Thanksgiving Holiday Dining Accents and Accessories

Over the last few months, I’ve been collecting a cornucopia of home for the Thanksgiving holiday dining accents and accessories befitting a simple yet elegant holiday open house.


Colonial Williamsburg

Debates questioning the glossing over of decorating for Thanksgiving in a rush to get the fa la la la lovely Christmas decorating party started and when exactly is too early to begin decking the halls is a hot topic of conversation this time of year.

News reports are giving new meaning to holiday rush with all the get it before you can’t get it turkey talk-bah humbug chatter, which may be the reason for the early decorating season push.

In a recent article of decorating interest, a group of psychologists weighed in on the subject in the affirmative stating decorating for Christmas early appears to make people happier.

Curious bee that I am, I conducted my own study by asking roughly thirteen (a decorator’s dozen) fellow decorating enthusiasts if decorating early for Christmas makes them happier.

Results proved what I thought the answer(s) would be with this select group.

Decorating for any holiday, occasion, event or reason makes us all happier.


Thanksgiving holiday dining accents and accessories, in terms of decorating, is an extension of fall and a preamble to Christmas.

Here’s an idea; incorporate all three onto the canvas through balance and blending.


Dining accents and decorating ideas themes that easily make the leap from Thanksgiving to Christmas include:

Woodland splendor

Winter wonderland

Colors in rich and deep shades of green, red, gold, orange, purple and the forever favorite neutrals

Greenery wreaths

Spot mirrors


Statement throw pillows

Ceramic Home for the Holidays tabletop accents

Scents of the season candles


Jo-Ann ||  T.J. Maxx

Decorative accents that pull double holiday duty allow your holiday decorating dollars to stretch from Thanksgiving to Christmas to Mardi Gras.

For example, consider the fact that holiday wreaths aren’t just for doors.

Use wreaths to accent your dining table and sideboard with an impressive touch of the holidays.

Lay a wreath on the tabletop and place a cake stand, soup tureen, and/or condiment holders in the center in à la candle ring fashion.

hello, gorgeous-post



Crate & Barrel

home-sweet-home-holidays-collage-blog ‘Tis the time of year to let your personal style light shine delighting and dazzling the eye, and since the entire season only comes once a year and is short lived, I say seize the moment and decorate.

holiday-floral-arrangement-Photography- John-O’Hagan-Styling- Kim-Chiselko

The Cottage Journal – Photography by John O’Hagan- Styling by Kim Chiselko

Cornucopia-dinner-plates (1)

Plymouth Cornucopia Dinner Plates, Set of 4

Our gang has gathered together formal, casual round the kitchen table, al fresco on the patio, and at picnic tables in the piney woods.


Flower Magazine – Photography by Emily Followil

Regardless of how formal, informal, relaxed or rustic we go, the table is decorated in Thanksgiving holiday dining accents and accessories style.


Details and traditions remain central to the Home for the Holidays season.

kitchen-table setting

House & Garden – Photo by James McDonald


Southern Living – Photo by Helen Norman

Decorating can be an expensive endeavor for sure, but remember, lovely centerpiece or mantel displays don’t have to be super costly to put together.


Victoria MagazinePhotography by Mac Jamieson
Styling by Melissa Sturdivant Smith

I keep my eye on the price and the ball by utilizing what nature supplies for free, reduced for quick sale finds, and decor goodies already in the decorating portfolio.


Many harvest moons ago my family and my best friend’s family spent Thanksgiving week in a lodge at a local state park.

Our holiday lodge home away from home came complete with a huge fireplace and mantel ready for cozy gathering and Thanksgiving themed decorating.


With coffee and hot chocolate in hand, we would walk the woods on Thanksgiving morning in pursuit of greenery cuttings, leaves, pine cones, berries and branches to use for decorating the fireplace mantel.


Decorative deer antlers and pillar candles from home found their way into my bag of decorating tricks to complete the holiday masterpiece.


Simple things often bring the most joy to an occasion, and our hunt and gather expedition became an anticipated, integral, and memorable part of our Thanksgiving in the woods tradition.

decorative-wheatDecorative preserved wheat bundles remind me of the season and the set of dining chairs I so wish I still owned.

How’s that for a segue?


Unfinished Wood Sheaf Back Dining Arm Chair
Unfinished Wood Sheaf Back Dining Side Chair (Set of 2)

One of my favorite places to shop for antiques was and is the quaint shops of South Louisiana.

Fabulous people, finds, food, and fun.

For this antiques dealer, shopping the charming shops was an morning into afternoon marathon with great finds at great prices- the prize at the end of the day.

I hit gold one buying excursion when I spotted four off white wheat back dining chairs with whisper soft pastel (yellow, pink, green, blue) spindles, splat, and top finials.


You may imagine the chairs looked like they belonged in a baby nursery, but the pastel colors were so muted, so chic that they just set the palette and presence into a super eye-catching dimension.

The James Upholstered Fabric Dining Chair by Christopher Knight Home is not exactly a wheat back dining chair, but truly lovely all the same.

Upholstered Fabric Dining Chair

James Upholstered Fabric Dining Chair by Christopher Knight Home

The chairs were brought into the shop and within the course of an afternoon sold to a fellow interior designer-decorator-antiques dealer for a client who she was working with who, let me see how to put this, was known for both her discriminating taste and difficult to please disposition.

Both designer and client were pleased in the end which delighted me, but in hindsight I wish I would have kept the set for the Places In The Home abode.


Flower Magazine –  Photo by Jenn Verrier
Floral design and interiors by Rick Davis and Christopher Vazquez


Color, texture and pattern inspiration comes in all forms, forests, and feathers.


The statement “buy the best and you only cry once” by Miles Redd aptly applies to statement pieces.

Why do I say this?

Because statement pieces usually come with a heavy dose of sticker shock.

Staying close to classic styles offsets the risk of the piece not standing up to time and trend.

This Pheasant Host Chair qualifies as such a piece with its classic construction and timeless upholstery pattern.

Beautiful tears, friends.


Pheasant Host Chair

green-kitchen-host-chairs-Veranda-photo-Stephen-Karlisch (1)

Veranda- Photo by Stephen Karlisch

The look is Southern chic.



Vintage Turkey Tureen with Lid and Ladle

Vintage Turkey Tureen with Lid and Ladle

Believe me, I’m all for simplifying menu matters at the holidays.

Marin White Ceramic Pumpkin Serving Bowl

Marin White Ceramic Pumpkin Serving Bowl

I won’t tell if you won’t tell the butternut squash soup in the pretty soup tureen served with fresh pear slices, a dash of ground nutmeg, and a swirl of heavy cream is straight out of a carton.


Homebody Welcome Mat

Thanksgiving holiday dining accents and accessories thoughtfully chosen to accentuate your personal style and taste sets quite the lovely home for the holidays scene and table.


Food For Thought

Food for thought-

Food, and the gathering together of family and friends to indulge, celebrate, and enjoy its flavors, is an essential source of sustenance and life beyond the kitchen and dining table.

Consider the role food plays in our all things house that make a home life.

Over the prepping, preparing, plating and partaking of a meal we connect with family and friends, build and strengthen personal and business relationships, indulge in the art of expression and discovery, and create delicious and lasting memories.

Food for thought.


“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

 Virginia Woolf



RieslingCamille Styles

Essential-EmerilEmeril Lagasse

Cheese-and-honey-HonestlyYUMHonestly YUM

 “New Orleans food is as delicious as the less criminal forms of sin.”

– Mark Twain

Chef-John-Besh-red-beans-and-riceChef John Besh Red Beans and Rice

J. Kenji López-Alt, author of The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science, debunks five common Southern cooking myths over on the Garden & Gun blog Daily Shot.

Click on the link below for details.

Five Southern Cooking Myths Debunked


Just a little food for thought.

Love your style!

For Your Dining Pleasure: Dinner Party Ideas

With May through to August graduations, weddings, and festivities comes the celebratory ritual of culinary and social interaction and entertaining, and with that the need for dinner party ideas.

Bob Ryan is a larger-than-life fictional character from the classic HBO series Entourage.  

Portrayed by the late Martin Landau, Bob Ryan is a lovely idea of a man.

Martin Landau as Bob Ryan

He is well spoken in the language of ramble, but what he has to say is about the art of dining is worth a listen.

Bob will have no part of stressful topics being discussed before, during, or after dining.

Ambiance is key in the art and aid of proper digestion, a priority high on his list of dinner party ideas.

top hat owl

Bob Ryan reasons that proper digestion is an important part of the dining experience.

Fictional or real, the wise old owl has got a point.

What if I was to tell you a rich cup of  Louisiana coffee or tea, fine wine, accent lighting and great music is Bob Ryan 101 at Casa Places In The Home.

In the immortal words of Bob Ryan, “Is that something you might be interested in?”


From menu to music to the personalities of the diners, you’ve got to put some thought into it.

Much like the perfect wine pairing, getting it right enhances the flavor of the event.

Rose wines

I don’t believe it is terminal if the music or the wine selection doesn’t perfectly fit with a course, but it can feel like there’s been a death when we’re paired with bad dinner guests.

Ther is an art to accomplishing that particular pairing- a social sommelier, if you will.

In case of social emergency, make sure the wine is flowing and hope the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


Melvin Sokolsky ~ Jump, Paris, 1965

If the quickest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, music is the shortest route to their soul.

A casual meal goes well with the greatest hits of whatever decade you have the fondest memories from.

A romantic meal naturally slows down the pace of life, speeds up the pace of the heart, and goes well with a smooth groove.



Music makes the mood, and no respectable formal dinner party is complete without the music.


Your crowd doesn’t have an Appetite for Destruction?

There’s a lot to be said for the advice offered up from a fictional character in a cable series.

Palatable peace existing in perfect harmony in the name of digestion is at the top of my dinner party ideas list.

And yes, Bob, that is something I am very interested in.