Top of the Pops of Color: A Color Review

Hello there.  With all things holiday and the last week of 2015 coming to a close, I thought I would check in with a year-end color review post.  Color is an instant way to infuse a space with inspirational drama, serene appeal and the decorative oomph.


Light, bright, soft, dark, neutral, complementing, accent or focal- color takes the pulse of a space with the stroke of a brush and decorating genius.  Let’s color review the top of the pops of color schemes, palettes and combinations that colored our world in 2015.

Blue, Brown and Aqua Color Palette


Oscars 2015: Color Goes To The Movies


What Works For You Is What Works

HBX030115_072 Benjamin Moore’s Twilight 

Flawless Gray Areas: Inspiring Gray Rooms

color reviewArchitectural Digest

St. Patrick’s Day Decor Favorites In Gorgeous Shades of Erin go Bragh Green

Julianne-MooreJulianne Moore in Gucci as featured in Harper’s Bazaar ~ photographed by Camilla Akrans

Louisiana Gulf Coastal Style


Who’s Ready For Summer?

sweetie“Sweetie” by Inaltéra

Inspired Ideas Floating Around


Benjamin Moore Color Of The Year 2016 Simply White


Combining Classic Elegance With Modern Chic: The Color Palette Jackpot

House-Beautiful-Isaac-Mizrahi-QuoteHouse Beautiful

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Interiors

d95b066e3c1683ef09a375d783092110Elle Decor

Pantone Color of the Year 2016 Rose Quartz and Serenity

nature-skyFree Nature Stock

Love your style!

10 From 12: Best of 2012

January 18, 2012~

When You See An Image Of An Iconic Figure From The World Of Fashion, Cinema Or Music, Do You Think Interior Design?


March 20, 2012~

Keeping Home Decor Costs Low & Decorative Impact High

June 29, 2012~

SuperCopperKitchenTasticExcellent à laDecorocious!


July 11, 2012~

Introducing New Finds & Keeping Old Favorites: Stylish Decor With The Accent On Chairs


July 24, 2012~

Lovely Lantern Light Fixtures


August 8, 2012~

Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, and Nickel: Metals of Distinction In Interior Design and Home Decor


August 21, 2012~

When The Pear Begins To Rot: A Kitchen Repaint Project

No, this project did not hit a decorative wall. The pear project continues to be a work in progress, and the New Year will bring a new lantern, drawer pulls, and perhaps a cabinet garage.

August 28, 2012~

Color Me Inspired: Choosing Paint Colors



Updates, Edits, And Seasonal Color Palettes: Fall Home Decor Ideas


December 3, 2012~

Blissfully Delicious Recipe Contest Entry And Winner! Vanilla Bread Pudding With Vanilla Sauce

There you have it- the best of 2012 .  Thank you all for reading, visiting, subscribing, commenting, tweeting, pinning, sharing, liking, and supporting me and Places In The Home.  I know there are gazillions of choices out there in the blogosphere, and I am humbled you take the time to click on mine. 2013 will bring more color, pattern, suggestions, trends, ideas, inspiration, recipes, and home decor news.  I’ll be here and I hope you will be too! Dave the Builder and I raise our gorgeous goblets toasting and wishing you happiness, health, family, love, peace, prosperity and friendship throughout the New Year 2013!


Color Me Inspired: Choosing Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors can be a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be. Exterior or interior painting is by far one of the most inexpensive, impressive, and immediate options for changing and refreshing home decor. I like to think of color as personality plus in a gallon, quart, or sample size container.  It can infuse a space with decorative drama, calming appeal, or high octane energy.  It is proven that color affects our mood and how we perceive the feel of the space we are in.


A couple of years ago on the eve of one of our trips out to America’s playground, I watched an interested show during Vegas Week on the Travel Channel.  The premise of the segment was how environment and interior design affects gamblers. Color plays a huge role in casino interior design, especially pertaining to the mood and behaviors of gambling guests. Blues are typically avoided due to their perceived calming effect, reds remains a popular color choice for the excitement factor, and purples evoke an intimate, warm, and inviting feeling.  Color holds the power to calm, excite, bore, and entice. It is a fascinating concept.

heirloom-tomatoesHeirloom Tomatoes~ Sherwin-Williams colors from top to bottom: Cherry Tomato, Daredevil, Quilt Gold, Luau Green, Real Red, and Auric

Color choices reflect our personalities and tastes.  Sure, there are implied and true rules for color selection in interior design.  Yes, smaller spaces appear larger when a lighter color is used, a softer paint color choice can be the better way to go in spaces with plenty of natural light, and a neutral palette is a focal points best friend.


Between the walls of every space there is a colorful heartbeat. A color choice can come from a favorite article of clothing, piece of jewelry, home decor accessory or fabric, or a collectible.  I like this simple and logical principal- if a color makes a bold statement, the walls of a space can wear it well.

Schumacher IkatSchumacher Adras Ikat Print in Jewel~ Benjamin Moore colors top right to bottom: Exotic Red, Peony, Caponata, Mohair, Bavarian Cream, Abstracta, and Spring Purple

leather bound booksVintage Volumes~ Sherwin-Williams colors from top right to bottom left: Tricorn Black, Roycroft Copper Red, Cupola Yellow, Blue Mosque, Cerise, Spatial White, Gale Force, Auric, and Dutch Cocoa


When deciding what color to paint a space,  these are some of the things I take into consideration:

  • What is the overall feeling this space needs to convey?  Formal or casual?  Relaxing bedroom or high energy kitchen?
  • The visual flow and compatibility with the overall color palette.
  • Texture and sheen, or lack thereof.  Will it be flat matte or the soft sheen satin eggshell?  The glosses shine in the vein of durability- the choice range being the easy to clean sheen semi-gloss to the  woodwork, furniture, and high sheen, high traffic friendly high gloss.
  • Lighting.  A space blessed with plenty of natural light can support darker color choices.  Natural light will accent the prominent tone of the color. The color of the paint you see in the store will not be the color of the paint you see on the walls in your home.  Paint colors will cast different colors at different times of the day based on natural and artificial lighting (basically the same principal as photographing with natural light vs. night shots).
  • Small space + light colors= open up and say size.
  • Small space + the b&b principal (balanced & bold) = hello, gorgeous!


  • Color is not just for walls. Painting a ceiling with a contrasting color or sheen creates a dramatic focal point that will spread the color love by guiding the eye to the wall color.
  • Hue you calling neutral?  White,  beige, black, and brown are no longer the only kids on the neutral block.  Flawless gray areas are considered a classic neutral.  A bold color can be the Switzerland of the space,  as long as warm and cool shades exist in colorful harmony while balancing the hue.


All things do come together in a space to influence the whole of the look, and when the correct balance is achieved- look out!  A small space does tend to appear larger if lighter colors are used, but large patterns or bold colors balanced with the proper lighting can make a dramatic statement.  Painting is a great way to test the take a chance waters and step out of the decorative comfort zone. Most paint brands have paint samples for purchase.  Take the time to purchase paint samples of the color or colors you have narrowed your choice down to.

Roses~ Vincent van Gogh

Apply a couple of coats of the paint to an area on the wall you will be painting, allowing to completely dry.  Okay, turn on the lights, pull back the curtains or open the blinds, shutters etc… and let the light in.  Take a look, study, decide.  Hold that thought until later in the day when the light situation will be different.  Take a look, study, decide.  Now, hold that thought until evening when the light situation has once again changed. Take a look, study, decide.  The tones of the color will come to call at different times of day.  In other words, the color will show you how beautiful and right it is for you to live with at any time.






Better Homes and Gardens,  la receta de la felicidadThe Paris Apartment, Dering Hall


Renew Home Decor With Leviton Renu

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Leviton. All opinions are 100% mine.

Home decor revolves around the desire to create a look with style and function in mind. When function meets style without compromise, decor synergy exists. Small changes and “freshen ups” through color, accents and accessories breathe new life into your decor, maintains affordability and in most cases is instantly recognizable.

I have focused attention on both my bathroom remodel and the upcoming master bedroom and bathroom remodel. Paint colors, wallcoverings, and fabrics set the look but accessories pull it together. Traditional  switches, wall plates and dimmers have their place, but when decorative lagniappe ~ that little something extra~ would better suit the space and perfectly bring it all together, a choice is now available.  

As seen on the DIY network, Leviton’s newest product, Renu, is the smart new way to update the look of a room in a snap, now and later. The Renu collection includes switches, wall plates and dimmers with faces you can update yourself whenever you’re ready for a new look. Available in 20 popular paint colors picked out by decorating experts, Renu products can blend in or contrast with a room’s walls or trim. Renu turns the electrical device into a decorative, easy to change accessory.

The Renu Collection includes~


-Combination Switches

-Wall Plates


-Tamper Resistant Outlets

-Tamper Resistant GFCI Outlets


-QuickPort Connectors

The Renu color palette offers trend appropriate color choices for today’s traditional, modern and classic tastes. Replacing the traditional electrical hardware in my bathroom with Renu switches , wall plates and dimmers in tranquil Sea Spray is the all important gorgeous pop of color needed to further accent the wall covering, wall tile and marble countertop. Whispering Wheat is under consideration for the soon to be under construction master bathroom. 

A major decorative impact for minimum costs, attractive color choices and easy installation shed new light on any home decor situation.

Leviton is hosting 3 twitter events and invites you to the parties.


Wednesday, April 18th 9pm EST


Thursday, April 26th 9pm EST


Wednesday, May 2nd 9pm EST


As easy as installing Renu switches, wall plates or dimmers, all you have to do is follow @Leviton and #Renu for the twitter events and participate in the conversation, fun and did someone say chances to win Home Depot gift cards?


Please do visit Leviton on Facebook for more Renu information, ideas and inspiration. When only the perfect color will do, Renu!


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Match Game: Matching Paint Colors

As I make my way through the blogosphere,  I continue to be impressed with the collections of so many.  Our treasured collections become color palette influences for many.  Matching paint colors to our favorite collections and collectibles is one way to carry out a personal treasure theme.


When a client, friend or family member enlist my services in the color selection process,  it often begins like a Kohler faucet commercial.  I am shown an item and asked to design or decorate around the color(s) of the collection.  Let the match game matching paint colors magic begin!


I’ve been introduced to new blogs this week via fall/autumn link parties. One fall mantel display immediately captured my attention.  The author used pieces of blue and white French china from her personal collection. Another blog showed how a beautiful collection of leather books influenced the color scheme of a space.  Decorating inspiration comes from many different influences.  I realized I am among those who have been, and will continue to be, influenced by items they collect or hope to start collecting.  I also thought it might be informative to play a round or two of Match Game: matching paint colors to items known to be collected for future decorative reference.

Probably one of the most recognizable colors in the world,  the Tiffany Blue Box® was the referenced example used time and time again when selecting the paint color for our bedroom.  Sweet Rhapsody by Behr is close, close, close.


Little Blue Box by Sherwin Williams is my second choice.


Gone  With The Wind remains one of the most watched and loved Hollywood classics of all time.  I fell in love with the movie poster when I was six years old, and forty two year later I still can’t get enough.  If I didn’t know better, I would believe it is a requirement of my inner circle that you must own at least one piece of collectible GWTW memorabilia.  I remain in good standing with my vintage hardcover copy of the book, 70th anniversary edition DVD, and a good idea of what paint best matches Miss Ellen’s portiers.




   Emerald Isle 3120 – Olympic Mecca Gold – Offbeat Green

Blue & white porcelain and pottery collections are both popular and stylish.  Traditional blue and white wares of Chinese, English and Italian origin merge well with modern patterns to create beautiful displays. The varied shades of blue play well off of each other and the result is a visual treat.



Blueberry Buckle – Rainbow Bright – Annapolis Blue – Stunning Sapphire 


Benjamin Moore

Prussian Blue – Blue Suede Shoes – Delphinium – Stratford Blue



Loyal Blue – Georgian Bay  – Commodore  

Staffordshire dogs are highly collectible ceramic items.   Dating back to the 1700’s,  Staffordshire figurines were made in pottery companies located in the County of Staffordshire, England.  Authentic Staffordshire figurines are rare beauties with proper and notable markings.

staffordshire-dog-figurineAntique Staffordshire King Charles Spaniel dog

Vintage Staffordshire dog figurines can be valued in the hundreds of dollars.   Staffordshire inspired reproductions or in the style off knock-offs are less expensive copies, making ownership more affordable.   I have come to love authentic Staffordshire spaniel figurines and some of the better quality reproduced Staffordshire dog figurines. White, red, and rust continue to be the most common colors.


navy-blue-paint-colorsHonorable Blue – Old Navy – Eric Cohler

Coins come in as one of the top ranked collectibles.  Years ago when my parents were big time Vegas visitors, my mother would bring back silver fifty cent pieces as souvenirs.  My fascination with the metallic paints began right then and there.  The fifty cent pieces are long gone and spent, but I’m rich in my love of the colors silver and copper.

half-dollarGreat American Coin Company

Modern Masters Metallic – Silver


Modern Masters Metallic – Copper

Behr-Maple-GlazeBehr – Maple Glaze

This iconic example speaks for itself.


Sherwin-Williams  Tricorn BlackCaviar, Paradise, Overt Green, Nervy Hue

It is no surprise that matching paint colors to collections resonates with the decorating choices made by collectors.

Love your style!