What’s In A Summer Season

Today’s Fetching Friday shines the seasonal spotlight on what’s in a summer season fun and activities to anticipate, emulate, and participate in.


That Friday feeling of fun, adventure, happiness and joy mirrors the essence of summer- the June to late September time of year serving as inspiration for this what’s in a summer season scroll.



Picturesque stillness makes a splash.


Carousel on Brighton Beach

Sky above, sand below, peace within.




 Cat In Birdfeeder Print

“Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.”

—Al Bernstein


Picnic in Central Park


“Summer means happy times and good sunshine.”

—Brian Wilson


Interiors by Kim Armstrong – Photography by Michael Hunter

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”

—Henry James


House & Home – Photography by Jessica Glynn

“The best time for ice cream is always.”


What's In A Summer Season

Better Homes & Gardens – Photography by Jessica Delandy

“The summer night is like a perfection of thought.”

—Wallace Stevens



Enjoy your Friday, dear friends, and may your weekend epitomize what’s in a summer season.


Outdoor Living Lagniappe

Outdoor living lagniappe hints and inside information helps to start the season with a clean slate.



Two outdoor living features close together in postings support what most of us know to be the case when it comes to good subject content- too much of a good thing is a great thing when it comes to summertime outdoor living lagniappe.


[ lan-yap, lan-yap ]

Louisiana French, from Spanish la ñapa

:something given as a bonus or extra gift; by way of compliment or for good measure.


Luxe Interiors + Design – Photography by Lisa Romerein

Outdoor furniture, decor accents and the like attract dirt, dust, pollen, creepy crawlers, and garden variety grime over the course of winter and early spring.

It’s just an outdoor living lagniappe fact that outdoor spaces and places demand attention at the beginning of the fun in the sun season.

outdoor living lagniappe

Lincoln Brooks

Outdoor Life is Dirty So Let’s Clean It Up

Give your outdoor oasis a look see through the lens of polish and refresh.

Clean what pieces will greatly benefit from a brush-sweep-soap session, and assess the situation of items not so worthy.

Clear the deck so to speak of debris, replace rotten/rotting/missing boards, secure loose ones, nail down pop ups, and sand down signs of splinter or potential problem areas (ouch!).


Good Housekeeping – Photography by Christopher Baker

Do you refresh or has the time come to replace outdoor furniture, umbrellas, pillows, and cushions?

When it comes to the decision to refresh or replace, weigh initial cost and difficulty in replacing item against budget friendly-ample retail availability.

Aluminum Market Patio Umbrella in Navy Blue Features UV Resistant

Aluminum Market Patio Umbrella in Navy Blue Features UV Resistant

Outdoor Cushion Cleanser


1 Tablespoon dish detergent

¼ cup Borax


Add dish detergent and Borax to a bucket of water. Dip a soft bristle brush into the cleaning solution and proceed to scrub cushion in a circular motion cleaning the entire surface.

Allow at least five minutes for the cleaning solution to penetrate the cushion.

Using a garden hose, rinse the cushion thoroughly in order to remove residual cleanser.

You’ll want to use an old towel for the next step. Pat the cushion with the towel in order to absorb as much of water as possible. Prop the cushion(s) upright in a sunny spot and allow to air-dry until completely dry.

outdoor space on water Palm Beach Florida

Luxe Interiors + Design – Photography by Jessica Glynn

In all things outdoor oasis summer spaces, keep it summer simple.

Mediterranean herbs

Mediterranean Herbs

Vegetable and herb gardens unite and produce- it’s your season to be in the  spotlight and on the patio dining table in seasonal cocktails, dishes, and salads.

Garden Sun Tea

Garden Sun Tea Recipe from Must Love Herbs

Garden Sun Tea


5  Black Tea Bags

Approximately 1 cup Fresh fruit

A Few Sprigs of Garden Herbs (Lemon balm, Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Bee Balm, Sage, Mint, etc.)

Filtered water




Add tea bags, fruit, and herbs to your half gallon container. Cover contents and fill jar with filtered water.  Seal the jar tightly and set it out in the sun for 4-5 hours.  Once the tea is finished steeping add honey to taste while it’s still warm.  Strain and serve over ice.

Store any leftovers in the fridge.

Please note, make sure to make Sun Tea on a very warm day (85° plus is what I use). Also, make sure you’re using a good filtered water. You don’t want bacteria growing in your sun tea… yuck! You can swap out the honey for flavored simple syrups!

-Must Love Herbs


Better Homes & Gardens Acrylic Ribbed Tall Tumblers


From full-on rows of growing goodness to a patio container garden, fresh is best.


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Decorative outdoor planters give good outdoor living it up visual zest and appeal.


One Kings Lane


If your existing plants have beautifully weathered winter simply refresh by adding a fresh top layer of mulch.


House Beautiful – Photography by Harperley Hall

Saw this on social media and boy, does it apply.

mosquitos-like-your-post (1)

Certain herbs and plants naturally repel mosquitoes while looking and smelling so summer good.


Photo by Markus Spiske

Here’s my favorites:


Lemon Balm





Make sure to empty standing water from planters and containers to eliminate attracting mosquitoes.


Photo by Yoris Yunanda 

Beat the summer heat and mosquitoes by setting up fans.


 Image by Freepik

There’s something so delicious about the combination of a warm evening and a cold summer salad.


Summer salad season exemplifies the crisp, the chill, and the complement of garden tomatoes topped with a dollop of mayonnaise, fresh asparagus spears spritzed with lemon and sea salt, and vinegar marinated cucumber slices.


Good lighting lights the outdoor livin’ it up night setting a relaxing, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing backyard bistro scene.


Photo by Vitor Monthay 

Deck out the deck, patio, and backyard spaces with chic outdoor living it up accent lighting.


2 Pack LED Vintage Lantern Battery Operated Flickering Flame Lanterns

Candle filled glass jars and holders hanging around, twinkle string lights wrapped tree trunks and branches, tabletop lamps or paper lanterns- all super ideas!


One Kings Lane


Woven Solar Pathway Light


Large Table Top Studded Glass Oil Lamp 


Glass Tabletop Torch Clear – TIKI


Lit Coastal Objects

Lit Coastal Objects

DALA Lounge Chair

DALA Lounge Chair

Iron chandeliers purchased at auction have become outdoor candle chandeliers.

iron-candle-chandelier1 (1)

Votive candles with battery operated LED versions in flicker fabulous mode replaced standard votives, and the look and the ease of operation confirms its patio practicality.


Simple is always a welcome guest at any outdoor gathering. Nothing is more simple, and might I add simply elegant, as a glass container filled with string/fairy lights.

string-fairy-lights-in jar-at-night

Photo by Abijith K on Unsplash

Regarding design and decorating, when I love and appreciate the look of a space I interpret the core design style influence and fashion to my own taste in the style of the original.

In the style of the French tradition, an apéro, short for apéritif, is the planned or spontaneous pre mealtime custom of cocktails and converse with the inclusion of savory bites.


Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

Summer evenings seem tailor-made for an in the style of apéro featuring light bites and tasty beverages to enhance the idea of relaxing and connecting.

Click on the link below photos for recipes.



Country Living- Photography by Becky Luigart-Stayner

Easy plan, prep, and presentation begins with super easy items picked up at your local grocery store in taste and flavor combinations light yet flavor packed.


May I suggest:


Veggie Strips







Cherry tomatoes

Dolly Parton Acacia Wood Butterfly Serving Tray

Dolly Parton Acacia Wood Butterfly Serving Tray

From the Dolly Parton line of products, this butterfly serving tray is an in season serving tray gotta have for crackers, cheeses and chips.

Fresh Pineapple Salsa with Sesame Tortilla Chips

Fresh Pineapple Salsa with Sesame Tortilla Chips


The Casa Wedge Salad

Casa Wedge Salad Recipe

Creole Shrimp Caesar Salad with Cheesy Croutons

Creole Shrimp Caesar Salad with Cheesy Croutons Recipe

20-Minute Burrata Salad with Stone Fruit and Asparagus

20-Minute Burrata Salad with Stone Fruit and Asparagus Recipe


Shrimp Ceviche

Easy Shrimp Ceviche Recipe

BBQ Chicken Wings

BBQ Chicken Wings Recipe


Grilled Pizza



Tropical Fruit Salad


2 cans tropical fruit, drained

1 can pear halves, drained

1 pint fresh blueberries

juice of one(1) lemon

1 large ripe avocado, halved and cut into slices

1 small container plain Greek yogurt

2 Tablespoons honey

black pepper


In a mixing bowl, toss together canned fruit with juice of one lemon. Cover and chill 1 hour.  Add two Tablespoons of honey to a small container of Greek yogurt and you’ve got the dressing.

Garnish with avocado slices, yogurt dressing and a fine dusting of black pepper.

Lemon Ice

Lemon Ice Recipe

Pick up a luscious lemon layer cake and proceed to sweetly impress with the addition of fresh blueberries and lemon slices topping it all of with a generous tablespoon of lemon curd and/or whipped topping.


Sweet summer s’mores because who doesn’t crave s’more sweet moments.


Architectural Digest – Photography by Amy Neunsinger

Spending time outdoors is a big part of summer fun, making it easy to understand why outdoor living spaces have become extensions of the life lived within our home- a retreat of heart and home.

Consider this summertime outdoor living lagniappe hints and inside information a little something extra for your summertime let’s patio times.


Summer Scenes to Come

Summer scenes are coming into focus.

Memorial Day weekend kicks off the unofficial start of the summer season, and with that comes “we’ve been having fun all summer long” activities associated with fun in the sun times.

summer scenes

Shopping farmers markets and strolling American flag lined main streets for treats and treasures goes with the summertime territory.


Ceramic Berry Colander - Yellow Floral

 Ceramic Berry Colander – Yellow Floral

I’m sure I’d be amazed if I realized the amount of hours Dave the Builder and I spent together early morning and late afternoon porchin’.


Southern Living Magazine
Photography by Van Chaplin, Laurey W. Glenn, John O’Hagan

Perfect lighting scenario is the one nature supplies.


John Kraemer & Sons, Inc.

Summer offers pretty pastel flowers in pitchers, creamers, jars or even cans inspiration.


Victoria Magazine

In season blooms here today and gone tomorrow spark buzz and demand.




Linen Throw Pillow

Warm breezes in May remind me of a favorite summer scene set in a small North Louisiana town.


Country Living Magazine – Brent Darby Photography

Included in this forever memory is cross-stitch pillowcases, crisp cotton sheets fresh from the clothesline, a vintage chenille bedspread, and a bedside window raised just enough to allow the morning breeze to fill the room with the scent of African violets.


Summer will always be hot, delightful, and golden.


Cold drinks and cool creeks right this way.


Texan family members refer to any and all soft drinks as cold drinks.

Tennessean family members refer to any and all soft drinks as a col cola. Not cold cola or coca-cola, but a truncated version of the two.

It’s true what you’ve heard; most Southerners do in fact refer to any and all brands of carbonated drinks as Coke.

Classic Coca-Cola in bottle

Photography by Artem Beliaikin

Regardless of what you call it, Coke is summer in a glass, bottle or can.


Martha Stewart

Speaking of Martha Stewart- salute to 81 years young looking summer chic gorgeous on the cover of Sports Illustrated 2023 Swimsuit issue.


Thin patty grilled hamburgers and frosted mug root beers from Reed & Bell Drive-In was the summertime treat and the taste of my childhood.

We always parked and walked up to the counter window to place our order, and our mother would indulge my brother and me by letting us sit in the wooden school desks painted in primary colors of red, yellow, and blue situated under the shaded overhang.

Sipping on an arctic cold frosted root beer while waiting for our hamburgers to cook and listening to the hum of the fans overhead rated summer fantastic.

In our summer travels down the highways, interstates, farm-to-market, and backroads less traveled by, wonderment and nostalgia ride shotgun.

old-gas-pumps-highway (1)

Points of interest past and present fill mile after mile with sights appreciated, underrated, and outdated.

Beauty is in the eye and heart of the beholder, the mind and memories of the observer.


Summer’s big bang theory proves we’re all big kids at heart.


Photography by Zuza Gałczyńska on Unsplash

Hold on, summer fans. The ride is just beginning.


It’s The Dog Days of Summer

Today’s Fetching Friday places the late summer spotlight on the dog days of summer in keeping with August 26th being National Dog Day.



The Cottage Journal- Photography by Stephanie Welbourne Steele

Sweet thought provoking quotes, seasonal scenes in garden light and summer night silhouettes, and photos of pretty little pooches all in a scroll keep the dog days of summer tolerable.


House & Home – Photography by Tracey Ayton

Light of a late summer afternoon paired with garden blooms in perfect palette and placement gives visitors a visually impressive summer place to admire nature at its colorful best.


Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles



Making memories for kids of all ages through the decades of amusement in the good old dog days of summer.


Better Homes & Gardens


 The Design Atelier

“There’s just something about dogs that makes you feel good.
You come home, they’re thrilled to see you.
They’re good for the ego.”

— Janet Schnellman


Scott Shrader Exterior Design

Ralph Waldo Emerson authors a house favorite of Places In The Home.

I will build upon Mr. Emerson’s words that indeed the ornament of a house and garden is the friends and the furry friends who frequent it.


House & Home- Photography by Andre Rider 

“Everything good, everything magical, happens
between the months of June and August.”

—Jenny Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty

ceramic black-and-white-tilework


Delicious details.

dog days of summer

“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.”

—Sam Keen


Photo by Mael Balland on Unsplash

“Oh, the summer night, has a smile of light, and she
sits on a sapphire throne.”

—Bryan Procter


Photo by Matthew Daniels on Unsplash

Enjoy your Friday, your summer, and your weekend.

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Good Ole Signs It’s Summer

Although not official by the calendar, good ole signs it’s summer have arrived in full glory at Places In The Home.


Louisiana is heating up, fresh fruit and vegetable stands are open for farm to table business, and outdoor living fun in the sun and moonlight activities are on tap.


Signs it’s summer cover anything and everything garden fresh, easy, fun, cool, colorful, aromatic, sweet, savory, relaxing, leisurely, kick your shoes off and stay awhile comfy.


In other words, delightfully perfect.


This is the time of year when I give myself permission to go with the flow.


Entertaining is super casual in nature, meals focus on fresh seasonal ingredients, music is a must, shoes are optional, and time is nothing more than a word.


Visits to the farmers market result in an every so often summer breakfast feast treat of fresh farm eggs fried with crisp edges, homemade biscuits, and pear and lemon preserves made from my great-grandmother’s recipe.


Zinnias capture the essence of summer; a simple yet elegant choice of color your world beauty perfect in gathered bouquet or tabletop arrangement form.


Roberson Farm – USDA Photo by Preston Keres

Grandmother Willie’s pound cake is delicious any season of the year, but there’s something about a slice (or two) of this cake baked from the “Tennessee side of the family” recipe on a summer day that brings the flavor and the memories to plate and mind.


Willie’s pound cake paired with fresh Louisiana strawberries is summer on a plate.


Following antiques and vintage shops on Facebook opens up the treasure hunt world, and gives me the perfect excuse to hit the road in pursuit of antiques and vintage picnic treasures.


Tattered Tiques

Speaking of day trips, outdoor sales and festivals go with hot fun and cool finds in the summertime.

Summer find spotted at a recent Antique Shoppes at 1100 Barksdale outdoor sale.

Love this beverage dispenser!


Antique Shoppes At 1100 Barksdale

Antique pieces love taking center stage on the summer porch, patio, deck, terrace, balcony, veranda- you get the point.

Seize the summer of it all with fabulous-vintage-patriotic-seasonal decor accents that bring a unique and inviting spin to summer porchin’ style.


Cottages & Bungalows Magazine

Spending Sunday afternoon pulling a few things from here and there to put together a summer themed vignette proved super successful.

baseball players

I discovered these old photos of my Dad in the good old summertime down Miami way circa 1951.

Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet instantly comes to mind.


Beach scenes and pink umbrellas top the signs it’s summer list.


Business & Pleasure

Grilled goodies and chilled salads attest to the easy to throw together and easy to enjoy summer salad season.

pimento-grilled-corn-recipe-BHG-photo-Annie-Schlechter (1)

Grilled Corn with Pimiento-Cheese Butter Recipe – Photo by Annie Schlechter

Give me a box of pasta shells, a jar of Duke’s mayonnaise, fresh corn and tomatoes, diced bell peppers, green and red onions, and fine black pepper and I’ll give you a no fuss-all flavor summer salad.


Remember the rule of kiss– keep it summer simple!

signs it's summer

Patio times go with warm days and sipping evenings, and signal the senses the good kind of hurricane season has arrived.


Hurricane at Pat O’Briens New Orleans

June 1st signals the not so good hurricane season has arrived.

Fingers crossed this season will be uneventful.


Into every summer day a little rain usually will fall, however, we get used to the summer downpours bookended by humid sunbursts.


June through August is made for hitting the summer holiday road.


Visit Gatlinburg

For most of my life the quintessential sign it’s summer has been packing up the Places In The Home gang and heading 700+ miles due east.

Our vacation travel destination GPS is set to family, friends, and the beauty and splendor of the Great Smoky Mountains.


Over the years, I’ve clocked what seems to be thousand of hours sitting outside at twilight in the Smoky Mountain air.

Fireflies provide nature’s light show – a summer spectacle that dazzles the eye and delights the heart.


It’s 84 degrees today, rainy, and humid beyond belief.

My summer playlist is cranked up, and a glass of cold mint infused sweet iced tea is the drink du jour.

Good ole signs it’s summer.

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Fetching Friday: Summertime Favorites

Today’s Fetching Friday features summertime favorites of fun, leisure and tabletop in color rich scenes many of us instantly associate with the good old summertime.














Benaki – Lewis & Wood


summertime-favoritesSouthern Living

Maine Coast Croquet Stand


Ice Block Tutorial – Southern Lady Magazine

summertime-favorites-bedroom-1Country Living Magazine- Photo by Buff Strickland


Colorful Vegetables

hydrangeas-boxwoodsBetter Homes & Gardens – Photo by Kritsada Panichgul

I hope you all have a fabulous summer weekend filled with good times and good health.

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Let the Summer Patio Good Times Begin

Chatting with Dave the Builder about how Memorial Day weekend traditionally signals let the summer patio good times begin and the opening back up of stores, shops, salons, restaurants, casinos, and the like brought up the question of just when to jump back into the swing of normal things.

Slow and safe is the approach I’m taking concerning out and about, but I’m all in on the season of living easy.


Granted, I would love to host a gathering of more than just me and Dave the Builder to usher in the summer season, and we will eventually, but for now we’ll keep it summer, party of two.

Mainstays Owen Park 28 inch Round Wood Burning Fire Pit

Mainstays Owen Park 28 inch Round Wood Burning Fire Pit

Getting patio, deck, porch or pier summer ready kicks the salute to summer party in gear.

Ventless Smokeless Glass & Black Metal Column Tabletop Fire Pit

Ventless Smokeless Glass & Black Metal Column Tabletop Fire Pit

Washing away winter’s remnants always puts a fresh and clean spin on things, and makes way for the patio party part of the process most of us really look forward to- the decorating details.

Outdoor décor items enhance the look of the season and emphasize chic summer style.

Battery Powered Integrated LED Outdoor Floor Lamp

Battery Powered Integrated LED Outdoor Floor Lamp- Lowes

I love the seagrass pendant lamp shade from IKEA.

Mama Places In The Home (better known as the proofreader) asked if this was a food cover.

Although not its intended use, reimagining an item to better suit your decorating and entertaining needs often creates a wow factor.

Seagrass is so summer chic, and the price (19.99) is so summer sweet.

TORARED Pendant lamp shade, seagrass, 14 "

TORARED Pendant lamp shade, seagrass, 14 “

A patio, deck, porch or pier becomes the perfect summer canvas for the art of decorating.


Brava Outdoor Acacia Wood Club Chairs with Cushions-Set of 2

Ions ago when Dave and I had commercial and residential real estate dealings in Central Florida, we liked to stay at a particular hotel in the International Drive area of Orlando.

Palapa 7.5 ft. Aluminum Patio Umbrella in Whiskey Brown

Palapa 7.5 ft. Aluminum Patio Umbrella in Whiskey Brown

We mixed business with pleasure sitting poolside several afternoons, sipping cool beverages and soaking up the island vibe complete with tiki terrific motif.

Beachcomber Ceramic Tiki Mugs - 16 oz - Set of 4Tiki Mugs Set of 4

Relaxing, summer stylish, and memorable- an excellent theme to work with.

Parasol Picks with Large Hibiscus Print Flowers

Parasol Picks with Large Hibiscus Print Flowers

Fresh mint ice cubes add a zip of cool summer minty freshness to your favorite beverages.

Easy to make, delicious to taste, and talk about pretty in a pitcher or glass or both.

fresh mint ice cubes

Place gently rinsed fresh mint leaves into each individual square of the ice cube tray.

Fill  squares with water.

Pop tray into freezer until cubes are solid.

Enjoy these summer minty fresh ice cubes in your beverage of choice.

Summer Patio Good Times Cookout Recipes

Favorite Barbecued Chicken
Click on the link for full recipe

I’ve carted this handwritten recipe on many a camping trip for the express purpose of satisfying the request of our camping crew.


I got this recipe for Sue and Gloria’s Baked Beans from an episode of Paula’s Home Cooking, and tried it out for the great Fourth of July camping trip of 2008.

Oven baking is not always camping convenient, but you know what is?

A 7 qt. slow cooker.

I put the recipe together while we’re drinking coffee in the morning, set the slow cooker on low for approximately 6-8 hours, and let the goodness come together for dinner.

Click on the link for full recipeGrilled Corn 4 Ways

Bloomin’ Grilled Apples
Click on the link for full recipe





Summertime is the season of living easy and summer patio good times.

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A Fetching Friday: Dog Days of Summer

Today’s Fetching Friday is a take on the dog days of summer.












Ancient Egyptian and Roman astrology links the Dog Star, Sirius, to the hottest weeks of the year of July to mid-August.  The oppressive heat of the Dog Star coupled with the sultry heat of the sun creates the extra cruel and brutal heat, ergo the dog days of summer.

According to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, July 2019 now ranks as the hottest month ever recorded.

Welcome to the dog days of summer.


Country Living

“Home is where the dog runs to greet you.”



Alex Papachristidis- Photo by Lesley Unruh

“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.”

– Sam Keen


Country Homes & Interiors Magazine

“Summer, with its dog days, its vacations, its distractions, is over.  We have had our holidays, our rest, our recreation.  The fall season, with its new opportunities for effort, enterprise and achievement, is upon us.  Let us rip off our coats and get down to business.”

-B. C. Forbes


Traditional Home

“Summer afternoon — summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”

– Henry James


William McClure -Photo by Frank Tribble

“When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome.”

-Wilma Rudolph

 Philip Mitchell

 Philip Mitchell

“People love dogs. You can never go wrong adding a dog to the story.”

-Jim Butcher


Country Living

dog days

Take heart- the dog days won’t last forever, and before you know it fall will be here to excite and renew.

I hope you all have a cool and refreshing fetching Friday.

love your style

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