Spring In The Garden

Spring in the garden time is officially upon us.  On that note, happy first day of spring!


Warmer and longer days set the tone for getting outdoors, back to nature, and into the green of things.


House & Home – Photography by Janis Nicolay

“Springtime is the land awakening.
The March winds are the morning yawn.”

—Lewis Grizzard



Spring gardening tips prove once again it’s time to ready, plan, and plant spring flower, vegetable, and herb gardens.


Three-Piece Live Mini Tomato Heirloom Set

Tomatoes rate high as a spring into summer delicacy at Places In The Home.


pickled-tomatoes (1)

Give your tomato plants a good grow by feeding the soil with a small amount of fertilizer and compost at planting time.

Tomato tips:

Tomatoes at room temperature release more flavor compounds when cut up compared to the taste of tomatoes that have been refrigerated.

That deliciously explains why garden ripe tomatoes from the vine gathered, washed, cut up or sliced, and served bypassing the fridge altogether tastes so good.


Consulting those sources in the gardening know for the answers to the gardening what, when, where, and how questions gardeners have gets it growing.

Maule Seed Book 1908 seeds cover print

The Maule Seed Book 1908 Giclee Matte Print

Gardening Apps:



From Seed to Spoon

Garden Journal from the Old Farmer’s Almanac

ground soil

All gardens grow in soil, but not all gardens grow in the ground.

Wood Raised Garden Bed with Lockable Wheels, Liner

Wood Raised Garden Bed with Lockable Wheels, Liner

Designed for a four-foot-square raised bed, here is a simple spring vegetable garden plan ready to advise and download from Better Homes and Gardens.

Simple Spring Vegetable Garden


Costway Wooden Vegetable Raised Garden Bed Backyard Patio Grow Flowers Planter

Costway Wooden Vegetable Raised Garden Bed Backyard Patio Planter


Burpee Early Italian Bush Bean Seeds

Supplying oodles of summer and spring garden goals plans is the
8 Vegetable Garden Layout Plans to Boost Your Homegrown Harvests.


Better Homes & Gardens also offers plans for creating the perfect cottage garden suited to your taste, zone, and design vision.

Garden Plans for Cottage Style

Garden Plans for Cottage Styles

Knowing what and when to plant according to your planting zone gets gardening off to a growing start.

Here’s the link to the USDA Planting Zone Map for U.S. Growing Zones.


Gardening is good clean happy fun.

Planting and potting in the soil gets your hands dirty which is believed to increase serotonin levels.  Research shows when our hands have contact with soil and a specific soil bacteria, Mycobacterium vaccae, the release of serotonin in the brain is triggered.

Serotonin is not only a natural antidepressant but it strengthens the immune system.

“In spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”

—Margaret Atwood


House & Garden – Photography by Sarah Cuttle

Gardening nurtures mind, body and soul providing a relaxing, healthy, delicious and visually gratifying result.

I call it green therapy.


Southern Living – Photography by Lisa Romerein

Vegetable and flower gardens grow well together, companion gardening if you will.

Flowers growing in a vegetable bed will attract bees and beneficial insects. Lending their natural way spreads pollen around encouraging vegetable plants to thrive in growth and the production of food.


Markus Spiske

Composite shaped flowers such as sunflowers, cosmos, daisies, and zinnias attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

This helpful Pollinator-Friendly Native Plant Lists from The Xerces Society takes the guesswork out of what plants best in your region.


Herbs add the scent of spring into summer freshness and provide visual interest to the garden mix and the mingle.


Rabbits do what rabbits do as in look so darn cute and nibble on garden growth goodies.


Chicken wire cloches look as good as they cover and protect.

Chicken Wire Cloche with Extension

Chicken Wire Cloche with Extension garden

Chicken Wire Cloche with Extension

Deterring rabbits from feasting upon the harvest hints from The Old Farmer’s Almanac include the following:

Rabbits do not like the pungent smell of onions therefore these may serve as a the scent of discouragement.

Try dusting around the garden and targeted plants with powdered red pepper.

Forsythia, zinnias, daffodils, lavender, and snapdragons seem to work as rabbits do not find these flowers appetizing. Planting these flowers strictly to deter is not a guaranteed solution to a bunny issue, but it is a colorful suggestion.


York Fable Wallcovering

Ever the decorista, garden trends grow gorgeous for spring 2023.


Rabbit Cast Iron Door Knocker
Spring Aluminum Bee Wall Hook – Silver
Butterfly Door Knocker


SAFAVIEH Handmade Chelsea Kimber Trellis French Country Wool Rug
SAFAVIEH Handmade Chelsea Rubi French Country Floral Wool Rug

Bunny-Williams-canfieold-edging (1)Bunny Williams Canfield Edging Set/12

Antique French Garden Pot

Antique French Garden Pot

On trend for garden gorgeous this 2023 spring season, antique containers make a striking choice of planter complementing the beauty of spring flowers.

Estate and garage sales are garden supplies treasure troves for finding pots, planters, tools, and decorative garden statues in good and stylish curb appeal condition.

Vintage recipe boxes come in handy as a storage organizer for seed packets.


Garden Answer is one of my most favorite Facebook pages to follow. Here Laura plants a stunning container display pairing yellow ranunculus with yellow violas, and voilà- it’s spring.

Counter Art Glass Cutting Board Our Farm

Counter Art Glass Cutting Board / Counter Saver 12″x15″, Our Farm

One of the best parts of the vegetable and flower garden process is the garden to table recipes and dishes reaped from the harvest.



Spring Crudités Board with White Bean-and-Pea Dip


Faye Dessert/Appetizer Plates

Welcome spring into summer blooms to grace garden, basket, jar, vase and ultimately tabletop.


Pretty is as pretty plants.


Strawflower, Tom Thumb Mixed Colors

Garden friends and finds~

Moon gazing hare statue

Moon Gazing Hare Statue

Decorative Resin Rabbit Bird Bath, Green Patina Finish

Decorative Resin Rabbit Bird Bath, Green Patina Finish

Sunflower Birdbath with Bunnies & Flowers

Spring Standing Sunflower Birdbath with Bunnies & Flowers

Resin Bird Bath with Frogs, Verdigris Finish

Resin Bird Bath with Frogs, Verdigris Finish


Decorative Butterfly Stepping Stone Bronze Cast Iron Paver 17" Long

Decorative Butterfly Stepping Stone Bronze Cast Iron Paver 17″ Long

Turtle Stepping Stone

Turtle Stepping Stone

Spring Garden Tool Basket Birdhouse

Spring Garden Tool Basket Birdhouse

Spring Resin Bird Nest Birdbath - Gray

Spring Resin Bird Nest Birdbath – Gray


Inspired by Nature T-shirt


Easy Spirit Travelclog Women’s Clogs

fresh mint-1


Spring Garden Picks


Country Living Magazine – Photography by Mark Lohman


Take a seat for in full bloom gardening and decorating inspiration.


Acoetes Black Armchair with Turned Legs

Little Books of Tips: The Little Book of Gardening Tips

Little Books of Tips: The Little Book of Gardening Tips


deco-moss-garden-grapevine-watering-can (1)

The Pioneer Woman Mazie Embossed Patina Hose Pot

The Pioneer Woman Mazie Embossed Patina Hose Pot

We’ve now come to the how to build a wooden obelisk DIY project portion of this spring in the garden post. Find the tutorial here.




Heavy Duty Steel Folding Shovel
3-Piece Set Black Iron Gardening Tools
Adjustable Impact Tripod Sprinkler
Expert Gardener Indoor Garden Tool Set with Carrying Case
Steel Bypass Lopper

Spring in the Garden

Expert Gardener Indoor and Outdoor Potting Soil Mix, 8 qt. Bag
Preen Garden Weed Preventer
Large Capacity Black Growing Bag Raised Garden Flower Planter
30 Packs Assorted Heirloom Vegetable Seeds 30+ Varieties


Pink Garden Tote Storage Bag with 8 Pockets
The Pioneer Woman Vintage Floral Goatskin Leather Gloves
ECO Rubber 5/8 in. x 50 ft. Garden Hose
Evergreen Metal Watering Can with Brushed Artisan Finish


12″ Gray Willow Basket by Ashland®
Decorative Butterfly Stepping Stone Bronze Cast Iron Paver
Cool Summer Floppy Wide Brim Straw Hat with Ribbon
Cotton Linen Pinafore Square Cross Apron
Home Decor Resin Rabbit Outdoor Statue

Happy gardening!

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