Lovely Lantern Light Fixtures

Whether brilliantly hanging  in the center of the room, strategically and stylishly placed as an accent, or on top of a lamp post, lovely lantern light fixtures remain classic and elegant home decor choices for interior and exterior spaces.

Dream House Studios

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Traditional Home

A red pineapple lantern and lacquered Italian armchairs make an excellent argument for the ever popular pop of color.

Home Bunch

Tobi Fairley strikes interior design gold, and black, and white, and red, and red-orange.

Color combination divine!

Traditional Home

An antique round pedestal center table becomes a stunning muse for the iron foyer lantern.

I really like the look of the lantern, and the way it is hung slightly lower than a conventional hanging height.

House Beautiful

Dream House Studios

Dream House Studios


How I do love thee.

Traditional Home

The crowning glory of this look  is without a doubt the lantern chandelier.

She Chive

Style at Home

Three lovely lantern light fixtures all in a row add such unique detail to this outdoor space reminiscent of classic Hollywood, cocktails at the pool, and lush gardens.


Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

The neutral palette and wide crown molding complement the dark finish of this hanging lantern.


Hayburn and Co

Lantern chandeliers easily conform to any decor.

A lovely and logical explanation as to why they remain a popular home decor choice.



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7 thoughts on “Lovely Lantern Light Fixtures”

  1. I love the combination of the black iron and gold/brass lantern depicted in the first picture. While the building appears to an elaborate historical one, probably in another country, I would like to try this idea. My questions: (1) What is the building and where can I find the source of the picture? and (2) What do you think about doing this technique on a similar fixture for an average home (as opposed to a historical/professional building)? The fixture would have a backplate, an attached, swirled arm for the lantern and what appears to be a detached hanging lantern. It would also be smaller and less elaborate and fancy than the one shown. Thanks for your input. I love your blog. bjtj

  2. Gorgeous lantern, isn’t it? Let me thank you for your kind words and try my best to address your questions.

    1. The building is in fact historical and in another country. It is The Élysée Palace, the French President’s residence in Paris. I found the picture on the site We Heart It and also tumblr., but I performed an enhanced image search and located the source as being

    2. In my opinion, I think the exterior fixture technique and placement you have described would be striking. A homeowner’s tastes dictates if they keep in theme with exteriors of historical homes, unless the home is on the National Register of Historic Places which insists historical guidelines have to be followed(my brother’s home, circa 1903, is on the register). Heavy on formal or casually elegant, exterior and interior lanterns fit well with most decor styles by creating a unique juxtaposition. I would love to see pictures of the lantern!


  3. Darlene, thank you for taking the time to locate the source of the lantern referenced above, for your prompt response and for your endorsement of my idea (which really sealed my intentions).

    If I could impose upon you once again: What paint would your recommend, especially for the gold/brass part of the lantern? I have tried the Valspar exterior gold spray and find it to be an attractive color (natural looking gold as opposed to metallic or brassy gold). Despite its not currently being en vogue, I prefer brass fixings and my other exterior pieces (e.g., kickplate, door handle, house numbers, door bell, etc.) are Baldwin Brass. Is there a paint you have used which would coordinate better with the brass or do you think the gold Valspar will do? (I have not yet located another exterior gold spray paint.) The lanterns are new and currently bronze metal (not overly expensive in case my plans do not work). If I am successful, I will definitley send pictures.

    Thank you once again for your thoughts.

  4. Happy to help, bee!

    Baldwin Brass is a classic and elegant finish. I really like the RustOleum Universal Metallic line- great product. RustOleum’s Universal Metallic in pure gold is a rich color with a good finishing result.

    The metallic gold Valspar in the Premium Enamel series is a very nice color. I believe either will give you the desired result.

  5. Thank you so much Darlene. I did not intend for you to do my research so an extra thanks for providing the web sites of the recommended paints. Today, I went to two Lowe’s and one Michael’s and none of these stores had either paint. Tomorrow, I will try ACMoore (formerly Ben Franklin) and Home Depot (perhaps even another Lowe’s) and then resort to the web if necessary.

    I am also working on getting you a picture of the lantern as it now exists. (I am not a blogger, just an an avid blogger reader.)
    I would so love and value your opinion on whether I can achieve the desired affect using what I have.

    Thank you again for your help.


  6. Any info. on who makes the copper lantern in the 7th photo in this blog? Manufacturer…or where it can be purchased?

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