It’s Time For A New Dining Room Paint Color

A tedious decor project I’ve been working on collided head on with my consulting duties last week.

My schedule got crazy busy and caused a delay in my posting.

Taking a break from the monotony of term sheets and contracts, I shifted my attention to an at home project long overdue.

It’s time to choose a new dining room paint color.

It’s no secret how much I love Sherwin-Williams Fired Brick, but with the lack of natural light in the dining room it is proving to be on the dark side.

The lighting of a space (or lack thereof) is a crucial factor to consider in the selection of paint colors.

Sherwin Williams Fired Brick

I’m heading in the direction of a barely there classic color palette that will:

  •  frame the flow of  bookend color from foyer to butler pantry
  • bring the French inspired ooh la la factor to the space
  •  allow a better showcase for the existing light fixtures

Valspar Mesa Sand

The color choice needs to complement the new kitchen paint color, Curio Gray.

Considering the foyer wallpaper, drapes, and dark finish of the living room suite (not my fav, but it keeps the peace), I’m leaning towards the pink/red family of colors- one with a whisper, a scant hint of pink with a café au lait base.

When done right, pink defies the connotation of  frill and femininity so closely associated with the color.

Achieving light, tone, and shade synergy is the trick.

First up is Valspar Mesa Sand.

dining room paint color

Paint color samples can fool the eye.

I highly suggest purchasing a sample container of the color(s) you are considering and trying it out on the wall.

Paint a large enough area of the wall and let the paint completely dry in order to get a good and proper color read.

Mesa Sand sample

Well that’s a big no go on the Mesa Sand!

What a paint color sample looks like on a chart or in a can is very different from what it will actually look like on the wall.

Mesa Sand looks to be the perfect shade of  brownish pink in the first image, a peachy salmon with a brown base in the paint sample image, and a flat beige on the wall.

On to the next choice.

Farrow and Ball Setting Plaster

Farrow & Ball Setting Plaster is working for me.

The sample is en route and my fingers are crossed.

crystal chandelier

What project Dave the Builder will be tackling on his summer vacation is no longer a mystery.

I’ll show you what else I have in mind later in the week.

Think light fixture.



Using Metal Colors in Interior Design and Home Decor

Keeping late project hours tend to catch up with you, but inspiring images and finds prove a powerful motivator so here I am, at the keyboard, typing out what I hope is informative as well as inspirational information for using metal colors in interior design and home decor.

transitional home office Webber Coleman WoodworksWebber Coleman Woodworks

In order to keep my painter happy the air is turned to artic blast, the coffee is brewing, and the radio dial is set to his favorite classic rock station.

Traditional Home

“Heavy Metal” by Don Felder played this morning, and now it is stuck in my head.

Whittney Parkinson DesignWhittney Parkinson Design

The catchy tune and the on-trend metal parade gave me the idea for this using metal colors in interior design and home decor post.

Inspiration is everywhere, my friends.



taylor borsari industrial style kitchen cabinets Taylor Borsari


Pursley Dixon Architecture kitchen

Pursley Dixon Architecture

Mihai Cork Metallic Wallpaper RollMihai Cork Metallic Wallpaper Roll


 Tamara Magel 


gold-trunk-the-Brick-HouseThe Brick House

 kristen panitch interiors Kristen Panitch Interiors


kelley flynn interior design

Kelley Flynn Interior Design

Using metal colors in interior design and home decor adds depth, warmth, and sophistication to the feel of the space.

Match Game: Matching Paint Colors

Matching paint colors to our favorite collections and collectibles is one way to carry out a personal treasure theme.

Game Shop Utopia

When a client, friend or family member enlist my services in the color selection process,  it often begins like a Kohler faucet commercial.

I am shown an item and asked to design or decorate around the color(s) of the collection.

Let the match game matching paint colors magic begin!


I’ve been introduced to new blogs this week via fall/autumn link parties, with one particular fall mantel display immediately captured my attention.

The author used pieces of blue and white French china from her personal collection.

Another blog showed how a beautiful collection of leather books influenced the color scheme of a space.

Decorating inspiration comes from many different influences.

I realized I am among those who have been, and will continue to be, influenced by items they collect or hope to start collecting.

I also thought it might be informative to play a round or two of Match Game: matching paint colors to items known to be collected for future decorative reference.


Probably one of the most recognizable colors in the world, iconic Tiffany Blue® was the referenced example used time and time again when selecting the paint color for our bedroom.

Sweet Rhapsody by Behr is close, close, close.


Little Blue Box by Sherwin Williams is my second choice.


Gone With The Wind remains one of the most watched and loved Hollywood classics of all time.  


I fell in love with the movie when I was six years old, and it still comes in as an all-time favorite.


Vegas Green – Valspar
Mecca Gold – Olympic
Offbeat Green – Sherwin Williams

Blue & white porcelain and pottery collections are both popular and stylish.


Traditional blue and white wares of Chinese, English and Italian origin merge well with modern patterns to create beautiful displays.

The varied shades of blue play well off of each other and the result is a visual treat.

blue-white-china Pinterest


Blueberry Buckle ||  Rainbow Bright ||  Annapolis Blue || Stunning Sapphire 


Benjamin Moore

Prussian Blue ||  Blue Suede Shoes ||  Delphinium ||  Stratford Blue


Loyal Blue ||  Georgian Bay  ||  Commodore  

Staffordshire dogs are highly collectible ceramic items.

Dating back to the 1700’s, Staffordshire figurines were made in pottery companies located in the County of Staffordshire, England.

Authentic Staffordshire figurines are rare beauties with proper and notable markings.

staffordshire-dog-figurineAntique Staffordshire King Charles Spaniel dog

Vintage Staffordshire dog figurines can be valued in the hundreds of dollars.

Staffordshire inspired reproductions or in the style off knock-offs are less expensive copies, making ownership more affordable.


I’ve come to love authentic Staffordshire spaniel figurines, and some of the better quality reproduced Staffordshire dog figurines.


Old Navy – Benjamin Moore

Coins come in as one of the top ranked collectibles.

Years ago when my parents were big time Vegas visitors, my mother would bring back silver fifty cent pieces as souvenirs.

half-dollarGreat American Coin Company

My fascination with the metallic paints began right then and there.

The fifty cent pieces are long gone and spent, but I’m rich in my love of the colors silver and copper.


French Silver – Behr


Behr-Maple-GlazeMaple Glaze – Behr

This iconic example speaks for itself.


Tricorn Black ||  Caviar ||  Paradise  || Overt Green ||  Nervy Hue

It’s no surprise that matching paint colors to collections resonates with the decorating choices made by collectors.

Love your style!

Chalk It Up: Chalk Paint DIY Project Inspiration

While catching up on my continuing decorating education this past week, I’ve duly noted the chalkboard chalk paint diy project inspiration love is still going strong.

chalk paint

Home Depot offers great readings and ideas in their forums.

I am in the thought before execution stage of project custom chalkboard for my office.


My color curiosity is even more piqued now that I’ve learned the rainbow of chalkboard paint possibility is multicolored. Rust-Oleum Specialty Chalk Board Tint Base converts surfaces into a usable chalkboard.

Good color choices come in lucky me thirteens!

Benjamin Moore takes its turn at the board in hopes of broadening your chalkboard paint horizons.


Benjamin Moore latex chalkboard paint allows you to turn almost any interior surface into a chalkboard in any color.

Now that is chalk it up to fabulous!


Let’s look at a few examples of chalk it up to fabulous chalkboard chalk paint diy projects.

bee cottage6

I like the quaint yet eye-catching presence of this Frances Schultz designed kitchen and butler’s pantry.

Scalloped edging and burlap ties bring that’s the one I want thoughts to mind.

The blue and white plate and platter display sets the look.


Traditional Home

Chalkboard paint or in the style of chalk paint paints take to primed and ready pieces such as vintage doors, cabinet fronts, decorative frames and framed windows (yes, it adheres to clean glass) with finish perfection.

chalk-boardTraditional Home

usefullwalltreatments_6_magnetfamilywall Apartment Therapy

A vintage panel becomes both a chalkboard and a dining room focal point for practical and vintage collection display purposes.

chalk-daviddambrosiocondo-09Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

I find myself long on correspondence and short on storage space in my home office.

Beauty is not found in the stacks if the stacks are piled all around.

In a quest to alleviate and edit, I plucked an architectural mantle from the Hopefully Classic inventory thinking it would be perfect for reference books, design magazines and accumulating correspondence.

It was not.

Let the treasure hunt begin for an antique chest or single drawer table.

This is a super easy chalkboard or chalk paint diy project for creating stylish storage solution.

Colorhouse Glass Quart Interior Chalkboard Paint

Colorhouse Glass Quart Interior Chalkboard Paint samples


Colorhouse Chalkboard Paint

The design and decorative draw of chalk paint and in the style of chalk paint is found in the no need to prime, strip or sand technique, quick dry time, premier color chart choices, mix and match color your world with your own color invention capabilities, ease of application and finishing waxes.

Although not a miracle product, these types of paints tend to cover so well it allows the painter/furniture artist to embrace and go with the imperfections.

Chalk paint covers a multitude of decorating sins.


Annie Sloan masters the ooh la la chalk paint techniques, ideas, colors and what wax to use for what effect how-to.

Annie Sloan's Paint Workbook : A Practical Guide to Mixing Color and Making Style Choices

Annie Sloan’s Paint Workbook : A Practical Guide to Mixing Color and Making Style Choices

Vintage shops, flea markets, and or garage sales are prime haunts for finding great pieces to chalkboard or chalk paint diy project with.

Chalk it up to fabulous!

Love your style!