Spring Curb Appeal Enthusiasm

Warm weather and longer days put us one stepping stone closer to spring curb appeal enthusiasm.


HGTV Magazine – Photography by Ball & Albanese

Exterior charm rates key in the overall design flow to create curb appeal.


Updates, changes, additions, and refreshes to the exterior of your home don’t have to break the bank.


Better Homes & Gardens – Photography by Bob Stefko

Spring into summer color combinations such as bright and bold or classic château chic neutrals put an emphasis on welcome.

Spring Flowers on Brown Coir Door Mat 1

Spring Flowers on Brown Coir Door Mat

'Come In' Coir Doormat Natural - Threshold™

‘Come In’ Coir Doormat Natural – Threshold™

Seasonal colors make a most effective statement.


Southern Living Magazine – Photography by Alison Miksch

Front yard flower beds and planters are ripe for the planting in an elevating  by cultivating way.

Better Homes and Gardens offers their readers an informative how to mulch guide here.




Spacious Brown Copper Metal Wall Mounted Mailbox

Natural Elements Lawn Plaque with Stakes

Natural Elements Lawn Plaque with Stakes

Round Cement Floral Stepping Stone

Round Cement Floral Stepping Stone


Outdoor Faucet Bird Shaped Spigot Solid Brass Antique Finish


From the curb to the front door, color on parade is both a preached and practiced way to instantly pump up the spring curb appeal enthusiasm.

Alyssum Seeds

Alyssum Seeds

Ember Gray Resin Planter

Ember Gray Resin Planter

Better Homes & Gardens 8in Plant Bracket

Better Homes & Gardens 8in Plant Bracket


Design Toscano Japanese Koi Piped Spitter Statue


 Alyssa Rosenheck

Creative Co-Op Gold Cast Metal Butterfly Door Knocker, Antique

Creative Co-Op Gold Cast Metal Butterfly Door Knocker, Antique

Knock, Knock!

Who’s there?


Theodore who?

Theodore knocker is beautiful!

Bronze door handle fist & ball door knocker

Bronze Door Handle Fist & Ball Door Knocker

Ressi Victorian Scroll Iron Outdoor Rocking Bench

Ressi Victorian Scroll Iron Outdoor Rocking Bench

Portside Dark Roast Outdoor Rocking Chair with Cushion

Portside Dark Roast Outdoor Rocking Chair with Cushion


Burchett Acacia Wood and Wicker Outdoor Club Chair

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, in what direction will your garden hedge design grow?


Better Homes & Gardens – Photography by Gabriela Herman

Train up a vine in the way you want it grow, and when it thrives it will beautifully create curb appeal.


Espalier is the art of growing a plant along a flat surface.

1 : a plant (such as a fruit tree) trained to grow flat against a support (such as a wall)

2 : a railing or trellis on which fruit trees or shrubs are trained to grow flat.

white-shake-siding-garage-with-black-doors (1)

Collins Interiors

Click here for a great diamond patterned trellis vine wall tutorial.

copper-lanterns Better Homes & Gardens

Simple changes such as the addition of new house numbers, exterior lighting, and decorative fencing can produce big results.


Casa Marseille Textured Black Outdoor Wall Light

Warwick 28 in. Aged Copper Finish Hardwired Outdoor Wall Lantern Seeded Glass

Warwick  Aged Copper Outdoor Wall Lantern Seeded Glass


Butter Wakefield – House & Garden Magazine

Santa Barbara Dark Sky 1-LT Outdoor Wall Lantern

Santa Barbara Dark Sky 1-LT Outdoor Wall Lantern

Luxury Industrial Chic Outdoor Wall Light

Luxury Industrial Chic Outdoor Wall Light

Here’s to  decorative and affordable curb appeal ideas that create spring curb appeal enthusiasm.


Show & Tell

Easter Table Decor Suggestions

Easter table decor suggestions are in the spotlight this week.


Invariably at this season of the year my thoughts turn to the bunny discovered in our flower bed.

Easter bunny basket pastels

Cottontail, as he affectionately became known, instinctively knew when it was time for my husband to come in for the day.  He would sit in the driveway close to Dave’s parking spot waiting for him to arrive home.

Cottontail hopped to it, following his human best friend into the house. He would wait ever so patiently at Dave’s feet to be picked up and held.


One rabbit themed piece of decor seems to hop its way onto my Easter table decor suggestions in honor of Cottontail.


Vintage Rabbit Figurine, Resin

Adding to my Easter table decor suggestions bag of tricks is using a vintage glass basket for garnishes.

FENTON ART glass Rose Colored Open Basket With Handle, Ruffled edges

Fenton Art Rose Colored Open Basket With Handle, Ruffled Edges

Recipes Upon The Spring into Easter Table:


Asparagus Tart with Gruyere and Tarragon Recipe

Iced tea is the house wine of the South.

We steep, sugar, and serve the stuff year round.

Bridal and baby showers, brunches, luncheons, holiday dinners, and other celebratory general fancy-schmancy occasions call for upping the iced tea recipe game.

Governor's Mansion Summer Peach Tea Punch

Governor’s Mansion Summer Peach Tea Punch


3 family-size tea bags

2 cups loosely packed fresh mint leaves

1 (33.8-oz.) bottle peach nectar

½ (12-oz.) can frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed

½ cup Simple Sugar Syrup (see recipe below)

1 (1-liter) bottle ginger ale, chilled

1 (1-liter) bottle club soda, chilled

Garnish: fresh peach wedges


Bring 4 cups water to a boil in a medium saucepan; add tea bags and mint leaves.  Boil 1 minute; remove from heat.  Cover and steep 10 minutes.

Discard tea bags and mint.  Pour into a 1-gal. container; add peach nectar, lemonade concentrate, and Simple Sugar Syrup.  Cover and chill 8 to 24 hours.

Pour chilled tea mixture into a punch bowl or pitcher.  Stir in ginger ale and club soda just before serving.  Garnish, if desired.

Simple Sugar Syrup


2 cups sugar

1 cup water


Bring sugar and water to a boil in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat.  Boil, stirring occasionally, 4 minutes or until sugar is dissolved and mixture is clear.  Cool to room temperature (about 30 minutes).

– Southern Living

Heirloom Basketweave Pitcher

Heirloom Basketweave Pitcher

Spring Rock Candy Sugar Sticks

Iced tea served with a rock candy stick adds an extra kick of sugar sweet swizzle and stir.

Lemon Buttercream Cakes

Lemon Buttercream Cakes Recipe

Delicious desserts have become works of culinary art.

Floral Porcelain CAKE PLATE

Floral Porcelain Cake Plate

Vintage pieces possess charming features, distinguishing colors, and delicate patterns able to gracefully stand alone or easily mix with new traditional favorites.

Hertford Set of 4 Bread Butter and Appetizer Plates,

Hertford Set of 4 Bread Butter and Appetizer Plates, Service For 4

Easy-to-download free printable Easter gift tags from the talented Ann at On Sutton Place beautifully enhance any Easter basket or gift, and make a wonderful addition to the Easter table as a napkin tie or place card.

Click here to be taken over to On Sutton Place for download instructions.


This photo serves no purpose other than being just a pretty reminder of the in full bloom splendor of spring coming to a lawn, garden, planter, or centerpiece near you.

lilacs-deep-purple (1)

Fresh, faux, or a mixing of both, remarkably gorgeous flower arrangements need not be expensive.  Some of the most impressive flower arrangements are simple in nature and elegant in statement.


Begin in your yard and garden, and build your arrangement from there.

Hershey's Solid Milk Chocolate Cross Easter Candy, Gift Box 1.8 oz $1.24/oz

Garden roses mixed with dusty miller, bridal wreath, fern fronds, and fresh seeded eucalyptus brings spring beauty to your dining table or sideboard.


Hull Woodland Ewer Pitcher Green Pink Pottery Vase

Hull Woodland Ewer Pitcher Green Pink Pottery Vase

Vintage Hull Art Pottery USA Two Handled Flower Vase

Vintage Hull Art Pottery USA Two Handled Flower Vase

Container ideas range from serving bowls and art pottery baskets to faux or fresh ornamental cabbages and decorative planters.

Pink Woodchip Basket



Cabbage Arrangement

Large Cabbage Head by Ashland®

Large Cabbage Head by Ashland®

Figural Leaf Bowl

Figural Leaf Bowl

These Easter table decor suggestions invite simple yet elegant charm to the spring get-together and Easter celebration.


Show & Tell

Spring On The Beauty

Spring on the beauty time is here, and my heart is full of expectation for the best of the season to show up and beautifully show out.


It’s time for spring.


Southern Living Magazine – Photography by Hector Manuel Sanchez



Grapevine Interiors

Yellow may be color blocking the best of spring at the moment, but without a little pollen the vibrant and pastel colors accenting spring’s palette wouldn’t be.

And without bees…


Treillage Serene Sky Fabric

New spring blooms provide a pretty in pink landscape throughout the neighborhood.

in full bloom azaleas

Fresh flowers, delightful fragrances, visually stunning table settings, and the scent and sight of spring’s calling card in the late afternoon or evening gorgeously set the scene, mood, and table for spring entertaining.


Country Living Magazine

Recently I rewatched the episode of “Sex and the City” I Love a Charade – my idea of a spring on the beauty garden party and the essentials for success.

Butterfly on Lilac

Butterfly on Lilac


Good friends.

Seasonal dishes.

Smooth tunes.

Beautifully accessorized tables.




Comer Wheelbarrow Salad Bowl

Spring influences salads, sides, and sweets.


Colorful Vegetables

What’s in a garden salad?


Benjamin Moore Tomato Red
Benjamin Moore Mayonnaise
Behr Asparagus
Benjamin Moore Cucumber

Spring Crudités Board with White Bean-and-Pea Dip

Spring Crudités Board with White Bean-and-Pea Dip Recipe

Tory Burch Home lettuce ware dishes

Tory Burch Home

Many evenings we’ll dine al fresco on the patio or front porch for the spring of it all.

Cabbage Oval Platter

Cabbage Oval Platter

This is the sweet spot time before mosquitoes and humidity become unwelcome guests at the dinner table.

pea salad recipe

English Pea Salad Recipe

We design and decorate spaces and places in the home for the season with great anticipation.

Why not carry the theme through to spring cuisine?


Frosted Lemon Sugar Cookies Recipe from Butternut Bakery

Color, texture, pattern, and taste repeats throughout chosen spring favorites.


Butterfly Meadow Gazebo Cookie Jar

Wares and decorative pieces inspired by spring set the loveliest of tables and trays.


Eden Pitcher

Our senses alert us to spring’s arrival, and color-rich gardens treat the eye and heart to the beauty of spring.

How I love a season that shows out!



Show & Tell

Early Spring Into Easter

Early spring into Easter color awakenings through spring color palette choices are upon us.


Colors of the season shake off the last of winter’s remnants with the help of warm mid-afternoon breezes, hints of pastel petals, the yellow dusting of pollen (you want pretty flowers, don’t you?), the hum of lawnmowers, and seasonal treats featuring fresh strawberries.


Photo by Anna Tukhfatullina Food Photographer/Stylist on Unsplash

Color wakes up a space in the same manner that spring wakes up color from its winter hibernation.

Farmers' Market Herb Live Wreath & Garland

Farmers’ Market Herb Live Wreath & Garland

Spring moves the clock forward, presents the perfect time to organize and clean, and wakes up the color all around us.


Amal Kapen Interiors

Easy and affordable ways to incorporate the best of the season into your home and garden is to update and refresh through accents and accessories.

Accents and accessories in fresh, lively, and warm colors of spring renews our interiors and exteriors, elevates our moods, and brushes away the heaviness of winter.


Machine Washable Indoor/ Outdoor Chantille Floral Rug

Charlotte Moss Flowers Book

3d Floral Ceramic Table Lamp

Seria Hand Embroidered Pillow

Botanic Garden Sweetpea Boxed Ceramic Candle

Embroidered Daisy Pillow

More Monet Framed Wall Art

Modern Ceramic Temple Jar With Lid

Fairy Statue Collection Leaf Angel Girls Resin Home Decor

putting flowers in vase








de Gournay Bayville Chinoiserie

Wallpaper or paint?

In certain situations, coupled with certain tastes, here’s where I stand on the matter.

Why not both?


Photo by Clay Banks

Touches of color, texture, and pattern can automatically pack a space with immediate focal point potential.


Cameron Ruppert Interiors

“Only those who love color are admitted to its beauty
and immanent presence. It affords utility to all,
but unveils its deeper mysteries only to its devotees.”

— Johannes Itten


Flower Magazine – Photography by Paul Costello

Subtle in nature and brilliant in execution, the color white does indeed make a strong and complementing canvas for the space to show its true colors.


Nordic Ware Honey Hive Loaf Pan

Uncomplicated updates translate into simply elevated elegant selections ready for the spring into summer season.

Easter Basket Flower Cake

Easter Basket Flower Cake

Jadeite Footed Loop Design Cake Stand

Jadeite Footed Loop Design Cake Stand


7″ Spring Yellow Glass Urn Vase by Place & Time

Nature’s timing doesn’t always cooperate with early spring into Easter plans for fresh stems and bouquets, so to that I say pick a few faux fabulous stand-ins and let the spring preview begin!



Running Rabbit Garden Statue

Running Rabbit Garden Statue

You say planter, I say perfect serving piece for the Easter dinner table.


Color breathes life into the space to freshen and renew the look.


Photo by James Wheeler

“The day the Lord created hope was
probably the same day he created Spring.”

– Bernard Williams


Show & Tell

Pairing Antiques with Modern Accents

Pairing antiques with modern accents strikingly proves opposites attract.


Hilderbrand Interiors – Photography by John Merkl

Many areas of business and commerce work off variables of the 3 P’s.

In similar fashion pairing antiques with modern accents also works off the 3 P’s of Past + Present = Personality.


In my experience I’ve never encountered a decor style that in some shape, form or fashion does not take beautifully to sharing the spotlight with antique pieces.

Pairing Antiques with Modern Accents

We’re thrilled to announce our contribution to the  Redfin article on, ‘Timeless Fusion: How to Blend Vintage and Modern Design According to Experts’, where we were recognized as expert designers sharing insights on modernized vintage aesthetics. Whether updating your new apartment or revitalizing your home’s space, our tips are tailored to help you achieve the look you desire. Dive into our curated advice to seamlessly infuse vintage vibes into your place, unlocking the potential for a captivating and personalized design aesthetic.

contemporary and transitional

Luxe Interiors + Design – Photography by Angie Seckinger

Pairing antiques with modern accents entrusts the plot of the story the space aims to visually tell to thicken.

Do I have antique furniture in my own home?


Strictly antique furniture?



House Beautiful – Photography by Nicole Franzen

All traditional, modern, contemporary, coastal or transitional makes the personal decor style of the Jack or Jill decorista a tad too tedious.


Architectural Digest – Photography by Nicole Franzen

Seize the style moment to not only think outside the box of standard design and decorating rules, but to drench the spaces and places in your home with a definitive sense of you.


Caleb Anderson

Continuity assures visual flow is achieved when layering modern decorating styles with timeless period pieces enriched with a notable breadth of character.

Thos. Moser dining table and chairs

New England Home – Photography by Mike Van Tassell

Attention to contrast is not to be overlooked as it elevates and adds dimension to an established aesthetic.


Annette Tatum


House & Garden – Photography by Alicia Taylor

Decorative accents, pattern at play textiles, visual art, architectural pieces, period chandeliers and lamps, and whimsical accessories contribute to the overall story the space is telling.


Leanne Ford Interiors – Photography by Amy Neunsinger

Unexpected points and pieces of interest inevitably lay the groundwork for inspired conversation, hence the term conversation piece.


Mona Hajj Interiors – Photography by Laura Hull

Stunning best describes the finished look produced by mixing and mingling modern accents and fixtures with a 19th-century oak side cabinet repurposed as a kitchen island workspace.


Homes to Love

Introducing one or more antique pieces and accents into a predominantly modern decorating style scheme anchors a space in character and charm while striking a balance between visual flow and focal point finery.


David Jimenez LLC – Photography by Xavier Béjot


Antique and architecturally inspired decor accents merge at the crossroads of placement and provenance brilliance.


House Beautiful – Photography by Shade Degges

Period, patina, and palette color work in harmony to best define blended style elements.


 Darryl Carter Inc. – Photography by Jennifer Hughes

Your home decor should craft a story, one that reflects your personal taste and individuality.

Consider trying out the concept of pairing antiques with modern accents.


Show & Tell

In Style: Aging In Place

Aging in place is of great interest to the Baby Boomer generation along with stylish home furnishings and decor accents to facilitate the process.



Aging in place is defined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably regardless of age, income, or ability level.

Taking this interesting information into account, I took a quick mental roll call of some of the noted Boomers many of us have grown up with.

Let’s look at a few Baby Boomer Facts and Finds:

Baby Boomers, also known as the Boomer Generation, is the demographic term designated to those born between 1946 and 1964.

jamie-lee-curtis (1)

Jamie Lee Curtis

“Getting older makes you more alive.
More vitality, more interest, more intelligence,
more grace, more expansion.”

—Jamie Lee Curtis

Building upon this quote, aging in place has come to embrace broader terms.

Eddie_Murphy_by_David_Shankbone (1)

Eddie Murphy

From my perspective, aging at home far better suits the topic.

Based on the energy and vitality Baby Boomers exhibit in the growing older phase of life, the active role taken aligns with a “more” frame of mind.


Jennifer Coolidge

Baby Boomers have significantly more discretionary income (wealth) than any other age group, however, the costs involved in a remodel of an existing home or purchasing a new home ready to go understandably figures into  budget planning.

Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd

Estimates show Baby Boomers have 78.1 trillion dollars to bring to the economic table placing this demographic in the position of controlling fifty-one percent (51%) of the total wealth in the United States.


Dolly Parton

The Census Bureau predicts more than 78 million people will be 65+ years old with ninety percent (90%) of that number voicing their desire to age in place -age at home.

Home furnishings and home improvement considerations factor into the aging at home process, and without question must address form, function, purpose, and personal design style preferences.


Emeril Lagasse

Although this black and white photo of Debbie Harry is from several years ago, it captures the essence of distinctive style and beauty.

Debbie-Harry (2)

Debbie Harry


Brian Aris Debbie Harry Apartment 1988


Furthermore, this copy of Debbie Harry 1980 yellow by Andy Warhol will make a super chic addition ready to update your decor style.

debbie-harry-warhol-yellow (1)

Debbie Harry 1980 yellow by Andy Warhol

Rock ‘n’ rollers age to the beat of a different drum.


Lenny Kravitz

Guess who is sponsoring The Rolling Stones 2024 North American tour spotlighting their new album, Hackney Diamonds?



“The best tunes are played on the oldest fiddles.”

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Keanu-Reeves (1)

Keanu Reeves

Generation fabulous will not take growing old sitting down, chooses to turn up vs. turn down the timeless music of the day, and strives to look fit and phenomenally stylish in the process.

Now more than ever the times they are a-changin’, my friends.

kim-cattrall-Vogue-Greece (1)

Kim Cattrall – Vogue Greece

More and more it appears the baby boomer generation refuses to buy into stereotypical expectations.

Oprah Winfrey 2022

Oprah Winfrey


Interesting to say the least, the 2023 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report published by the National Association of Realtors concludes Baby Boomers, both younger Boomers (58-67 years old) as well as older Boomers (68-76 years old) make up the largest generation of home buyers coming in at thirty-nine percent (39%).


Kevin Costner

Baby Boomers make up the largest group of home sellers at fifty-two percent (52%) with buyers fifty-seven plus years old (57+) selecting to downsize.

Among the reasons factoring into the decision is the desire to move closer to friends and family.


Sharon Stone

Younger Boomers typically own their homes for eleven years before selling, while older Boomers own their homes an average of sixteen years before putting up a for sale sign.


Stanley Tucci

Seems the age of Aquarius is aiming to be the age of active with attitude and agile ability.

Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett

What’s Music Got To Do With It?

Music keeps a beat with life here at Places In The Home.

According to current results from the University of Michigan National Poll on Healthy Aging, the benefits of listening to or singing along with music brought to the health and well-being among adults 50-80 years old are undeniable.

Below is the results of the poll percentages based on findings among 2,657 adults aged 50 to 80.

Relieves Stress  75%

Brings Joy    73%

Improves Mood & Attitude   65%

Motivates or Energizes     60%

Helps Keep Mind Sharp    31%

Colloquially speaking, this oldie but goodie finds music keeps the flow, the beat, the classic memories alive and kicking, and the good times rocking and rolling.


Donnie & Marie Osmond.

Donnie and Marie looking fit and fabulous during their residency in Las Vegas.

Speaking of Las Vegas…

According to a recent study by Empower, Las Vegas is the No. 1 city retirees choose to relocate to based on its affordability, Nevada’s no state and no estate or inheritance tax structure, abundant health care access, and desirable climate.


Photo by Ardalan on Unsplash

Telling is the influence and impact of the independence driven Baby Boomer consumer and how it finds a significant place in the interior design and home accessories retail market.

Nancy Meyers

Nancy Meyers – Architectural Digest – Photography by Amy Neunsinger

Gone are the days where the rule of thumb dictated consumers must trade style for quality and comfort.

Changing practices are just that, changing, and in the home furnishings and decor market of today pieces that check the boxes greatly appeal to the discerning eye of aging in place purchasers.

Short Shower Bench

Better Homes & Gardens – Photography by Julie Soefer


Certain upgrades, particularly those which accommodate disabled and medical conditions, qualify as medical expenses which the IRS qualifies as tax-deductible.


Kristina Crestin Design

Safety issues justifiably become a top of list topic to be mindful of.


Home Depot

What might not be required at present very well may be down the road.


Better Homes & Gardens

Adapting spaces in your existing home to accommodate the changing needs involves looking at design advances through the lens of modification such as the addition of adjustable heights for ease of accessibility.

DecoTeak 18 inch Teak Shower Bench

DecoTeak 18 inch Teak Shower Bench in Woodland Brown

Remodeling, kitchen, bath, appliance professionals are paying close attention to the concerns of aging Boomers.

Arched White Matte Solid Surface Resin Bathroom / Shower Stool

Arched White Matte Solid Surface Resin Bathroom / Shower Stool


Better Homes & Gardens – Photography by Michael Partenio

Hillsdale Preston Walnut Acacia Wood Shower Stool

Hillsdale Preston Walnut Acacia Wood Shower Stool

CoastalVogue Snazzy Corner Natural Teak Wood shower & Bathroom shaving shelf in an Antique Gray Finish

 Corner Natural Teak Wood Shower & Bathroom Shelf 

Bathroom fixtures including grab bars and lever faucets in an array of finish and design options have come a long way, baby in the visual style and performance game.


Elizabeth Garrett Interiors – Photography by Kerry Kirk Photo

Regarding home remodeling and new construction questions and requests taken into consideration, storage accessibility comes in as a necessary addition rather than a luxury detail.


Kristina Crestin Design


Earthwood Custom Remodeling

Ease of availability is within reach when utilizing deep drawers for housing pots and pans.


Better Homes & Gardens on Pinterest

Get in the zone-the zone of convenience, that is.

Establishing kitchen zones aligns task to utility making time and steps spent in the kitchen easier to navigate.

Working off the ideas of maximum efficiency and an unobstructed floor to countertop flow, locate items such as pots and pans and dinnerware somewhat close in proximity to workspace areas.

Simple makes a productive sous chef.

center-island-built-in-pull-out-utensils-drawer-paper-towel-holder (1)

 Grace Hill Design

Those of us of a certain age have come to realize we will be opting to be aging in place-aging at home Boomers.

Fully Frameless Sliding Shower Door in Oil Rubbed Bronze (1)

Fully Frameless Sliding Shower Door in Oil Rubbed Bronze

We want to be able to live in our own homes that are built, remodeled, or modified to comfortably accommodate our concerns, styles, and needs as we age.


Murphy’s Design

Layers of lighting (ambient, task, and reading).

Non-slip flooring.

Lever style door and faucet handles.

Smart appliances.


Southern Living Magazine – Photography by James Ransom

Furnishings equipped with form and function are some of the options being marketed to Boomers as the move toward aging in place trend dictates.

Sacrificing one for the other does not sit well with the average consumer who counts the finished look as important as the form and the function of the design.


Building your home light show begins by adding layers of lighting for the purpose of distributing essential lighting to various task situations and home activities as called for.


Shaw Landmark Sliced Oak Hardwood Flooring

Natural light shines a beneficial light in many ways.  On an extra sunny day natural light can give the light bill a break, increase the warmth of space and mood, boost Vitamin D, and lower stress and anxiety levels.


Raychel Wade Interiors

Ambient lighting supplies a primary source of lighting to the space, task lighting gives a more direct lighting for specific task, and accent lighting a focused softer lighting choice.


GE Relax HD LED Light Bulbs, 100 Watt, Soft White Frosted Finish, 4pk

Installing higher lumen count light bulbs will increase brightness, and rocker style light switches upgrade the look and provide a more comfortable fit for ease of operation.

rocker light switch

Years ago I coined the term “too furniture store” to drive the point home that without the presence of comfort a space is lacking in fashionable function and decorative oomph.

Time and trend motivates our taste and style preferences to evolve.

Consider your personal style as one long sentence filled with commas, semi-colons, and exclamation marks on its way to full stop fruition.

In other words, over time our style journey is punctuated with additions, changes, and inspiration.

Along the way we keep a visual notebook teeming with ideas gleaned from the nouns of life- the people, places, and things that have made an impression on us.

dining-room-table-image (2)

Traditional style elements are characteristically the decor style implemented into older homes.

Balancing classic with modern to contemporary design features is achieved through transitional style.

Layering the space in a blended marriage of antique pieces and contemporary accents along with colors, textures, and patterns in an array of neutral shades returns a relaxed and refreshed aesthetic.

Accent Satin Nickel Privacy Bed/Bath Door Handle with Addison Trim

Accent Satin Nickel Privacy Bed/Bath Door Handle with Addison Trim

Lever style door knobs and faucet handles prove easier to operate than knobs for the express reason they require less dexterity to operate.

Centerset Double Handle High-Arc Bathroom Faucet in Brushed Nickel

Centerset Double Handle High-Arc Bathroom Faucet in Brushed Nickel

Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet with Flexible Hose in Brushed Nickel

Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet with Flexible Hose – Nickel

Soft close hinges feature hydraulic assistance that presents easier door movement.

soft close hinges cabinet

Smart home technologies uncomplicate matters by adding ease to the day to day routine.

Honeywell Home Smart Color Thermostat

Honeywell Home Smart Color Thermostat


Google Nest Learning Thermostat – Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat – Brass

Smart devices such as thermostats, home security systems, and video doorbells aid in conserving energy, make the use of voice assistants to control lights a breeze, and bring peace of mind to the aging in place process.


Ring Smart Wireless WiFi Video Doorbell

Flooring is the literal and figurative foundation of a house.


Safety needs, costs, preference, ease of maintenance, value (as in resale) and durability enter into the hardwood flooring vs. carpeting decision making process.


Firebrand Oak Herringbone Waterproof Laminate Wood Flooring

Brookhaven Oak 7 mm T x 8 in. W Laminate Wood Flooring

Hickory 10 mm T x 5.2 in. W Waterproof Laminate Wood Flooring

Branford Cherry 12mm T x 8.03 in W Waterproof Laminate Wood Flooring

waterproof-hardwood-vinyl-flooring (1)

Pure Click Lock Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Non-slip vinyl plank flooring gives the look of hardwood with a wide variety of wood tones, colors, and patterns to choose from.

waterproof-hardwood-vinyl-flooring (2)

Bralton Oak Click Lock Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Carpet remains an appealing flooring option to many homeowners old and young alike. I have carpet in the bedrooms in my home as do several of my Boomer friends and neighbors.


Carpet is soft, helps to absorb noise, and is a baked into the cake flooring must for bedrooms with those who adopt a “it’s what we/I have always had” way of thinking.

Trim transition strips serve a needed purpose in maintaining without stumble or issue the transition from carpeting to tile, hardwood or stone flooring.




Feather Hill Interiors

Ideally, spaces should be clear from obstructions in order to make navigating around furniture much easier.

Brendon Farrell 10-Fin Hook Rack

Decluttering high-traffic areas to mitigate risks and falls creates flow which results in better utilization of the space.


Decorative storage solutions including trays and baskets solve the problem with style and order.

Montecito Large Rectangular Chunky Woven Basket by Jake Arnold

Montecito Large Rectangular Chunky Woven Basket by Jake Arnold

Natural lighting and fresh air set a lovely outdoor living scene.

Rather enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning in peaceful solitude or hosting friends for brunch, inviting outdoor living areas tailor to those who enjoy additional entertaining options.


 Kelly Nutt Design 

As Baby Boomers choose to scale down to accommodate smaller square footage homes, furniture size and placement enters into the picture.


Performance furnishings describes pieces big on function and style.

catnapper-duncan (1)

Lounge chairs and sofas overdone and overstuffed close in a space, erasing the visually appealing aesthetic from existence. Search for pieces that incorporate a sturdy frame and space-saving sizing.


Furniture designers have responded to the market by reducing the length and width of sofas, end and bedside tables, and decorative furnishings.

Chairside End Table, Two-Drawer Narrow Side Table, Fully Assembled

Chairside End Table, Two-Drawer Narrow Side Table, Fully Assembled


Americana Farmhouse Dusty Taupe Bedside Chest with Charging Station

No, it is not a myth- convenience with style has found its way into the home furnishings and decor market.

kelsey-grammer (1)

Kelsey Grammer

Hello, Baby Boomers.

Home furnishings and decor retailers are listening.


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Valentine’s Day Inspired

On this day of love I’m sharing Valentine’s Day inspired pretty pictures and FYI Valentine’s Day facts- a Valentine from me to you.

Handcrafted Valentine

Handcrafted Valentine Inspiration- Photography by Mac Jamieson

purple-roses (1)

Flower Magazine- Photography by Amy Neunsinger

“Love is a canvas furnished by nature
and embroidered by imagination.”


Heart of Blooms Embroidery Digital Design, Floral Bouquet

Heart of Blooms Embroidery Digital Design, Floral Bouquet

Seeing that Valentine’s Day is the subject matter of conversation hearts and music of the heart, I have fittingly updated my Power of Love Spotify playlist.

54ea59a4c4f02_-_clx0607ant02dg-deAntique Heart Shaped Ring Boxes


Written in French by Charles Duke of Orleans in 1415, the oldest known valentine was a poem penned in words of love to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London.

I am already sick of love,
My very gentle Valentine,
Since for me you were born too soon,
And I for you was born too late.
God forgives him who has estranged
Me from you for the whole year.

I am already sick of love,
My very gentle Valentine,
Well might I have suspected
That such a destiny,
Thus would have happened this day,
How much that Love would have commanded.

I am already sick of love,
My very gentle Valentine.

Children First Love Statue

Authored in 1477 by Margery Brews as a love note to her fiancé John Paston,  the oldest English language valentine begins with the words “Unto my right wellbeloved Valentine John Paston.”


“Affection” ca. 1870s

Valentine’s Day cards were introduced to the United States in 1849 by Esther Allen Howland, a native of Worcester, Massachusetts.


Inspiration is everywhere.

Taken with an ornate English Valentine received at nineteen years old, Esther Allen Howland replicated the style of the card by using intricate paper lace together with decorative floral details.


Esther Howland

Pink is such a delicate and graceful color.

Proving a personal favorite choice, the color pink is known for its soft tones and shades never failing to command principal palette attention as well as serving as a complementary accent companion.


Photo by Jessie Daniella on Unsplash

Soft pinks, rich chocolate browns, and shades of regal red stand timeless as ideal shades and hues for a Valentine’s Day color palette.


Veranda Magazine – Photography by Melanie Acevedo


Murdock Solon Architects


British Vogue – Photography by Gianluca Longo

Summer blooms in an interiorAdolf Heinrich Claus Hansen – (Danish, 1859–1925)
Summer Blooms in an Interior

Ever wonder why pink is used as the base color in many cosmetic and beauty products?


Valentine’s Day inspired interiors, colors, and accents get to the heart of the design and decorative matter through texture, craftsmanship, and design style application.

Valentine’s Day by the Numbers

Maybe I should say Valentine’s Day buy the Numbers.

Cupid’s consumers will be spending a total of 25.8 billion (that’s billion with a Be My Valentine) on Valentine’s Day, spending an average $185.81 on Valentine’s Day.

Source: National Retail Federation

2024 valentines day btn v3

Chocolate confections, strawberries, macarons, meringues, fudge, cheesecake, cupcakes, cookies and conversation hearts are served with Valentine’s Day love.

Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Macarons

Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Macarons

“Where we love is home –
home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”

—Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

Love lives on.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Interior Design Decorating Trends 2024

Interior design decorating trends 2024 predictions differ from one interior designer-decorator-decorista to the next.

As for the formula I use I take into account various predictions, conduct a quick retrospect of the previous year’s hits and misses, factor in personal taste preferences, and suggest accordingly.


Interior design and decorating rules aside, I study at the what works in your home is what appeals to your personal style school of thought.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a sampling of Interior Design Decorating Trends 2024.

Table Lamps

Lighting is relevant to the feel you want the space to convey, and the trend toward table lamps flips the style switch to focal point fabulous in both the on and off position.

Walden Floral Jade Marble Table Lamp

Walden Floral Jade Marble Table Lamp 1

Walden Floral Jade Marble Table Lamp


Mike Karlsson Lundgren


Flower Magazine – Photography by Emily Followill


Camille Styles – Claire Zinnecker Design

Sage Green


Lauren Lothrop Caron

Sage green is the color to embrace in 2024.

French Gray No.18

French Gray No.18

Some say sage green is a neutral while others say sage green is an inspired gray-green shade extraordinaire.


Versatile as a color choice for walls and/ or trim detail, this versatile shade of verdant green takes to the space it graces in simple yet elegant tone and taste.


Southern Living Magazine – Photography by Laurey W. Glenn


Elle Decor – Photography by Jennifer Hughes

Metals Beyond Brass

metals-mix (1)John B. Murray Architect

In almost every what’s hot for the new year forecast of the past few years metals have made the list.


Jean Stoffer Design

Warm tones invite a sense of cozy comfort to the metals mix with decoristas continuing to show a preference to home decor accents and accessories which convey and invite cozy to hearth and home.


Kelley McNamara Design

This two for one photo showcasing mixed metals and brown furniture illustrates the reason why both are primed to be on trend in 2024.


Veranda Magazine – Photography by Zeke Ruelas

Brown Furniture


Flower Magazine

Brown furniture is primed to be in the furnishings focal point spotlight in 2024.

Excuse me, did brown furniture every really fade from the spotlight?

brass-gold-bath-tub-Borgo Santo Pietro

Borgo Santo Pietro

Rich in tone and hue, the intensity of brown furniture exudes depth and warmth.


Corey Damen Jenkins and Associates LLC

Although not formally on the 2024 trend radar, antique pieces continue to find a top spot on the Places In The Home interior design and decorating hit list and with good reason.

Antique pieces play the room in house to home harmony to influence, balance, and complement other design styles resulting in a space enveloped in personality.


Carlos David – Photography by Douglas Friedman

Timeless in presence and provenance, antique pieces lend a quality to most design styles as a lone focal point accent or anchor style of the space.

Provenance tells the story of premier craftmanship and sustainability while finishes and details create visual interest.


Cathedral Giving by Design – Photography by Emily Followill


Schumacher Romantic Bosphorus

Schumacher Romantic Bosphorus

Murals set a scene replete in classic elegance brought to life through subtle colors used to depict serene scenes.

Rural painting wall mural

Rural Painting Wall Mural

Perhaps not initially the intended purpose, it is almost impossible for a wall mural not to become the focal point of the space it covers.

grisaille-mural-wallpaper (1)

Susan Harter Muralpapers

Dramatic Color

azure-blue- bold-monochrome-living-room

Homes & Gardens – Photography by James Merrell


Charlotte Moss

Small touches of color will be replaced in favor of spaces color drenched in dramatic color encouraging tone and hue to absorb light and distribute it  throughout a space.


Veranda Magazine – Photography by Mali Azima

Pantone 2024 Color of Year Peach Fuzz inspires the wall of this lounge corner.


Veranda Magazine – Photography by Kelly Marshall

Stand Out Stone


Elle Decor – Photography by Tim Lenz


Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


Sans Soucis chinoiserie wallpaper

de Gournay


 Widell and Boschetti

Central to form and function, stand out stone makes a commanding presence.

Calacatta Bettogli marble

Luxe Interiors + Design – Photography by  Stephen  brad ramsey interiors 

Beautiful as a floor to ceiling option, stand out stone remains a timeless material of choice in interior design and decorating.


House & Garden Magazine – Photography by Simon Upton

Awake Polished Ultra Compact Surface Off-white


 Brad Ramsey Interiors

Diversity in colors, textures, and patterns along with durable materials known to natural stone choices such as limestone, travertine, marble, quartz, onyx, and slate offer long-lasting durability while achieving the goal of stunning interior design and decorating features-a unique visual result.




Canet Gris 17 in. x 17 in. Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile

Essential Travertine Gray 23.50 in. x 47.08 in. Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile

Arctic Gray 12 in. x 12 in. Natural Polished Stone Floor and Wall Tile

Michella Marbella 24 in. x 48 in. Polished Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile

Eat In Kitchens


House & Garden Magazine – Photography by Simon Brown

Gathering together in the heart of the home aka the kitchen for breakfast, lunch or dinner is a concept easier implemented in the eat-in kitchen.

Island time.

Centrally located dining table.


Corner banquette.


Tori Rubinson Interiors

Changing tastes and reimagined uses for the spaces and places in the home give rise to the multipurpose concept, and the all-in-one attraction of the  eat-in kitchen exemplifies why this feature is appealing to more and more interior designers, decorators and decoristas alike.


House & Garden Magazine – Photography by Lucas Allen

1970s Style


Jeffrey Bilhuber LLC

Particularly fun and in the spirit of decades past, 1970s style is captivating the eye of interior designers and decorators for 2024.

Everything old is new again to some extent, so why not approach the warm earthy colors, textures, and patterns of this trend with whimsical fancy through shapes, fabrics, and get down get funky accents.


1stDibs – Photography Shared by Galerie Glustin

Butler’s Pantry


Whittney Parkinson Design

Regarded as an extension of the main kitchen, a butler’s pantry allows the flow from kitchen to supporting space giving exactly that, more space.


Veranda Magazine – Photography by Mali Azima

Additional kitchen appliances easily find space and home as well as serving and hosting wares or a niched wet bar area.


 Tori Rubinson Design

Personal Style

Personal style trends as a Places In The Home perennial favorite-the consummate design aesthetic.

“If you love something, it will work.
That’s the only real rule.”

— Bunny Williams


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