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Life styled for outdoor living decor meets the needs and desires of those ready to take the party outside.

outdoor living decor

Lula & Georgia

We’ve covered the front-of-the-house curb appeal, now let’s take the party to the patio-porch-terrace-balcony-deck.


Country Living- Photography by Annie Schlechter


Luxe – Photography by Eric Piasecki

Grillin’ and chillin’ outdoor living is concept design with attitude requirements.


Elle Decor – Photography by Joshua McHugh

Creating a space around an attitude of relaxation and unwinding at home requires outdoor living features and accessories tailor-made to suit your lifestyle.


Southern Living – Photography by Patricia Lyons


Aesthetically pleasing outdoor lighting lights the night, afternoon, or evening for mood, task, and setting.


 Marissa Rodriguez

Layer lighting choices to create depth, contrast, and visual appeal.

Better Homes & Gardens 10-Count Warm White LED Ribbed Outdoor String Lights

Better Homes & Gardens 10-Count LED Ribbed Outdoor String Lights


4-in-1 Cage-Style Garden Torches, Set of 4

When it comes to outdoor citronella candles the jury seems to still be out on the verdict of whether they work or not.

candles in wrapped jars outside living

 Kelly Sikkema

Thermacell Mosquito Repeller products for mosquito control win the superior function over superior style case every time.


Ronald Langeveld

Speaking of function over style, how many of you remember using mosquito coils at the drive-in?

Drive-in theaters were on the way out by the late 70s when I was a teen, however, every now and then you would run across one fully operational.


My older cousin, a teen of the 60s, still got a big kick out of going to the drive-in on hot summer nights.

Her go-to mosquito control involved a trip to the snack bar to purchase a mosquito coil for dashboard placement and mosquito control.

Better Homes & Gardens Citronella, Blue Lavender, and Cedar

Better Homes & Gardens Citronella, Blue Lavender, and Cedar

If the repeller product is unsightly place out of sight in or behind planters.

Minka Textured Pot

Minka Textured Pot

Earthen-Ware-Terracotta-Vessel-Planter.-3-colors-available (1)

Earthen Ware Weathered Egyptian Terracotta Vessel/Planter

Reserve hurricanes, buckets, and jars filled with citronella votives and pillars for your viewing audience to see.


Black Wood Cutout Lantern with Rope Handle, 20″
Glitzhome 14.25″ Solar Powered Outdoor Lantern
Large Seagrass Candle Lantern

For a shell of a good look begin with a clear cylinder vase(s) of your size choice, add decorative craft shells and starfish, and drop in a pillar or LED flameless candle.


Libbey Clear Glass 8″ H Wide Cylinder Floral Vase

Better Homes & Gardens 6 White Flameless Flicker Outdoor LED Candle 2-Pack

Better Homes & Gardens 6″ White Flameless Flicker Outdoor LED Candle 2-Pack


Veranda – Photography by Lisa Romerein

Perhaps cozy is more associated with the fall into the winter season, but I like to think of it as the year-round hallmark of a relaxing ambiance.

Bryndle root fire pit

Bryndle Root Fire Pit

Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit with Stand

Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit with Stand

Round Concrete Natural Gas Fire Pit in Pewter

Round Concrete Natural Gas Fire Pit in Pewter


Round Hammered Wood Burning Fire Pit in Copper with Fire Tool

Round Hammered Wood Burning Fire Pit in Copper with Fire Tool

Classic black and white is always so chic, and according to trend spotters, this fabulous color combination is on-trend for the 2023 outdoor living decor season.


Outdoor Rugs

Hampton Outdoor Wood/Wicker Club Chair (Set of 2) by Christopher Knight Home

Hampton Outdoor Wood/Wicker Club Chair (Set of 2)

Tone-on-tone blended with texture and pattern advances the overall appearance to next level style.

Better Homes & Gardens Tarren 5-Piece Outdoor Conversation Set, Black

Better Homes & Gardens Tarren 5-Piece Outdoor Conversation Set, Black

Embrace your curves.

Dark Gray Rope Lorenzo Outdoor Swivel Chair

Dark Gray Rope Lorenzo Outdoor Swivel Chair

Outdoor French Bistro Chairs

Louna Outdoor French Bistro Chair (Set of 2) 

Scatter spot stools, stands, and ottomans about to serve comfort and purpose.

Sunny Club Black Wicker Outdoor Ottoman

Sunny Club Black Wicker Outdoor Ottoman

Hammered Finish Metal Garden Stool, Copper ColorHammered Finish Metal Garden Stool, Copper Color

Punched Metal Plant Stand

Punched Metal Plant Stand

Porto Striped IndoorOutdoor Filled Ottoman Gray Square Pouf

Porto Striped Indoor/Outdoor Filled Ottoman Gray Square Pouf

Look familiar?



Let the music play and the sunshine in.

Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus II Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus II Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Round Ivory Tufted Sun Face Indoor Outdoor Throw Pillow

Shades of seasonal colors in rays of sunshine hues add a touch of bright and cheery personality to the overall primary palette.


T.J. Maxx


Sanibel White Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Pink on the patio continues to be a house favorite.


Unique Loom Outdoor Trellis Area Rug
Nevis Palm Frond Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug – JONATHAN Y
Pink & White Beach Umbrella
Cabana Stripe Outdoor Throw Pillow DuraSeason Fabric™
Plushlines CH342 Multicolor Pillow
Women’s Farm Rio Green Slip On Flip Flop Sandals
The Novogratz Poolside Gossip Collection Priscilla Folding Chair (2-Pack)
Travelwant Wall and Railing Plastic Pots
Iron Outdoor Lantern Candle Holder
Ribbed Geometric Outdoor Stoneware Planter Pot Cherry Pink

Ellen Merchant Melamine Pitcher

Ellen Merchant Melamine Pitcher

Summer breezes usher in touches of tropical times, and for around $3.00 a pink with tropical green leaves swim float becomes a chic and festive centerpiece ring sitting pretty with a vase or planter full of seasonal floral or a themed ice bucket placed in the center.

tropical wim ring

Bluescape Pink Tropical Inflatable Swim Tube Pool Float

round galvanized tub

Better Homes & Gardens- Round Galvanized Tub

palm tree ice bucket

Pastimes Palm Tree Ice Bucket, 3 Quart


Fawn Concrete Planter with Drainage Holes

Fawn Concrete Planter with Drainage Holes

Among the many Southern sayings in my dad’s rotation was the infamous “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

Simple logic flanked by deep wisdom, folks.


This proven advice applies to the still popular choice of a clear beverage dispenser equipped with a spigot for displaying-holding-serving liquid refreshment to wet your whistle.

Pink Classic Outdoor Rolling Patio Cooler with Wheels and Handles

Pink Classic Outdoor Rolling Patio Cooler with Wheels and Handles

Speaks fluent ready, set, summer to me!


Social Cut

Chilling out with cool libation of the leaded or unleaded kind goes hand in hand with as the character Bick Benedict from the movie Giant puts it where we can sit and talk… and the breeze can get at us.


Glass Carafes

Converted vintage iron sewing machine stands and French marble-top baker’s tables serve style when used as an outdoor cocktail station.

French Cast Iron Marble Bakers Table

French Cast Iron Marble Baker’s Table

Carolina Chair and Table Vera Marble Top Bar Table

Vera 42 in. White/Black Standard Rectangle Marble Console Table

outdoor barware

Rene Lacquered Linen Matte Black Ice Bucket
Mila Oyster Bottle Opener
Better Homes & Gardens Acrylic Ribbed Short & Tall Tumblers Clear




Classic Gold Metal Console Table

Classic Gold Metal Console Table

Although the Classic 43 in. Gold Metal Console Table in gold is not an outdoor piece, it is a piece that I would definitely include in my outdoor living space for a focal point party presence.


You know—a take it outside for the event then bring it back inside afterwards piece.


Retro Yellow Outdoor Steel Glider

Chillasan Palm Trees Outdoor Hanging Chair And Cushion (1)

Chillasan Palm Trees Outdoor Hanging Chair And Cushion

Classic seating choices reply will attend to the outdoor living decor RSVP- retro style vibe party.


Bella Botanica Designs Inc.

Finding an exact piece eludes the hunt at times, and this is where in the style of decorating comes into play.

Farmhouse 2 Person Wicker Porch Swing - Dark Brown

Farmhouse 2 Person Wicker Porch Swing – Dark Brown


Blue Summer Hydrangea Square Decorative Throw Pillow 

Al fresco dining deliciously pairs with the spring-into-summer outdoor living package.


Scott Shrader – Introspective Magazine

Dedicated outdoor living kitchen areas range from state-of-the-art outdoor kitchens complete with elaborate designs and every creature comfort known to trend to a card table, galvanized beverage tub, and a hibachi grill.

Outdoor Gourmet 5-Burner Stone Island Grill

Outdoor Gourmet 5-Burner Stone Island Grill

Kamado Joe Classic III 18-Inch Ceramic Kamado Grill

Kamado Joe Classic III 18-Inch Ceramic Kamado Grill

Traeger Timberline Wood Pellet WiFi Grill Black

Traeger Timberline Wood Pellet WiFi Grill Black


7-ft. Stone Veneer 4 Burner Propane Gas Grill Island 

You’re the captain of the SS Whatever Floats Your Boat, and when the goal is to create a serene and stylish space, a harbor, if you will to relax, connect, refresh, and still the day into evening, there is no wrong way of achieving the goal.


White Woven Decorative Platter, 12″

Bamboo Food Cover

Woven Jute Tray

Mini Table Lamp with Shade 12.75″H – White Finished Traditional Style

Natural Brown Faux Wicker Barrel Lantern with LED Bulb, Medium

Woven Garden & Patio Storage Box – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia


Giannetti Home

Spending quality time outdoor living it up doesn’t necessarily involve spending scads and scads of money.

Great looks at good prices exist, my friends.


Cushioned Rattan Armchair

Safavieh Idola White Washed Dining Chairs (Set of 2)

Idola White Washed Dining Chairs (Set of 2)

Round Woven Vase

Round Woven Vase

Melamine plates and acrylic glassware color, texture, and pattern options have come a long way, baby.

Bamboo and Melamine Printed Salad Plate - Threshold™

Bamboo and Melamine Printed Salad Plate – Threshold™


Green Ombre Bamboo Cup
15-pack Food Friends Good Times Paper Napkins


Set of 6, Indoor or Outdoor Melamine Plates (9″-6 Piece Set, Toile de Jouy)

Classic patterns and on-trend favorites translate to Melamine serving pieces for the KISS-keep it summer simple-decoristas.


Pink Ball canning jars pair pretty with the summer salad season.


Serving salads in canning jars continues to be a KISS serving staple.

Ball 4pk 32oz Regular Mouth Quart Canning Jars Rose Vintage

Pimpernel Blue Italian Sandwich Tray
Yellow Leopard Print Small Oblong Melamine Serving Platter
Ball 4pk 32oz Regular Mouth Quart Canning Jars Rose Vintage


Cool sips, light bites, late suppers, and tasty sweet treats delightfully entice and satisfy the taste for a light nosh on a hot summer day into night.


Watermelon Agua Fresca Recipe

Tuscan Artichoke Salad

Tuscan Artichoke Salad Recipe


Strawberry Salsa Recipe

Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart Recipe

Summer is soon to be, and with its arrival comes the propensity to ready your outdoor spaces with spiffy summertime, and the outdoor livin’ is easy decor.


Blog Content Inspiration

Stuck somewhere between blog post subject difficulty and the is it winter or is it spring seesaw, I began to grow bored until the content of one email and the lyrics to a classic Beatles song get the wheels of blog content inspiration turning once again.

blog content inspiration

Photo by Brian Tromp on Unsplash

Regardless of how many times I listen to a song, the ability to take away something new and fresh confirms why music is such a mainstay in my day to day.

Listening once again to “The Long and Winding Road” by The Beatles brought about a renewed sense of appreciation for the beauty found in the following lyric:

The long and winding road
That leads to your door
Will never disappear
I’ve seen that road before
It always leads me here


Honeycomb Bee Door Knocker

Lyrical interpretation is left to the heart and ear of each individual listener.

What I hear is a testament to the joy known in the comfort of where, what and who one finds love, and the door that opens up to it.

Finding a fitting door knocker and spring wreath for the door that welcomes spring style, family and friends home is on the way.

Bloom Room Spring 24in Amaranthus Wreath - Purple, Pink & Green

Bloom Room Spring 24in Amaranthus Wreath – Purple, Pink & Green

If one could amass frequent flyer miles for every Etsy and eBay visit I’ve clocked over the last few weeks, Paris would be on the summer travel itinerary.

When I get a certain something on my gotta have it radar the treasure hunt is on.


Sourcing and searching lead me to several “I didn’t know I needed that, but for the look and the price I’ll take it” pieces so success is on the table and the wall.


Antique Floral Framed Canvas Board Olive Green – Threshold™

Inspiration is everywhere.


Popping out to the garage to take inventory of the big green grass cutting machine otherwise known as the riding lawn mower gifts me with two unwanted intrusions into an otherwise lovely day.

Seems a new lawn mower battery purchase is in my future, and there’s a pressing need to call the plumber.


Cast your eyes on this late winter meets an early Louisiana spring photo showing the newly discovered water leak from the below freezing temps of last week.

Such issues serve as the catalyst to the oh, the joy of home repair headache suddenly developed.


It’s a sign this recipe for Lemon Shortbread Cookies from Oh My Goodness Chocolate Desserts is designed blog content inspiration.

Click here for recipe.


Just about the time it seems the river of ideas has run dry blog content inspiration appears and joy is found yet again.


Have a lovely day, dear friends.



Winter Blues

Winter blues is prime for reinterpretation when warming up your home decor for winter.


Tomas Tuma

If winter was a dance imagine it a December to March waltz keeping 3/4 time in a slow and graceful step.

Wintertime weather coupled with shorter days often leads to extended periods of time spent indoors hibernating, if you will.

This exact time of the year and season naturally slows the pace of our day to day presenting an opportune time to recharge and refresh self and home.


Time spent in the company, cozy comfort, and beauty of our home is time well spent.

fireplace tile

Better Homes & Gardens

Feathering one’s nest in this time between the end of the holiday hustle and bustle and spring’s arrival in winter blues offsets the harshness of the actual winter blues.

Small touches in seasonal splendor will do the trick.


My winter blues estate sale find that made getting up at the crack of dawn on a cold dreary February morning worth it.


Perhaps it’s time to add to the collection with this trio of framed Mosa Holland Delft blue tiles.


Trio of Mosa Holland Delft Blue Tiles Framed Bridal Couple Shoemaker Windmill



Southern Home Magazine – Photography by Julie Soefer

Fresh or faux florals and/or stems placed in a blue and white porcelain vase or ginger jar brings in seasonal elements and elevates the tone and tenor of the space.

Blue & White Peony Temple Jar With Lion HandlesBlue & White Peony Temple Jar With Lion Handles


micheile dot com 

Mid-winter blooms of pink and white camellias floating in a blue and white porcelain bowl is a mid-winter tabletop centerpiece tradition in many Southern homes.


Handmade 14″ Blue and White Ladies Porcelain Bowl

blue-and-white-and-other-stories-personal-journey-through-colour-William-Yeoward (1)

“In the winter she curls up around a
good book and dreams away the cold.”

— Ben Aaronovitch



mark-sikes-blue-white-dining-room-Amy Neunsinger

Veranda – Mark D. Sikes – Photography by Amy Neunsinger


Real Simple – Photography by Addie Juell

blue-white-plates (1)


Blue Chinoiserie Toile PIllar Candle
SAFAVIEH Lighting Blue and White Color Swirls Glass Table Lamp (Set of 2)
Persian Pouf
Roses Still Life Painting Printable
Blue Hydrangea Wreath
Ceramic Chinoiserie Decorative Jar
Devon Cottage Dinner Plate
Lauren Ralph Lauren Handmade Olivier Floral Wool Rug
Sutton Tufted Robbins Egg Blue Arm Chair
Mainstays 300 Thread Count Easy Care Percale Pillowcase Set of 2


Chinois Complete Stencil Set

So many of us who enjoy interior (and exterior) decorating know it to be an absolute labor of love.

Decorating home and hearth in a manner which best reflects the current season focuses on warming up your decor with an item or two depicting nature inspired colors, patterns and textures visually aligned with this time of year and pieces that simply speak settle in to the senses.


Gracious Farmhouse

Softer lighting options.

Scents of the season.

Layering with fabrics of cozy and comfort.

Warm spot accents in shades of calming winter blues.

Chatelet Blue Chest

Chatelet Blue Chest


Katerina Floor Clock
Jesse Printed Jute Rug
Isla Block Print Pleated Chandelier Shade
Leighton Pleated Chandelier Shade
Limited Edition Riverbed Drum Lamp Shade
Foo Dogs – Set of 2
Piedmont 4-Light Lantern


Sometimes it does seem we are settling in for a long winter’s nap.

Warm to winter blues with spot additions such as a new set of pillowcases, throw or duvet.

Jacquard Chenille Throw

As the thaw of winter initiates the need for lighter weight linens sherpa gives way to chenille for evening air perfectly balanced between crisp and cool.


Printed Design Cotton Collection 400 Thread Count Light Blue Toile Duvet Set

January treats include these late winter into spring blue and white pillowcases and a pretty in pink chenille tufted throw from Walmart.


300 Thread Count Easy Care Percale Pillowcase Set of 2,  Blue Floral

All in for a little under $25.00, and let me just say they are quite lovely and a perfect preview of spring things to come.


Madison Park Off-White Chenille Tufted Throw

Curb appeal discovered with this distressed blue embossed tin mailbox sure to put a hint of spring in your step out to porch or street on a winter day to get the mail routine.

Distressed Blue Embossed Mail Box

Creative Co-Op Distressed Blue Embossed Mailbox

Addition and subtraction; the decorating formula for seasonal decorating.

Warm additions welcome comfort at fall into winter.





Before you know it spring days turn to oh, those summer nights where pastels, prints, and pretty naturally lighten the aesthetic and the ambiance.

Spaces and places in the home welcome style home year round when character and charm enter the equation.


Holiday Treasures and Tastes

My holiday treasures and tastes snapshot asks the question, if you love this time of year like so many of us do, why wait until after Thanksgiving to holiday it up?

Decorating one season at a time traditions, like rules, are made to be broken in favor of a richer experience.


Mix, mingle, layer, and jingle the best of the Thanksgiving into Christmas holiday season with treasures and tastes of the ho ho home for the holidays kind.



Holiday Plate

Mainstays ‘Hohoho’ Decorative Throw Pillow

Vintage Christmas Tree Print 

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Mug, Mouse

Two Tier Alpine Village

Holiday Etched Glass Goblet

Santa Boots Planter/Vase

Real-Touch Flocked Norfolk Pine Wreath

Seasonings Greetings Doormat

Voluspa Candy Cane Boxed Candle

Letters To Santa Painted Metal Mailbox Copper Finish

Well deck the halls- I just heard the Hershey’s Kisses commercial with the bells ringing ♫We Wish You A Merry Christmas.


It’s official- the holidays are here!

9 Inch Scalloped Pie Pan


Folks, this recipe for Pumpkin Coconut Fluff Pie is easy to make and impressive to serve.






Pumpkin Coconut Fluff Pie


1 9″ graham cracker crust

1  8 oz container whipped topping

1  3.5 oz box vanilla instant pudding & pie filling

1  15 oz can 100% pure pumpkin

½ cup sweetened coconut flakes

1 tsp. vanilla

1 tsp. pumpkin pie spice

1 tsp. ground cloves

½ tsp. ground nutmeg


In a large mixing bowl, add pure pumpkin, vanilla pudding mix, coconut, ground cloves, ground nutmeg and pumpkin pie spice.  Using a wooden spoon, stir ingredients until combined.


Next, add vanilla and whipped topping. Fold until incorporated.

Spread the pumpkin fluff mixture into the graham cracker crust; cover with plastic wrap.


Chill covered pie for at least 4 hours to set.


Before serving dust the top of the pie with additional pumpkin pie spice.


Things are beginning to get busy as it does at the holidays.

Temperatures have dropped to baby, it’s cold outside numbers, family is on the holiday road heading home, and my kitchen cabinets and countertops runneth over with holiday dinner fixings to which I am most grateful.


Enjoy the process and the holiday treasures and tastes, dear friends.


Coastal Home Decor Accents

Coastal home décor accents and accessories exemplify summer centric chic, centric if you will to the we’ve been having fun all summer long style reflecting the elements of a relaxing day or evening at the beach.


Photo by Chris Galbraith on Unsplash

Before we get going with the main event I must disclose this post started out with me just updating a few items, links, and sources, and well, here we stand with an entirely new post.  I hope you enjoy!

Streaming smooth jazz smooth wave complete with the sounds of summer tunes and sea waves on a Saturday afternoon sets the tones and tunes to a coastal pictorial.
Even though at present it’s just too hot to do anything remotely close to a real day at the coast, the sights and sounds do put me in a sourcing coastal home décor accents and accessories state of mind.

Casual Coastal Vibes


Amelle Cream Raffia 4 Drawer Accent Chest

In this sea escape scenario the following host of words characterize casual coastal vibes.


Madison Park Eliana Natural 2 -Door Accent Cabinet




Metal Round Leaf Frame Wall Mirror

Metal Round Leaf Frame Wall Mirror

Include rich neutrals, warm tones, sleek lines and sophisticated presence and that’s exactly the vibe and the look we’re going for.

Reece 2 Door Accent Cabinet

Wonders of the Sea White Wash 2-Door Cabinet

Continuing as a favorite to source, the Ashlyn Round Wall Mirror reminds me of ruffles of ocean waves.


A&B Home Ashlyn 16-Inch Round Wall Mirror in Gold

There is wall mirrors, and then there is wall mirrors.

Emeka Hand Carved Wood 72x36 Leaning Floor Mirror

Emeka Hand Carved Wood Leaning Floor Mirror

San Pacific International Octopus Vanity Mirror

San Pacific International Octopus Vanity Mirror


Mark D. Sikes

Coastal home décor accents and accessories in earth tones of neutral, blue, green, gold, pink, brown and greige borrow from sea and sky.


Color and light have quite the influence on each other.

Photographers definitely can attest to it, and I know several decoristas who will testify to it as well.


Nature’s light show of morning, noon, and night has a way of adjusting colors to deepen and/or soften.


If thrown by what coastal colors to select, remember this little ditty:


Look to the coastal sky and sea for inspiration as to what your color palette will be.


Rectangular Light Brown Wood and Bone Inlay Wall Mirror

Briarhill Bone-Inlay Wall Mirror, Teak/Ivory


iCanvas “Roseate Spoonbill by Natural History Museum (UK)

Antique pieces create contrast and infuse character into the space.

William IV mahogany bow fronted chest

William IV Mahogany Bow Front Chest of Drawers

The mix and the mingle of antiques with new traditional and modern decorating styles layers a space with character, amplifies the charm quotient, creates contrast, and promotes focal point magic.

3-Drawers Bilson Natural with Gold Base Rattan Cabinet

3-Drawers Bilson Natural with Gold Base Rattan Cabinet

Layering builds upon the décor style central theme and can be strikingly accomplished through the introduction of pattern and texture to the space.

Brown Geometry Cabinet

Brown Geometry Cabinet

Coastal Living Pebble Accent Chair

Coastal 26″ Fabric Pebble Accent Chair

Rattan and wicker pieces fall under the category of classic coastal home décor furnishings done right.

Rosie Storage Console (2)

Rosie Storage Console


Elle Decor – Photography by Thomas Loof

Cole & Son Acquario Wallpaper 1

Cole & Son Acquario Wallpaper

White Contemporary Unique Coastal Mirror

White Contemporary Unique Coastal Mirror

Monochromatic Dramatic

Spanish-Moss-House (1)

Houzz – Photography by Emily Followill

Kayla 6-light Mystic Sand Chandelier

Kayla 6-light Mystic Sand Chandelier


Rattan Accent Chair

Clearfield Swoop Arm Dining Chair - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee

Clearfield Swoop Arm Dining Chair – Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee

  Bloom Tamarind Wood Bowl

Bloom Tamarind Wood Bowl

To all chic and stylish accents there is a season, but you don’t have to buy in to locking your decorative items into a particular season.

dried-palm-leaves-set-of-5 (1)

Dried Palm Leaves, set of 5 (now on clearance)

Coastal home décor steps into the spotlight in the spring through summer season, but is never out of season to the legions of decoristas who realize and embrace this perennial favorite decorating style.

Off-White W/ Gold Detail Seashell BoxApril Silver Queen Dried Bouquet 8" by Leanne Ford

April Silver Queen Dried Bouquet 8″ by Leanne Ford


natural-textured-vases-neutral-colors Martha-Stewart-Elmcrest-Natural-Dining-Table

Martha Stewart Elmcrest Natural Dining Table


Karis Natural Dining Chair

round farmhouse dining table with spindle legs

 Sarah Bartholomew Design

spindle-legs-on-round-farm-dining-table (1) Antiques partner beautifully with traditional and new-traditional pieces and patinas.

Antique Country French Provincial Drop Leaf Oak Dining Table

Antique Country French Provincial Drop Leaf Oak Dining Table

Juxtaposition is always in my bag of focal point tricks as it has the decorative power to immediately catch the eye.

Rutherford Woven Rush Dining Side Chair

Rutherford Woven Rush Dining Side Chair

Four Door Credenza

Cadence Distressed Soft Brown 60 in. 4-Door Credenza


New England Home – Photography by Matt Kisiday


Sierra Sideboard

Check out consignment shops, estate sales, vintage sites for focal point coastal home décor pieces.


Treasure Chest

New and vintage mid-century furniture is on-trend, and this pretzel rattan chair is a wonderful example of a classic design and style befitting a coastal castle.

Inspiration Found


Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

If you think about it, oceans and seas share the commonalities of form, color, layers, balance, and flow with interior design and decorating.

Birch Lane Wall Mirror

Birch Lane Wall Mirror

coastal-outdoor-lounge-chair1 (1)

Coastal Outdoor Sofa, Lounge Chair

Uttermost-Zade-Warm-Grey-Table-Lamp (1)

Uttermost Zade Warm Grey Table Lamp

Sea Coral Wall Art (Set of 4)

Sea Coral Wall Art (Set of 4)

Hilty Coral Sculpture

Hilty Coral Sculpture

Ormond Octopus End Table

Ormond Octopus End Table

2-Drawer Kaylee's Garden Grey and White Accent Chest

2-Drawer Kaylee’s Garden Grey and White Accent Chest

Montauk Arm Chair

Montauk Arm Chair


Aged Wood Beaded 6-Light Candle Chandelier


New England Home

Entryways are the gateway to the house of style.

Brown Contemporary Teak Wood Console Table

Brown Contemporary Teak Wood Console Table

Natural elements and neutral beauties delineate the colors, textures, and patterns associated with sand and sea.


Akane Shell Geometric 19-inch End Table

Akane Shell Geometric 19-inch End Table

Maharaja Sandblasted White Wood Hand-Carved Arm Chair

Maharaja Sandblasted White Wood Hand-Carved Arm Chair

Harrelson wooden Cabinet

Harrelson Cabinet

Thalia Woodcroft Sideboard

Thalia Woodcroft Sideboard

Dining Room


Island Retreat – At Home in Arkansas

When you search and source to no avail and still come up empty handed it’s time for a creative interpretation.


6-Light Candle Style Wagon Wheel Chandelier

The Chatelet extendable trestle dining table offers European appeal in farm to coastal detail.

Hardwood solids paired with pecan, walnut and maple veneers replicate a provincial patina, making this a dining table contender for the casual yet elegant coastal dining room.


Antique English Oak Jacobean Style Oval Barley Twist Dining Table

If old-world charm appeals to your decorating style, go all in with an antique English barley twist dining table.

Reely Wicker Rattan Single Light Pendant

Silver Aluminum Coastal Decorative Bowl

Silver Aluminum Coastal Decorative Bowl

Acroma 16 Light 40In Modern Farmhouse Wagon Wheel Chandelier Acroma 16 Light 40In Modern Farmhouse Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Wooden Round Dining Table in Antique Black Finish

Wooden Round Dining Table in Antique Black Finish

Salento 8-Light Vintage Copper Chandelier

Salento 8-Light Vintage Copper Chandelier

  The combination of a rich dark patina and a slipcovered, natural wicker or a rattan dining chair is striking.


Dining Deco Bacall Ivory Slip Cover Dining Chair


Contrast works the space.

coastal style porch

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Nash 24 - Light Candle Style Wagon Wheel Chandelier

24 – Light Candle Style Wagon Wheel Chandelier

SAFAVIEH Erika Rattan Accent Chair with Cushion (Set of 2)

SAFAVIEH Erika Rattan Accent Chair with Cushion (Set of 2)

Beacon Park Gray Wicker Outdoor Patio Captain Dining Chair with CushionGuard Stone Gray Cushions (2-Pack)

Gray Wicker Outdoor Patio Captain Dining Chair


Cape Hatteras Woven Kubu Armchair with Linen Cushions

Suite Dreams


Kate Marker Interiors

Farmhouse Wood Beaded 6-Light Candle Chandelier

Wood Beaded 6-Light Candle Chandelier

Emery Mosaic Table Lamp

Emery Mosaic Table Lamp

Magnolia Home Holloway Rug - Navy and Ivory

Magnolia Home Holloway Rug – Navy and Ivory

Beige Faux Bamboo Hollywood Regency Coastal Furniture

Beige Faux Bamboo Hollywood Regency Coastal Furniture

Madison Park Chandler Silver 2 Door Abstract Modern Accent Chest

Madison Park Chandler Silver 2 Door Abstract Modern Accent Chest

Long Sunroom with Hanging Rattan Chair

Banner Day

Hallstatt Navy Accent Am Chair with Wood Base

Hallstatt Navy Accent Am Chair with Wood Base


Designart Great Wave Upholstered Accent Chair

Coastal Inspired Cocktails, Anyone?

The beach-ocean-seaside cocktail hour is set to coastal style for the it’s five o’clock somewhere crowd.


Warm breezes, cool drinks, and crystal clear waters feed the soul and inspire the coastal home décor decorating mind.

Margie-22_22-Bohemian-Rustic-Iron-LED-Table-Lamp_2C-Natural-Brass-Gold-by-JONATHAN-Y (1)

Margie 22″ Bohemian Rustic Iron LED Table Lamp by JONATHAN Y

Dress a cart or cabinet top with a table lamp, eye-catching decorative accent or art piece.

Ships in Harbor Print

Ships in Harbor Print

The style is chic and the pattern is summer spot on.

Decorative shells and figural vases make perfect toothpick and cocktail stirrer holders.


Coastal Style Carts & Cabinets

Handmade Rattan 2-Tier Bar Cart on Casters with Glass Top and Shelf

Handmade Rattan 2-Tier Bar Cart on Casters with Glass Top and Shelf

Cabinets and carts house a coastal collection of beverage station necessities for creating cool and refreshing libations.

Aylee Cabinet

Bamboo Rolling Wine Buffet Kitchen Living Room Bar Serving Cart

Bamboo Rolling Wine Buffet Kitchen Living Room Bar Serving Cart

Coastal Style Accents

coastal style foyer

Coastal Living

An entryway console table becomes the perfect piece to decorate with coastal accents.

cameo-green-glidden-green-whisper The Seashell Maiden Mermaid Wall Sculpture

The Seashell Maiden Mermaid Wall Sculpture

Silver Aluminum Coastal Serving Bowl

Silver Aluminum Coastal Serving Bowl

Seashells typify coastal areas, and a striking display of gathered shells from the shore or from the shelf housed in a decorative bowl or urn planter in coastal home décor fashion draws the eye.

Coastal Home Decor Accents and Accessories


Finley 56 in. Blue Credenza with 2 Doors and 4 Drawers

Finley 56 in. Blue Credenza with 2 Doors and 4 Drawers

She, he, we decorate(s) with seashells found on the seashore or the local craft and hobby store. white-sea-shells So sea chic!

A and B Home Urn Planter Statue

Danna Weathered Antique Ceramic Garden Urn

coastal home decor accents and accessories

New England Home

Classic coastal style is here to stay.

It transcends a passing trend and consistently ranks as one of the most popular interior design styles.

Tasteful and timeless coastal home décor accents and accessories accentuate the casual, comfortable, fun, elegance, and seaside sophistication associated with classic coastal style.

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Now That Spring Is In Sight

Our local weatherman just made my spring is in sight day with the forecast that pays- sunny with an expected high of 76 degrees.

“The first blooms of spring always make my heart sing.”

—S. Brown



The first day of spring didn’t necessarily bring spring like weather to some, but let’s look at the glass of lemonade half full.

tommy chair dusty rose pink

The Tommy Chair

Since the weatherman and the calendar have established spring has sprung, one’s thoughts naturally turn to spring activities, colors on parade, how does your garden grow planning, curb appeal and outdoor living ideas.

spring-open-windows-ALEXANDRE BAILHACHE (1)


Now that spring is in sight, what colors do you see in your spring into summer color palette future?

Let’s look at a few ideas in the all things that make a home spring color mix.


Bedding in spring and summer appropriate colors, textures, and patterns is about as let’s spring and summer update inspiring as it gorgeously gets.

Jardin Toile Bedding

Jardin Toile Bedding

Graceful additions in the season’s color palette replete with pattern reminiscent of ocean waves tops the spring is in sight must have list.


Wallace 26″ Ceramic LED Table Lamp, Blue/White by JONATHAN Y

Spring color, style, and price perfection.


This season’s color crush is brought to you by Mother Nature and the spring into summer salad season.



Set a seasonal farm to table scene with vegetable shaped serveware.


Cabbage Oval Platter, Beige

Cabbage Serving Bowl, Green

3D Carrot Platter

Tomato Box

Lilypad Cake Stand

Melon Bowl

Strawberry-Shaped Tureen



Victoria Magazine

Dishes and dishes of the spring season.


Lilypad Side Plates, Set of 4

Found these flower embroidery placemats at Shein.com and think they are just so pretty- perfect for a spring luncheon.

Might have to order these for Mother’s Day brunch.


Spring is the season for freshening up exteriors through eye-catching curb appeal updates.


Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


Off-white Cement URN

Valley Forge 3-Light Matte Black with Copper Accents Outdoor Hanging Pendant

Black Floating or FLush House Numbers 

Granite Stone Lattice Pot

Wakeford Collection Antique Copper Outdoor Small Wall Lantern Light

Copper Finish Metal Mailbox Wall Mounted Birdhouse

Oh Hello Doormat Natural – Threshold™

1 in. to 3 in. 30 lbs. Mixed River Pebbles

Isn’t this spring color rich Outdoor Essentials 12 in. x 12 in. Leaf Decorative Garden Stone lovely?

12 in. x 12 in. Leaf Decorative Garden Stone

12 in. x 12 in. Leaf Decorative Garden Stone

Accents and accessories in fresh, lively, and warm colors of spring renews our interiors and exteriors, elevates our moods, and brushes away the heaviness of winter.

Do you know the main reason interior decorating choices begin and end with color?

Color is a design and decorating tour de force in the way that it makes a visually powerful statement in a beautifully unpretentious manner.

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2022 Accents and Accessories

Spring season 2022 accents and accessories are creating quite the buzz.

March arrives and just like that busy bees and designing decoristas thoughts turn to seasonal updating their abode with touches of the corresponding season.


Count me in as one of the new season, new look loyal ready to let the sunshine in and the spring color, texture, and pattern seasonal updating begin.

Spring season 2022 accents and accessories

Today’s post is a first of the season show and tell tailor-made to excite those of us ready to refresh, renew and pretty up around the house for a new season.


Late winter camellias floating in a vintage tureen serves up a preview of garden party blooms soon to come.


Mother Nature has been giving us a preview of warm afternoons to come, and the talk among local meteorologists is we are now in a pattern of after 6:00 p.m.  sunsets.

Things are looking positively sunny, friends!


Speaking of positive outlooks…

My mother took a tumble last week which resulted in her breaking her hip.  She will be convalescing at Places In The Home, and we’ve got all kinds of fun activities planned to make the best out of a less than wonderful situation.

Discovering new playlists, popcorn and movie viewing classic favorites compliments of TCM 31 Days of Oscars, new recipe development and taste testing (the best part of the process), and perusing retail and vintage sites for what’s new spring 2022 finds.


I spy with my decorating eye a preview of spring 2022 décor finds that have my decorating interest piqued, present colors that typify the season, and prove to be show and tell worthy.

As the fictional character Bob Ryan asks, “is that something you might be interested in?”

If so, you’ve come to the right places in the home.

Updated for 2023


Scallop Basket – Threshold™

C. Wonder Women’s Conversational Smoking Flat

Place & Time Spring Sweet Bee 20 Count Beverage Paper Napkins

Gingham Kitchen Rug Light Blue

Blue and White Mini Dragon Jar

Large Ceramic Bunny – Threshold™

Tall Terracotta Vase – Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee

24″ Faux Seeded Eucalyptus Wreath – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

Mainstays, 2 Pack Hello Spring Floral & Some Bunny Decorative Pillows

Boy with Dog Garden Statue

Mainstays Mini Table Lamp with Shade 12.75″H 


Handmade Chelsea Aubree French Country Trellis Wool Rug

Cement Buddies 8 in. Rust Cement Rabbit Planter is wonderful in its intended use as well as a charming addition to a spring themed tablescape or home bar as a flatware or garnish holder.

Cement Buddies 8 in. Rust Cement Rabbit Planter

Cement Buddies 8 in. Rust Cement Rabbit Planter


No new season color, texture, and pattern revival is complete without the fluff and fresh of favorite in house or new to your linen closet linens.

Floral & Paisley Patterns Sheet Set - Extra Soft, Easy Care - Becky Cameron

Floral & Paisley Patterns Sheet Set – Extra Soft, Easy Care – Becky Cameron

Linens of crisp comfortable cotton in pastel palettes and enchanting patterns remind me of springtime visits to Minden, Louisiana to spend a week with Dave the Builder’s aunt.


Laura Ashley 300 TC Cotton Bed Sheet Set

Aunt Rush’s decorating aesthetic was the personification of what is referred to in today’s design world as cottagecore.

Printed Design Cotton Collection 400 Thread Count Light Blue Toile Bed Sheet Set

Printed Design Cotton Collection 400 Thread Count Toile Bed Sheet Set



Delightful to eye and heart.

Cottagecore to the core.


Southern Living – Photography by Robbie Caponetto

Spring may not be here yet, but I’m ready for it in all its splendor to arrive.

Until it officially makes it presence known, I’ll enjoy sourcing and sharing spring forward finds sitting pretty at the ready to update your home for the season.


Lemon Influenced Home Décor

Lemon influenced home décor pieces lend a bright and fresh energy to a space, showcasing natural beauty and inspiring a simple yet elegant design style.


 Parkes and Lamb Interiors 

Nature’s wonder citrus fruit, the lemon inspires a zest for befitting colors, fragrant aromas, delicious tastes, and divine home décor finds.

Lemons Note Cards with Envelopes

Lemons Note Cards with Envelopes

With spring in the air the beauty of lemon influenced home décor and home furnishings spring to mind and space.


 M House Development 

Isn’t there a saying about life, lemons, and lemonade?


Lemon Balm Lemonade

citron 3 d lemon pitcher-mint

Citron 3-D Lemon Pitcher

lemon-drinking-glasses (1) 6pc Acrylic Drinkware Set 19oz Fresh Lemons

Shades of lemon brighten mood and space.

birght-yellow-benjamin-mooreBright Yellow 2022-30 | Benjamin Moore

bright yellow walls Domino – Photography by Kevin Miyazaki

Lemon Twist SW 6909

Sherwin-Williams Lemon Twist SW 6909

Not feeling the bold and bright of traditional lemon?



Opting for softer shades, hues, and tones remain close to the color family and allow for broader decorating interpretation.


When you realize the spaces and places in our home have a unique personality you discover the design style to highlight.



Accentuating a fresh and bright personality is easily accomplished by adding fun, chic, classic, and new-traditional lemon influenced home décor accents and accessories to the decorative scheme.


Meyer Lemon Platter

lemon-salad-plates Royal Norfolk Lemon-Printed Stoneware Salad Plates


Meyer Lemon Napkins


Lemon Citrus Live Wreath

Lemon Citrus Live Wreath


Tempered-Glass-Counter-Saver-Cutting-Board-Watercolor-Lemons (1)

Lefton 597 Lemon and Orange Canisters
Fresh Lemons Giclee Canvas Art
Hello Sunshine Lemon-Print Kitchen Shears, Created for Macy’s
Lemons Comfort Kitchen Mat – Threshold™
Grove Co. Ultimate Dish Soap Lemon & Eucalyptus
Lemon & Mint Liquid Hand Soap – Everspring™
Tempered Glass Counter Saver / Cutting Board Watercolor Lemons


Southern Living- Photography by Hector Sanchez

Soon it will be spring, and with the arrival of a new season comes seasonal updating home and garden to reflect the fresh, new, bright, and color awakening nature and retailers gift the decorista with.


Small touches make big visual impressions.

Cake stands, porcelain bowls, silver compotes, a simple dinner plate all perfect for displaying a “bouquet”  of fresh lemons.


deVOL Kitchens

Simple in form yet sophisticated in natural beauty, the lemon embodies the best and the brightest taste and aroma of spring things to come.


Now on to…


Lemon Twist Print by Barry Seidman

Lemon Twist Print by Barry Seidman

lemon-inspired-bar-decor (1) (2)

Lemon Printed Glass Coolers
Lemon Cocktail Stirrers
Citron 3-D Lemon Pitcher
Royal Norfolk Lemon-Printed Stoneware Salad Plates

Style at Home

If perhaps the addition of literal lemon influenced home décor doesn’t fit your scheme and style, freshen up a space with splash accents and accessories in bright and fresh shades of traditional lemon yellow.



Jenna Stacked Ball Yellow Table Lamp (Set-of-2)

Decorative Girl Statue Planter Pot

Decorative Girl Statue Planter Pot


Yellow Scalamandre OUTDOOR Zebra Decorative Pillow Cover

Warhol influenced color at play brilliance serves a color, texture, and pattern modern take with a lemon twist.

Lemon Drop Damask Customizable Fabric

Lemon Drop Damask Customizable Fabric

Over the past few years nursery design and décor has made great strides in the big style for little ones game.


 Sabbe Interior Design

Lemon influenced home décor takes beautifully to the growing stages of a little ones room.


Citrus Grove Fruit and Leaves Removable Peel & Stick Texture Wallpaper

LEMON BLUE Area Rug By Kavka Designs

Lemon Blue Area Rug By Kavka Designs

Desserts rich in lemon flavor treat the taste buds to a cool, refreshing, and light ending as lemon is an ideal flavor balance to complement a meal.


Easy Creamy Lemon Tart Recipe with Almond Crust


Lemon Cookies with Lemon Cream Filling

I find the same thought process applies to a rich décor balanced with complementing lemon influenced home décor accessories.

Love your style!