At Home Lawn and Garden Curb Appeal

At home lawn and garden curb appeal projects lead the way to impressive results with big returns that welcome style home.

cottage-journal-Photography by Marcy Black Simpson curb appeal (1)

The Cottage Journal

Springtime weather along with in season sources lights, designs and perfects the walkway/pathway to maximum curb appeal satisfaction.

More than a tomayto, tomahto difference, walkway and pathway will b0th get you to where you’re going but here’s the difference according to The Spruce and Merriam-Webster.

Walkways serve a more utilitarian purpose as a passage or path for walking and/or connecting different areas of a building, garden path or park sections.

Pathway is defined as a meandering avenue of sorts, usually made from casual, vintage and/or rustic materials.

Bronze Path Light

Achieving visually appealing curb appeal instantly and affordably is not a home maintenance myth.

Paint renews the old, spring sales give good return on your investment, a stone walkway leads to wow factor, and new exterior lighting fixture(s) deliver function and style.

mint-green-dutch-door (1)

Cameron Design 

Rustic Canyon Sandstone Step Stone

Rustic Canyon 12 in. x 18 in. Natural Sandstone Step Stone

Landscape rocks dress up beds and edges. Mix and mingle larger faux rocks in with less expensive landscape rocks for depth and contrast.

Decorative Landscape Rock

Decorative Landscape Rock


Bagged Wood Mulch

Home Depot is currently having a spring Black Friday sale, and the 5 bags for $10 deal on bagged wood mulch in color choice of red, black or brown affordably times sprucing up beds and killing dreaded weeds with at home lawn and garden curb appeal detail.

Honeycomb Half Circle Rug


Honeycomb Half Circle Rug, Natural Coir Bee Welcome Mat


Victorian Plate Backset Lifetime Brass F Grip Entry Set Victorian Knob

Standout pieces announce style lives here.

Heritage-Finish-house-numbers Address Numerals in Heritage Finish



Frankel Design Build

Traditional, new trad, modern, contemporary and on-trend tastes are easily addressed through style and finish options.


5 in. Black Floating or Flush House Number

4 in. Satin Nickel Flush Mount Metal House Number

6 in. Antique Copper Aluminum Floating or Flat Modern House Number

5-1/2 in. Black Plastic House Number

The Leighton Address Plaque Personalized Etched Wall Slate Sign

Atlas Homewares Alhambra Address Number

Nora House Numbers

4 in. Satin Nickel Flush Mount Self-Adhesive House Number

4 in. Aged Bronze Flush Mount House Number


John Kraemer & Sons

Regional designs and decor accessories reflecting regional attributes impress a touch of home sweet home.


 At Home in Arkansas

Architectural accents and accessories with an instantly recognizable southern influence naturally come into play when selecting exterior lighting.


Wakeford Collection Antique Copper Outdoor Small Wall Lantern Light

Pink New Orleans Cottage

The Cottage Journal – Photography by Stephanie Welbourne Steele


John Kraemer & Sons


 Brandon Architects


Bevolo Six-Sided French Quarter® Canal Street Light

exterior-lanterns-curb-appeal-barn-door-garage (2)

John Kraemer & Sons


 Mindy Gayer



Copper darkens and gives way to the verdigris process over time, and my mailbox is a process in progress.



a bright bluish-green encrustation or patina formed on copper or brass by atmospheric oxidation, consisting of basic copper carbonate.


Where some see it as unsightly others see it as patina perfection.


Brown Copper Metal Wall Mounted Mailbox

Marina Red Small Steel Wall Mount Mailbox

Hummingbird Cast Aluminum Mailbox, Antique Copper

Black Embossed Tin “Post” Letter Box

Stainless Steel Contemporary Mailbox

Annapolis Mailbox Post


Retro Cast Aluminum Mailbox Lockable Security Postal Letter

Edwards Black, Large, Steel, Post Mount Mailbox

Roxbury Rubbed Bronze Post Mailbox with Cast Knob and Champagne Flag

Balmoral White Mailbox

Hillsborough Copper, Large, Steel, Post Mount Mailbox with Silver Flag

Classic Bronze Post Mount Mailbox

Postal Pro Post-Mount Hampton Mailbox in Bronze with Gold Lettering

Retro Cast Aluminum Mailbox Lockable Security Postal Letter 


Sourcing gift ideas to show and tell in an upcoming Mother’s Day post brings me to include this lovely portrait and garden arbor.

Cozy dresses this focal point combination of curb appeal, spring, and Mother’s Day gift idea.

Green Metal Traditional Garden Arbor

Green Metal Traditional Garden Arbor

Color comes alive not only in the exterior paint choices applied to trim, shutters, doors, and columns, but in the landscaping details and accents selected to showcase entry, porch, lawn and garden.


Annuals color up planters, baskets, and beds for sure, but may not match with your curb appeal master plan.

Floral Doormat by Ashland®

Floral Doormat by Ashland®


Enter door wreaths, outdoor pillows, garden stools perched and porched, and doormats.



Outdoor wall decorations create a vignette designed to draw the eye (and in some cases cover or camouflage areas otherwise deemed an eyesore).


Additions and subtractions to my curb appeal equation continue- hence the ladder ready to go at a painter’s notice.


Aged to weathered perfection, I’m still happy with the copper wall fountain installed thirteen years ago although…

Sunnydaze Seaside Hanging Outdoor Wall Water Fountain with Lead Finish - 27-Inch

Sunnydaze Seaside Hanging Outdoor Wall Water Fountain with Lead Finish

Garden statues placed atop fence columns complete curb appeal finishing details.

Weathered Brown Artichoke Finial Statue

Weathered Brown Artichoke Finial Statue

Last fall before all hell broke loose with Dave’s health I walked the driveway and front sidewalks taking inventory of exterior projects to be addressed sooner than later.


Taking note of chippy shutters and gables along with faded columns and trim it suddenly became“paintfully” obvious curb appeal was lacking.

Painting the exterior gives new life and new look to existing features.


On the topic of creating curated details let me share with you a favorite faux feature we ran with when we remodeled.


Behind the shutters in the image above is a window from the original dining room design.

Dave boarded up existing windows fastening shutters to newly constructed frames. Dummy scroll shutter dogs serving strictly a cosmetic purpose were added to achieve the look  known around these parts.

Galvanized Iron Dummy Scroll Shutter Dogs With Beveled Edge

Springtime is the right time for enhancing curb appeal with first impressions make lasting impressions themed projects.





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