Icons of Individuality

Did you know Elvis and David Bowie share the same birthday?  I find this information strangely fascinating in light of recent events.  On more than one occasion David Bowie’s musical masterpiece “Changes” has played over and over in my mind as I make ch-ch-changes to a design and decor space oddity.  Shocked and saddened by the news of David Bowie’s untimely passing, I began a session of connect the dots to the similarities and commonalities between these two icons of individuality.  There is no mistaking the contribution these larger than pop life figures made to the world of music, fashion and design.  The art of reinvention is the cornerstone of relevance, and Elvis Presley and David Bowie mastered the art form in a style all their own.

Icons of Individuality

The King’s kitsch jumpsuited his flamboyant taste to a tee, while David Bowie’s penchant for brilliantly navigating the waters of fearless originality placed his persona in a time capsule of out of this world self expression.  Individual style and taste is often influenced by the nouns of notion- the people, places and things we come into contact with that make a thunderbolt impression upon us.  Sensory experiences inspire the brushes we use to paint the canvas of our life.


Elvis and David Bowie prove moxie mixed with just the right amount of nonconformity produces heroes and icons of individuality for so much more than just one day.

little boxes crush culdesac tumblr_lz5sa98fJr1qkmrfvo1_500

Look to the “stars” for inspiration as you master the art of individual design and decorating style.

Love your style!

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Interiors

Dark interiors make a dramatic, commanding and intimate statement. Dark interiors are coming out of the shadows and into the trend spotlight.

Halloween-DraculaTurner Classic Movies

Although black is not the only dark color choice associated with dark interiors, it does seem to be the basis for dramatic back in black magic. Black is the new black- a perennial color classic and decorating color essential. What oomph the perfect little black dress lends to a fashionista’s wardrobe, a space dressed from floor-to-ceiling in the color black speaks to a decorista’s personal interior design and decorating style.

dark interiorsAtlanta Homes & Lifestyles 

Visual allure produces a theatrical statement.


donna-mondi-interior-design-portfolio-interiors-stylesDonna Mondi Interior Design

Dark interiors keep beautiful company with deep accent colors rich in palette intensity, and therein lies the secret to the perfect design and decorating marriage.


My initial thought when sourcing the Vertigo pendant by designer Constance Guisset for Petite Friture?  Haute witches hat.

vertigo-chandelierPetite Friture

Dark interiors introduce a sophisticated warmth to the space.

d95b066e3c1683ef09a375d783092110Elle Decor


Dark interiors.  What say you?

Love your style!

Planting the Seeds of Change: A Decorating 180

Inspiration is everywhere made good on its promise this Mother’s Day.  Dave the Builder heard the something out of the ordinary call, gifting me this most unique and exquisite Italian heather plant for Mother’s Day.  This visually striking plant in all its classic pink and green color combination glory is summer planter poised and ready.  Giving thought to what type of planter befits this beauty, the usual suspects in my traditional rotation failed to impress.  It appears a decorating style metamorphosis is taking place, a planting the seeds of change decorating 180.


 “In gardening, architecture, landscape design and interior design the principles are interchangeable – or, at the very least, highly adaptable.”
  — Charlotte Moss


The preferred decorating style of choice at Places In The Home is traditional with a twist, but styles and tastes evolve as they should, and mine are no exception.  If only on an experimental basis for the fresh and updated look of it, try introducing one or two accents, colors or patterns from a different decorating style to the space.  A decorating 180 turns up the volume just enough to keep things visually interesting.


I paid a visit to the Hopefully Classic warehouse (storage unit) a couple of weekends ago to do a bit of shopping.   Shopping from within is a tremendous concept.  I become reacquainted with items in the inventory, an afternoon of hunting and digging for treasure qualifies as an excellent workout and the prices can’t be beat.  I pulled a set of decorative concrete planters (one of which is shown in the above image) to pair with two small boxwood plants I bought marked down at Lowe’s.  The picture does not do the planter justice, and as stunning as these planters are, do these lovelies qualify as my personal decorating 180?

garden-basketOrlandi Statuary Round Basket Planter

Hold the phone!  This Orlandi Statuary basket planter may be all the style sashay towards a decorating 180 needed to calm the winds of change. The style deviation is subtle enough not to overwhelm the process while staying true to the traditional foundation. Throw the eye a curve ball every now and then and hit a style home run.

Love your style!

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Color Combination Decorating with Black and Yellow

I have heard it all now, and please allow me to elaborate.  Sitting at the keyboard this morning with a cup of strong Louisiana coffee in my hand and the music of John Legend in my ear, my initial thought as I gazed at the Places In The Home blog dashboard is I’ve got nothing.  Creativity can be a tricky little witch.  She can flow like the Red River at times, and then without notice dry up like Lake Mead.  Inspiration eventually does come, and I am patience personified waiting on it to show up.


Keeping the speakers turned to low proved an advantage this morning. Inspiration is everywhere, and this morning it was buzzing right outside the French door next to my desk.  What do we have here?  The buzz of a lone bumble bee unlocked the door to color combination decorating with black and yellow inspiration.  I was mesmerized at both the black and yellow distinct markings of the bumblebee.  A decorating with black and yellow buzz of elation accompanied my blog topic inspiration is here again jig.


In a moment of gawk and study, I saw past the less than flattering features of the bumblebee; instead, being oddly inspired by its yellow and black markings.  Interior designers and fashion mavens glean some of their best ideas by taking a page from the book of natural beauty.  If you’ve read my blog before you know what I say about nature being the best arts and crafts store.  Add muse to nature’s resume.


Back to the workings of how colors come together in both expected and unexpected harmony.  Black is the new black- a color so beautifully secure in its position on the color wheel that it makes it a without a doubt decorating essential.  In other words, the color black will never go out of style or vogue.  It is one of the premier foundation and/or accent colors in interior decorating.  Drama in decorating is more about the visual impact it adds to the quality of the space and less about the style.

Shabby chic, farmhouse and coastal cottage decor styles can be every bit the grande dame of decorating drama thanks to well paired and well executed color combinations.


 Benjamin Moore Moonlight 2020-60  ||  Benjamin Moore Straw 2154-50  ||  Sherwin-Williams June Day SW6682  ||  Sherwin-Williams Bee’s Wax SW7682

Drama comes to call when black meets any shade of yellow.


Color combinations from the classic and timeless to the maybe you ought to rethink this guide the eye on a journey of decorative intrigue. Sometimes what we imagine in our decorating mind’s eye as a set the bar color combination  falls short on the other side of fruition.  Mistakes and missteps happen and become part of the trial and error  process.  Aim for a coordinated contrast when pairing colors, and never shy from experimenting with color combinations.

Love your style!

Industrial Style Decor

Industrial style decor for an overall design style may not strike you as a riveting concept however, it is one to work with.  Balance plays a pivotal role in the completed look of any space, and the impact of the primary design style is often enhanced by a supporting decorating style that complements as it promotes balance in the space.  The concept of industrial style decor gleans influence from the modern warehouse-loft-factory elements of design.  With rustic origins relating to vintage wares, industrial style typifies a commercial appeal through the incorporation of wood and metal into the design and decor.

dining room with marble floors Lori Smyth Design

Neutral colors dominate the industrial style palette.  The phrase “pop of color” is rooted in the lexicon of interior design and interior decorating. Not all color palettes necessarily reflect the broad brush stroke of what we commonly consider color.  The classic color combination of black and white is the height of color perfection for some, and we’ve all come to know for some neutral is the new color.  Add in a mix of metal and industrial style decor color palette is born.

marble tileMarble tile may strike some as an unconventional choice of flooring for an industrial style dining room, but the merging of two styles not commonly brought together is a decorating double dare I don’t shy away from.

TRIBECCA-HOME-Nelson-Industrial-Modern-Metal-Dining-Table1Nelson Industrial Modern Metal Dining Table

mixed materials tableBralton 72″ Mixed Material Dining Table 


Zin Home

This steel and cast iron Dutch Industrial dining table from Zin Home is inspired by post industrial era and mid century modern furnishings.  The construction reminds me of a vintage cast iron sewing machine table. This is industrial style I can easily live with.

industrial style dining chair ideas

Gage Arm Chair  ||  Kenian Classic Chippendale Side Chair  || Edgemod Weave Side Chair

Pulling home decor accents and accessories from other design styles avoids or at least greatly diminishes the risk of the space becoming locked into the hard line look of a particular decorating style.  A mid century modern or French dining chair becomes a companion piece that heightens the primary style and styles the look.


 LNCHome Industrial Pendant Light

feiss pendant

Feiss Cadence 13″ Wide Antique Brass Mini Pendant Light

These pendants serve two times the look with two times the style, and the Euro Telford Antique Brass Mesh Chandelier is the lighting pièce de résistance.

mesh euro industrial chandelier

Possini Euro Telford 28″ Wide Antique Brass Mesh Chandelier

Including one quality antique piece in a decorating scheme is my thing. This wooden framed Antique Street Map from Uttermost is printed on the back of an antiqued mirror.  The piece leans toward a softened industrial look void of an overpowering presence.  It will make a great addition to the decor.

antique street mapAntique Street Map Wall Art by Uttermost

Modern metals with the mix and mingle ability to complement not only an industrial style but farmhouse chic and new traditional.

Dancing-Umbrellas-Canvas-PaintingDancing Umbrellas Canvas Painting

Olde+Towne+Wall+ClockThomas Oversized Wall Clock


Quinn Antiqued Mirror

The Somona sideboard by Trent Austin Design could work, and work beautifully.

Trent-Austin-DesignC2AE-Somona-Sideboard1Somona Sideboard by Trent Austin Design

The Metropolitan Mobile Bar Cart represents the minimalistic appeal of industrial style decor.


industrial style decorMetropolitan Mobile Bar Cart

Staying true to one particular style of decor is a comfort zone of sorts for some, while for others finding their decorative style is a constant work in progress.  When the winds of design and decor change blow inspiration your way, step out of the box and try a new decor style.  The result may beautifully surprise you.