Royal Rethink of Elvis The King’s Jungle Room

Elvis the King’s Jungle Room has been in the spotlight of late vis-à-vis the buzz surrounding the upcoming Baz Luhrmann film, Elvis.


Certain spaces and certain clients call for over the top flamboyant chic when designing and decorating residential and commercial properties, and not all residential and commercial spaces are created equal.

As it appropriately calls for, there’s spaces and places where understated style simply will not do.

Chateau_Versailles_Galerie_des_Glaces (1)

Hall of Mirrors, Chateau Versailles

Ostentatious interior decorating and design elements has a standing relationship with grand scale museums, historical homes, architectural marvels, Las Vegas and hooray for Hollywood interiors.

Some exquisite.

Some gaudy.

Some remarkable.

Some unsightly.

What is it they say about beauty being in the eye of the beholder?


Photo by Simon Zhu on Unsplash

Celebrities love to dial up extravagance in a manner befitting a true Hollywood story and Elvis the King’s Jungle Room.

You live what you know as some would say, and if flamboyant is just another day at the office it becomes the rule versus the exception.


March 29-30, 1977 made hometown history much to the excitement and disbelief of the masses. Elvis Presley scheduled not one but two nights to perform live in concert in Central Louisiana at the Rapides Parish Coliseum.

Papa Places In The Home scooped up tickets for our entire brood (8), and the excitement level was off the charts.


Ours was an Elvis house.

We loved the music, the style, and the voice.

On January 14, 1973 the Curtis Mathes was tuned to Aloha from Hawaii.

For no one in my nuclear family to utter a word for over an hour proved how captivated we were.


Daddy surprised my mother with a trip to Las Vegas complete with her chance to see Elvis live at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Vegas was a different beast in those days, back when $100 bills in the palm of the showroom captain, the original ticket master, got you the best seat in the house.


While waiting to be seated my dad struck up preshow conversation with the couple standing behind them.  Two husbands determined to please two wives devised a you put up one hundred and I’ll put up one hundred plan.

Remember it’s 1974.

Two Ben Franklins got them seated “right on the stage” as my dad used to say.



Daddy was more excited for my mother to see Elvis up close and personal than actually seeing Elvis perform.

As the story goes Elvis, with scarf in hand and enough charisma to light up the Vegas Strip, stood in front of mother not once, not twice, but three times for her to respond.

Mesmerized by this larger than life being looking her directly in the eyes, the woman could not move.

Daddy kept nudging her and telling her, “honey, stand up” and although she wanted to she just couldn’t.

Dan-Tanna-filming-Desert-Inn (1)

Never one to be star-struck before, she insists she wasn’t that night as well.

Over the course of a 30+ year span of trips to Vegas my parents met and mingled with celebrities and cultivated life long friendships with several.

Yes, that’s Dan Tanna himself, the beloved Robert Urich who was one of the aforementioned friends from my parent’s Vegas days.

She really can’t explain it nor does she regret it.  It was one of those in the moment moments that came and went with nothing more than a memory for the souvenir books.


Most, if not all, design and décor features at Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, stand in a time capsule- as it should be when you think about it.

From the articles, books and interviews I’ve read referencing the interior spaces of Elvis Presley’s Graceland, his personal design style preferences ranged from his idea of elegance and beauty to flash and kitsch.

Iconic spaces left suspended in a style of the times state challenges the design and decorating side of my brain to a round of how exactly would I redo-remodel-rearrange-reimagine-replace-rethink the design without compromising the original scheme without insulting or diminishing the core concept.

Although my design and decorating services have not been engaged by famous architects, heads of Hollywood studios, hoteliers or the fine folks at Graceland, a decorista can ponder can’t she?


Elvis’s Jungle Room

An article on How Stuff Works reveals Elvis purchased the furniture for the jungle room on a spur of the moment whim to stir up his father.

Elvis’ father thought the furniture was the ugliest he had ever seen.

Admittedly I agree to some degree, which brings us back around to today’s royal rethink of Elvis The King’s Jungle Room.


If it’s the 1970s, brown, orange, and green rule the color palette.





Boone Leather Barrel Chair

Boone Leather Barrel Chair

Haussmann® Wood Elephant Chang Stool

Haussmann® Wood Elephant Chang Stool

Elvis referred to the space as the den.

Jungle Room does seem fitting for a whole host of reasons, décor being one of many.


Chantel Drum End Table

Tiki tacky crosses the mind, but the rule of what speaks to you is what you should surround yourself with, for whatever reason or season, applies here.


Gold Stoneware Glam Accent Table

Placement adjustments, furnishings tweaks here and there, subtraction of the outdated coupled with the addition of updated décor pieces go a long way in accomplishing a visually pleasing refresh.

The Kanaloa (Teeth) Grand Tiki 20.5 in. H Sculptural Polyresin Outdoor Side Table

 Kanaloa Grand Tiki Sculptural Polyresin Side Table

Western International Trading Co. (Witco) carved wood décor and home furnishings in tropical and Hawaiian inspired style was super popular from its beginning in the late 1960s though the late 1970s.

Pair of Faux Leopard Fur Hand Carved High Back Witco Tiki Thrown King Chairs

Tiki style was hot at the moment, and continues to this day to appeal to a certain design and décor aesthetic.

Witco furnishings are found throughout Elvis the King’s Jungle Room in all their carved, adorned, and hip for the times glory.


Sabine Brown Leather Victorian Balloon Chair


Tribeca Black/Ivory 8 ft. x 11 ft. Animal Print Area Rug

Brighton Pounce Loveseat

Brighton Pounce Loveseat

New York Sideboard in Various Sizes

New York Sideboard in Various Sizes


Uttermost Volker Burnished Honey Coffee Table

The King of Rock & Roll.


The King of the Jungle.

King of Kings Design Fabrikken

King of Kings Design Fabrikken

Marceau Corner Chair, Cheetah

Marceau Corner Chair, Cheetah


Modern Silver Shining Cheetah Revolution Area Rug

Replacing the paneling and the carpet to trend toward today’s offerings would be my first priority.

Reclaimed Wood Dark Teak Wood Wall Panel

Reclaimed Wood Dark Teak Wood Wall Panel

End Grain Faux Wood Wall Panel

End Grain Faux Wood Wall Panel

Safari - Color Morning Mist Pattern Green Carpet

Safari – Color Morning Mist Pattern Green Carpet


Napa 88.5 in. Distressed Green Velvet Fabric 3 Seats Sofa

the-house-of-scalamandre-animal-pillow-cover (2) The House of Scalamandre Animal Pillow Cover

If you can’t find it, make it or have it made.



Uttermost Kiango Airy Neutrals Animal Pattern Arm Chair

Thalia Horn and Bone Round Wall Mirror

Thalia Horn and Bone Round Wall Mirror

Timbergirl Carved Wooden 4-Door Sideboard

Timbergirl Carved Wooden 4-Door Sideboard


Grand Bazaar Congo Hand Knotted Modern & Contemporary Rug


Shelby Rafia Table Lamp

Atolla Brick Tassel Pendant

Atolla Brick Tassel Pendant

Deco Copper Finish Table Lamp

Deco Copper Finish Table Lamp


Lianne Painted Glass Modern Contemporary Table Lamp

brown-gold-black-table-lamp Tortoise Drum Lamp, Antiqued Zinc

Modena 26'' High 2-Light Table Lamp - Amber

Modena 26” High 2-Light Table Lamp – Amber

Cool cat claw doorstop.

Antiqued Claw Doorstop

Antiqued Claw Doorstop


Gallery Auctions

Wood Pendant Light with Metal Rods - Distressed Gold

Wood Pendant Light with Metal Rods – Distressed Gold



Zebra Green Ice Bucket

Zebra Green Ice Bucket


All New & Unique Cheetah Woolen Rug 



Gold Leopard Glam Table Lamp - (Set of 2 )

Gold Leopard Glam Table Lamp – (Set of 2 )

King of the Herd Safari Zebra Metal Wall Sculpture black gold

King of the Herd Safari Zebra Metal Wall Sculpture

Staying true to the theme while resisting oversaturation respectfully yet tastefully updates the outdated.

Love your style!

A Most Fetching Friday

Today’s fetching Friday pays tribute to the incomparable Prince.






A master musician, composer and brilliant force of talent, Prince leaves a commanding impression upon the world of music and pop culture.


Boss Fight


House Beautiful

I will forever remember watching his first appearance on American Bandstand. Absolutely spellbinding.


Better Homes and Gardens



With great edge, purple and paisley panache and a keen understanding of the mechanics of superb showmanship, Prince was in a class all by himself.



As the words of the song note, nothing compares to you.

Icons of Individuality

Did you know Elvis and David Bowie share the same birthday?  I find this information strangely fascinating in light of recent events.  On more than one occasion David Bowie’s musical masterpiece “Changes” has played over and over in my mind as I make ch-ch-changes to a design and decor space oddity.  Shocked and saddened by the news of David Bowie’s untimely passing, I began a session of connect the dots to the similarities and commonalities between these two icons of individuality.  There is no mistaking the contribution these larger than pop life figures made to the world of music, fashion and design.  The art of reinvention is the cornerstone of relevance, and Elvis Presley and David Bowie mastered the art form in a style all their own.

Icons of Individuality

The King’s kitsch jumpsuited his flamboyant taste to a tee, while David Bowie’s penchant for brilliantly navigating the waters of fearless originality placed his persona in a time capsule of out of this world self expression.  Individual style and taste is often influenced by the nouns of notion- the people, places and things we come into contact with that make a thunderbolt impression upon us.  Sensory experiences inspire the brushes we use to paint the canvas of our life.


Elvis and David Bowie prove moxie mixed with just the right amount of nonconformity produces heroes and icons of individuality for so much more than just one day.

little boxes crush culdesac tumblr_lz5sa98fJr1qkmrfvo1_500

Look to the “stars” for inspiration as you master the art of individual design and decorating style.

Love your style!

When You See An Image Of An Iconic Figure From The World Of Fashion, Cinema Or Music, Do You Think Interior Design?

Do you dream in color?

This is a popular question asked on the subject.

Color is such an influential and integral part of our decorated lives, and yes, I most definitely dream in color.

No big surprise as I write, source and see enough of it in my daily spin around the interior design world.

I happily refer to Chicago’s “Colour My World” as the theme song of my life.

It’s a colorful world we exist in, and thank goodness it is!

Donna Favors quote

I often wonder if when others dream or see something of particular interest or beauty if they see it in terms of decor.

When you see an image of an iconic figure from the world of fashion, film or music, do you think interior design?



Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel

The house of style accessorizes the ultimate house of style, 31 rue Cambon, Mademoiselle Chanel’s famous Paris flat.


The iconic mirrored staircase of 31 rue Cambon.


Details are the cornerstone of style.



sarah-jessica-parker-Chanel-coutureSarah Jessica Parker in Chanel Couture


Sarah Jessica Parker in Chanel

Pale pink paired with two color basics, the classic color combination of black and white and/or the color brown, brings to mind the chocolate, vanilla and strawberry color block of Neapolitan ice cream.

47 Park Avenue

47 Park Avenue

Pink never misses the opportunity to be the dazzling choice of color in both fashion and decor.

Ruard Veltman Architecture

Ruard Veltman Architecture

A stunning statement is automatically made when a space reflects the personality of the homeowner(s) through collections and personal mementos.

Cameron Diaz Pink Chanel DressCameron Diaz in Chanel at the Golden Globes 

Diane Bergeron Interiors

Diane Bergeron Interiors

Anna Mouglalis

 Anna Mouglalis in Chanel

brown-bedroomKatie DeStefano Design

The strength of brown as the lead color of a space influences new traditional through rich lines, patinas and textures.

st-charles-of-new-york-portfolio-interiors-stylesSt. Charles of New York

The essential Johnny Cash

The man in black pairs well with the bath in dark accents.

black-lacquer-bathroomHouse Beautiful

Farrah Fawcett 1976 swimsuit poster.  The best-selling pinup poster of all time.

mr-brown-london-portfolio-interiors-stylesMr. Brown London

Marilyn-Monroe1Marilyn Monroe

Imagine Living

calyssarosenheck2015-67Elle Decor



The voice – Smokey Robinson

magni-home-collection-portfolio-interiors-traditional-transitional-dining-roomMagni Home Collection

Smoky hues cast both the image and the feel of warmth, a sexy vibe some would say.

The design floor is wide open for interpretation and color implementation.

Swedish Actress, Ann-margret Singer and Dancer, 01.05.1967. (Photo by Photoshot/Getty Images)


robert-passal-hamptons-showhouseCoco Kelley


Brian J. McCarthy, Inc.

GiseleGisele Bundchen- Colcci Summer 2016 Collection


Fashion and decor stand together in front of the mirror of good taste, classic color choices and timeless trends.


Jean-Paul-Beaujard-ADArchitectural Digest


James Dean

James Dean

james-dean-office-pictureTraditional Home

Dramatic, dark, and defiant to convention.  The common threads of the decor and design beautifully parallel the figure.


Inspirational and iconic!  Remarkable figures capture our attention in the same way that classic design and decors influence our homes.

suzan-fellman-llc-portfolio-interiors-eclectic-barSuzan Fellman LLC

iconic green 1kingdesign1 Kind Design


Fine Paints of Europe


Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor’s violet eye color was actually a stunning dark blue.  The eyes have it for sure.

green-violet-foyerJessica Lagrange Interiors


Eclectic Home

contemporary-dining-roomGlenn Gissler Design


Dreaming in Color,  Frank Sinatra

D Magazine

I thought it appropriate to include the gorgeous design of interior designer Roger Thomas, the genius behind the fabulous interior design of Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Las Vegas.


Frank Sinatra ruled the Vegas strip as one of the most iconic entertainers in the town’s entertainment history.

The swank, swagger and style influence of Ol’ Blue Eyes is woven into the history, character, landscape, and design of Las Vegas.


When you see an image of an iconic figure from the world of fashion, film or music, do you think interior design?

Love your style!