Color Combination Decorating with Black and Yellow

I have heard it all now, and please allow me to elaborate.

Sitting at the keyboard this morning with a cup of strong Louisiana coffee in my hand and the music of John Legend in my ear, my initial thought as I gazed at the Places In The Home blog dashboard is I’ve got nothing.

Creativity can be a tricky little witch.

She can flow like the Red River at times, and then without notice dry up like Lake Mead.

Inspiration eventually does come, and I am patience personified waiting on it to show up.


Keeping the speakers turned to low proved an advantage this morning. Inspiration is everywhere, and this morning it was buzzing right outside the French door next to my desk.

What do we have here?

The buzz of a lone bumble bee unlocked the door to color combination decorating with black and yellow inspiration.

I was mesmerized at both the black and yellow distinct markings of the bumblebee.

A decorating with black and yellow buzz of elation accompanied my blog topic inspiration is here again jig.

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In a moment of gawk and study, I saw past the less than flattering features of the bumblebee; instead, being oddly inspired by its yellow and black markings.

Interior designers and fashion mavens glean some of their best ideas by taking a page from the book of natural beauty.

If you’ve read my blog before you know what I say about nature being the best arts and crafts store.

Add muse to nature’s resume.

DecoratingBack to the workings of how colors come together in both expected and unexpected harmony.

Black is the new black- a color so beautifully secure in its position on the color wheel that it makes it a without a doubt decorating essential.

In other words, the color black will never go out of style or vogue.

It is one of the premier foundation and/or accent colors in interior decorating.

Drama in decorating is more about the visual impact it adds to the quality of the space and less about the style.

Shabby chic, farmhouse and coastal cottage decor styles can be every bit the grande dame of decorating drama thanks to well paired and well executed color combinations.


Drama comes to call when black meets any shade of yellow.


Color combinations from the classic and timeless to the maybe you ought to rethink this guide the eye on a journey of decorative intrigue.

Sometimes what we imagine in our decorating mind’s eye as a set the bar color combination falls short on the other side of fruition.

Mistakes and missteps happen and become part of the trial and error process.

Aim for a coordinated contrast when pairing colors, and never shy from experimenting with color combinations.

Love your style!

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1 thought on “Color Combination Decorating with Black and Yellow”

  1. Beautiful color combo, Darleen! I have seen some beautiful vintage bathrooms with black and white checkerboard floors, with pops of yellow as accents. I also remember seeing a home in Atlanta that had the black and white floors in the foyer, with a buttery yellow, leather chaise. It was gorgeous!

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