie Sloan chalk paint and the Rust-Oleum tintable chalkboard paint.  When the creative process beckons patience is nowhere to be found.  Let’s just say you use what is available.

Dave primed the table for me with KILZ interior oil primer.  I painted the entire table with Rust-Oleum tintable chalkboard paint in Periwinkle and allowed it to completely dry.

**Important note**

I asked the paint associate to cut the formula by fifty percent (50%) and increase the black tint by fifty percent (50%).

The next step was to paint over the apron and legs with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White.


I followed up with a light second coat of ASCP Old White for good measure.   Wonderful stuff!  

I hit the  high notes on the apron and legs with fine sandpaper until I reached distressed goodness.  Dave took over the final stage of applying Johnson Paste Wax.

It’s a pairing I would not have originally thought of.  I am so pleased the colors in the painting complement the color choices we went with for the wall table.

Label this one an accidental selection, but a surprisingly perfect fit in execution.  The table really serves no purpose at this time, but our son’s passport and car keys have a home waiting for them on his next visit home.

Love your style!

Vegas Nights: Bright Paint Colors

The final installment in  the Color Your World series is courtesy of my colorful interpretation of America’s playground, Fabulous Las Vegas.

vegas stripCaesars Palace

neon paint colors

Vibrant and bright paint colors take the pulse of our decor choices and supply the essential element, the pop of color.



bright-fabricInside Fabric



Fiori di Como at Bellagio

chihuly_cobaltblue01_org_lFive-Piece Cobalt Blue Sea Form Set with Turquoise Lip Wrap by Dale Chihuly


Dylan Blue Velvet Button-tufted Club Chair with Round Acrylic Feet

Vegas sign

Cameron-Diaz-apartmentElle Decor

vegas nights wallpaper



Designers Guild

Porter Teleo: Ink Blots


Inside Fabric

I hope you have enjoyed viewing this series as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to the page.

Thank you, thank you very much.