Christmas Past: Vintage Christmas Memories

Vintage Christmas memories from Christmas past have a very special place in the hearts of many a “kid” at this time of year.

Cleveland_at_ChristmasCleveland at Christmas

Remember the excitement of a fully holiday stocked Western Auto showroom?

It almost measured up to the thrill of the sight of the local department stores window displays up and down the downtown streets decorated with overhead greenery swags decked to the holiday max in traditional red and green.



I couldn’t wait for the Sears and J. C. Penney Christmas catalogs to arrive in the mail.

sears-1969-christmas-wish-book-coverAirplanes and Rockets

If I had a nickel for every hour spent combing the pages, making a list, and checking it twice…

vintage-Christmas-windowR.Ege Antiques


Hard candy, the shiny aluminum Christmas tree, color wheel and glass ornaments, and an extensive collection of inexpensive dime store decorations adorned my grandmother’s den and living room in holiday wonder as only a grandmothers den and living room could.

aluminum Christmas tree

Vintage Christmas Memories


The  local television station gifted our community a version of  must see holiday TV each weekday afternoon between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, complete with letters from Santa and his magic telescope made for watching good boys and girls.


Being a true believer, I was totally convinced he could see every move my brother and I made.

Our late November to late December behavior reflected that theory much to the delight of our parents.


Weekly visits to the local shopping center to visit with Santa ranked high on my lists of priorities.

An Easy Bake Oven was in my sights, and as you can see in the picture below my Christmas wish list dreams came true.


 Do you remember?

Love your style!

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  1. I love this post, Darleen! I think every grandmother had the shiny tree, with the light wheel…lol…and those hard candies in a vintage milk glass or iridescent bowl! Just the thought of that Sears catalog coming in the mail was enough to make any kid excited for Christmas. I wanted every Barbie toy on those pages! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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