Summer’s Almost Here Happy Dance: Outdoor Living Entertaining

So many of us love the outdoor living entertaining time of year when the hot summer days and nights meet hot styles and cool looks.

Lucy on the phone

Our Canadian snowbird son will be moving to a new house in a couple of months which means he is dialing in for styling consultations, suggestions, and outdoor living entertaining tips.


Curb and yard appeal primps and preps the outdoor living entertaining area for the season.

Outdoor living loyalists take their outdoor living seriously. How we utilize our outdoor living spaces is an interesting fact.

Outdoor Spaces by the Numbers

When it comes to outdoor living decorative accessories, I want comfortable, durable, lasting, and affordable style that stands up to the season.

Patio, porch, terrace, balcony, rooftop and deck accessories must pass the past one season test.

resort stripe outdoor fabric

Style is important, but if the big ticket items such as outdoor furniture and performance fabrics can’t withstand the elements or normal outdoor living wear and tear, what do you have? A repeatable, avoidable, and unnecessary expense.

Outdoor furniture and accessories made from treated wood, weather-resistant plastic, aluminum and wrought iron products are the preferred material choice in the get the most bang for your buck game.

Cambridge Casual Lowell 5-piece Teak Wood Patio Conversation Set

Cambridge Casual Lowell 5-piece Teak Wood Patio Conversation Set

SunGuard UV Protectant for garden decor comes with four star customer reviews.

sunguard-uv-protectant-2-pack-4 (1)

Outdoor living spaces share a design commonality with their interior living spaces counterpart- essential pops of robust color.

Seasonal keep it summer simple sensation eats and outdoor lovin’ decorative accessories presents a brilliant and bold opportunity to color your world.

decorative outdoor string lights

Fire pit tops the millennial homeowner’s gotta have it list for outdoor living function, comfort, and style.

According to a Casual Living Millennial Outdoor survey, Millennials consider the most integral outdoor living entertaining products to be the five-piece dining set, grill and chat set.

Rocksprings 30″ Wide LP Square Fire Table

Our son, a millennial homeowner, explains to us, his Southern fried and humidity steamed parents, why a fire pit will be in his outdoor living space future.

“Guys, it’s not Louisiana.  It’s Canada.  We use a fire pit year round.”

Well, that explains that.

 S’mores anyone?


How about an artisan wood-fired pizza baked in a blue fish terracotta pizza oven?


Blue Fish Terracotta Pizza Oven

Don’t forget to apply sun protection with an SPF of Stylish Parasol Fun.



Place a bundle of these in a super cute decorative container or basket for sun and heat sensitive guests to use.

Other options include summer soiree parting favors or focal point decorations.


Style Me Pretty

One of the best pieces of outdoor living entertaining advice I can give is to keep the theme, design, food and drink menu super summer simple!


I’m convinced more and more the move toward the trend of taking purchased prepared foods to the next level via the presentation factor is a gift from the outdoor living entertaining powers that be and your local grocery store and farmers market.


Eyes set the “seen” when it comes to food, and easy always makes the perfect party guest.


Add a splash of nostalgia to your outdoor living decor with vintage or vintage inspired accessories.


Tattered Tiques

Gosh, this vintage style beverage dispenser evokes memories of summers spent in East Tennessee at my paternal grandparent’s house.


Better Homes & Gardens 2 Gallon Glass Beverage Dispenser with Glass Clamp Lid

Granddaddy stocked the basement with a generous supply of original Coca-Cola (col cola as they called it) in the small glass bottles.

In fact, when the formula changed to new Coke he saved my brother and me a carton of the original Coke.

Picture 8650


Still have mine to this day, and wouldn’t take a million dollars for this priceless memento.


Like a scene straight out of The Andy Griffith Show, we loved sitting out on the front steps sipping ice-cold original formula Coke (cold cola as my Tennessee family members say) watching the fireflies light up the summer night.

Everything’s better with Coke.

And summer.

And memories.

Love your style!

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