Love Family and Friends

Love family and friends fittingly suggests and describes the nouns of our lives- the people, places, and things we treasure.


Thanksgiving holiday gathering together welcomes traditions, food, friends and family into heart and home.


Photography by Jon Tyson – Unsplash 

Sharing this all things house that make a home life with you, the reader who has become the friend is a privilege. I am grateful to you for inviting me into your home through word, style, and design.

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Thank you for welcoming me into your home through this show and tell.


Victoria Magazine

Personal mementos and collections tell your story to others, and that’s reason number one you should gather together and bring treasures you love to your Thanksgiving table and sideboard.


Accents, accessories, touches, and tidbits- what suits your style, taste, and personal preference is what best fits the occasion and sets an impressive holiday table.


Make memorable Thanksgiving gathering goodies by mixing the traditional with new traditions for memorable measure and the sweet with the savory seasoned with love and gratitude.

“Gratitude is when memory is stored
in the heart and not in the mind.”

—Lionel Hampton


“Forever on Thanksgiving
the heart will find the pathway home.”

—Wilbur D. Nesbit


Home is where the holiday heart is, and mine beats strong here at Places In The Home.


Our holiday celebrations are all about honoring traditions old and new, making meaningful memories, and sharing the holiday love with family, friends, and readers.


Setting the holiday table serves as a welcome to our home show and tell.


As a few of you may know, my partner in Places In The Home, life, and love, Dave the Builder, passed away last Thanksgiving evening. Beautiful memories of him and the life we built together over 40+ years top my what I’m most grateful for list.

Some of you may realize Places In The Home has been on a forced (error) vacation over these last two weeks.

Back of the house business and corrupted plugins coupled with inadvertent deletion of the files that make the site visible to the public all came together to dance the death of destructive disappearance over the pages of Places In The Home.

We’re back up and running, and for that I am grateful beyond words.

May love of family and friends, good health, the comforts of home, appreciation of beauty, and wealth in all of these richly touch you and yours.


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